Without Prejudice Debbie Gilchrist Is A Racist Who Targeted Me Since I Moved Here In 2000 I Reported Her To Housing For Women To Be On Record Police Threaten Me Last Night Drunken DG Hate Crimes Is The Smashed Door AS23N Entered To My Home To Accuse Me

Once again the http://www.met.police.uk came to my #home and #accused me of shouting after coming in with #debbiegilchrist a #drunk who smashed the windowpane. The #PCAS23N claimed me calling the Police not knowing who was banging on my #door was a waste of time because I #doublelocked the door and my neighbour could not get in so her #actions was not #Malicious. He accused me of #shouting said he was leaving and did. At least the #racist #bigot came in through the door the glass was smashed. He could have at least made sure the door was #secure before he left. Want to know more #subscribe to my YouTube so the world is aware what is happening to me.

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