Without Prejudice Richard Harty UEL Must Be Charged With Crimes Against Mervelee Myers Human Rights Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics Withdraw Fund After I Was Offered Disability Teaching Learning Support Mental Health Practitioner Sent Police To My Home Malicious Report Re Suicide Abusers At LEYF MIC 29

Hi Mervelee, thanks for enquiring for a free online course. Unfortunately as of right now, we cannot fund courses within your area.

Due to funding requirements within your area, we cannot connect you to a funded training provider.

Funding is currently paused, however it is likely to resume soon.
Please keep an eye out on your email or our Facebook Page for any updates.

We will be in touch as soon as your course becomes available. We do apologise for any inconvenience   Thanks again   Team Free Courses Follow us on Facebook for engaging content and feel free to message our friendly team of advisors.    

Sent to: ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com


Market Smarter , 5-7 Hagley Rd, Halesowen , Birmingham, B63 4PU, United Kingdom

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