Without Prejudice Tell Jillian McTaggart To Stick The ERT Up Her Mother If She Has Any And Was Not A Cross Between June O’Sullivan And Richard Harty Abuse Leaders Of MIC Operating Out Of LEYF UEL Across The Road Watch Out For Pastor Kevin Cult Mary Mitchison Tanya Cotier Throw Mi Corn Mi Nuh Call Fakers Jumping At The Deep I Can’t Swim

Who Needs Emotional Regulation Treatment?

Here is the #Proof if anyone was in doubt –

I am a #BeautifulNaturalWoman!

I was never bothered about the Airs & Graces.

Wat enuh see, is wat dem get…  No more, no less!

I won’t be #AirBrushing nutn?

I have embraced my #MultipleIdentities.

The #FlaredNose, #ThickLips,

#RaisedEyeBrows, #Shape2Die4,

#WatchfulEyes, #WartsnAll

Are all me in #1Package named Ratty NEMBHARD!

I won’t tarry, just come to share my #Success!

Finished #65Pages of #25452Words WS.

I will claim my #Accolade with the appropriate #Narratives

That I have been using from I became my #BredaASHTER

Writer from when he entered #Politics

Before my #2Son Valdin Legister was born in 1979.

Please go out & #Vote for my #1Son Kevin Murray!

Today I feel like peeling back the years.

Finding a Focus in Life

Pity the fucking LEYF Nurseries – June O’Sullivan,

Employment Tribunal Service – Judges Martin & Freer & Clarke,

Voice: the union for education professionals – Arwen Makin & Mark Essex,

Bates Wells Braithwaite – Martin Bunch,

Advising London – Employment Solicitor – GodLIE supn or other,

Acas reps who left messages on my phones,

Personnel Consultancy Ltd, The – John Fenton,

Nursery World Magazine – Liz Roberts,

Community Playthings UK Darvell School,

HCT Learning Centre – Tutu,

Department for Work and Pensions – DWP – idiots,

Metropolitan Police Service – Godwin Perrot, Lulu, Duncan Marriot,

HMRC – idiots,

London Borough of Southwark SEND Section – dummies,

Local Education Authorities – mug huggers,

Local Safeguarding Children Board -arse lickers,

Et al that will be named in due course

Did not drive STRONG WOMEN to reach rock bottom.

WOMEN who are girlfriends, wives,

MOTHERS, side chicks, aunties, sisters, grandmas,

Man thieves, son snatchers,

And willing to lay down their lives for their families and friends

To reach the end of our tethers

And are thinking is this all life has to offer after

We made sacrifices in the name of LOVE

Or whatever because like me,

I am passionate about anything I chose to undertake.

That’s why I chose a healthy lifestyle and on my 2nd HUSBAND.

Despite the fact I choose the Sugar Daddies and

Not some thieving Madass-Fuckass dat

Ready to rob one blind and tell dem bout fucking how much dem love we?

Now go buck up pon di history about the CON-SPY-RACIES

At https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016

To find out why I am fucking MAD CRIMINAL?

My visit to Darvell School -29.10.14

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