Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Must Unveil Richard Harty’s Men In Childcare As Abuse Ring Viper’s Nest Of Discriminator Makes SOSA Report Read Like Cult Pastor Kevin Smith Reign Of Terror Holy 9/11

Now the world will know about the #paedophilerings operating out of the University of East London and #LEYF and how LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook Community are involved in covering up for #abusers #perverts and #trolls to target Mervelee Ratty Nembhard. But not only that the role of the UK government will be made clear about the treatment of the #WindrushGeneration then School of Advanced Study – University of London might want to check South London Press for my story about Barclays UK the scammer from 2004 why I had to go to the Financial Ombudsman Service and in 2021 am back again. Why I was on Sky News and publish in the Nursery World Magazine and #LizRoberts get 2 #whitemen to thrall me after the ET in 2017. Why I was assaulted by a young #whitegirl wearing LEYF shirt at the Nurseryworld Exhibition, London Design Centre in 2018 the next day #JuneOSullivan put her plan in place. She is a former Mental Health Nurse using my FILE to trigger my PTSD from after I transferred to BIB. Now #richardharty the #paedophile is exposed as the author of Men In Childcare. See a Vipers Nest of Paedophiles (UK-2020) at https://youtu.be/IugYTmFoIpM for why Richard Harty panicked and called me on the 27/9/2021.



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