Without Prejudice Releasing Me From The Cycle Of Grief Means Richard Harty HMCTS, CPS, CJS, MOPAC Abusers Will Get 7 Years Of Fight4justice In 2021 Valdin Legister Must Be Free 6/11/21

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about friends and family.

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Listen up #Good! These are the same #NaySayers that tried to destroy another #MemberoftheFamily because they can’t take Persons who are #Ambitious? Persons of my #2SonValdin Legister calibre who decides to work himself from the #Grassrootsup to achieve his #Dreams. So what did they do, hold him up to #Redicule on National TV & the Newspapers. Can someone tell me why they did not know that the #DISCRIMINATION would affect him Emotionally & Psychologically. What sort of #Dimwits don’t know that. My question is are they now going to let whatever issues they have with #Others be the deciding #Factors in this matter, then spend #Money to correct their #Folly? I have been going through #Discrimination in no other than the #MotherCUNTTree since coming back from burying my #MOTHER. The whole debacle have taken a toll on my #Health & that’s why I will not stand idly by & allow them to do to my #Nephew what they have done to my #Son! So now let the #Games begin. My #FIGHT4JUSTICE is at an end with a wicked former employers LEYF Nurseries, so my #ADVOCACY will just be switched over to defending my #FAMILY! The Pen is Mightier than the Sword. With Social Media we have the tools to make sure Equal Right & Justice is served for Everyone. Not only those with the balance of Money & Power & Friends in High Places. Dem say mi #MAD & a stare in #Space, but a TRUE dem nuh know how far mi a look eina di #Future! We are #HumbleFamily coming from far, but I don’t believe in #TurningzotherCheek or always taking a #Kicking?So that the #Powers that be understand that these views are entirely my own, I will not be tagging anyone!0:09 / 1:46

Keisha Esson

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