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MM Podcast Holistic Approach v ERT 6 October 2021

Richard Harty is a Paedophile

FB Memories

Hi Mervelee,

Lovely seeing you earlier. Please see the action plan discussed in our session today:

TB to contact Jill & Julie 

  • Julie – An action plan of what you’re doing and work to go ahead together before meeting
  • Jill – Having a phone conversation about MM about her availability (MM does not want to have anything trigger her past trauma)

Action Plan 

  • We will have a number of 15 sessions (subject to review)
  • MM will occasionally submit content for our wellbeing packs (SLWS will let MM know topics ahead of time)
  • TB will check in on MM Book of poems submission/process
  • Wellbeing check ins every 2 weeks at Peckham Hub
  • Discuss developing MM as motivational speaker
  • MM plans to attend workshops at the Peckham (Storytelling)

Please let me know your thoughts on the above.

Warm regards,

Tonyé Babudoh (she/her)

Women’s Services Deputy Manager

Women’s Advocate 

South London Women’s Hubs – Southwark & Lewisham


t: 020 7732 0007

m: 075 0870 6450

e: tonye.babudoh@pecan.org.uk

Secure e: tonye.babudoh@pecan.cjsm.net


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