Without Prejudice Tahir Ali Tim Bittlestone Stitch Me To ERT Entrapment After I Asked To Get Professionals Re Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics HMCTS Parole Will Be My Research LEYF Must Be Taken Out Of EYFS To Safeguard Children Vulnerable Adults In Abuse Reviews 20/10/21

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10m  · Human development is complex. Children need to be supported to maximise their physical and cognitive development throughout their childhoods. For me, the BBC2 documentary Don’t Exclude Me aired on Thursday evening summed up the UK approach to education. MM Updates: Refer to Mervelee Myers Facebook Memories for why Richard Harty and the UEL must be charged for discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics. Today is 29 years since I got married the first time. How many times have I been excluded? Refer to https://www.gov.uk/…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years… for more. We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago. Your Stories From a Year AgoLook back on these moments from your Story Archive.Oct 20Oct 20Oct 20 +9 more Only you can see this unless you share it Select Stories Share ON THIS DAYThe children that were seen as a problem were those that were behaviourally disruptive i.e. those that were crying out for help. The solution was to calm them down, but not to understand the root causes of their problems. MM Updates: Refer to Richard Harty Letter after he called to threaten me on the 29/9/2021 and say how different is my treatment to the children in this publication? I recorded the conversation when I identified the threats https://youtu.be/6-Znc7l7izcON THIS DAY 4 years agoMervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling fed up with Mertie Bernard in London, United Kingdom. Octt9obge43rns0ol lreu220, hu2017 · Shared with Public I was at a meeting when #Fraud was part of the agenda. Last night my #Norton start playing up. Made contact and some fishy things started happening. My computer went from Norton active, download to need #Renewal. I am a Norton customer for years.Now at 17:23, I get a call from +118007456048 to ask if the matter was sorted. Asian sounding Woman wants me to go to my computer. When I insist I’m resting, she’s going to send me a link by email to click on. If she doesn’t hear from me in 3 Days, she will call back.That’s exactly what I was told not to do at the meeting.There are #Fucking CRIMINALS operating everywhere. Whether it be in the workplace like at LEYF Nurseries you can find them. Now are those who #LEYF discriminate against ready to come out from hiding? I have another training certificate, so why is #MERVELEEMYERS not working?3Valdin Legister, Carl Nembhard and 1 other 1 Comment 3 Shares Share ON THIS DAY 4 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardOur expectations for children’s development in the UK are pathetically low. I attach below an analysis of all the obvious issues that I could see were impacting on the development of the boys in the programme; and how to address those problems. It should be appreciated that there were plenty of other children in the classrooms who were also showing developmental problems. MM Updates: Refer to Facebook Memories ON THIS DAY5 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardOctt9obge43rns0ol lreu220, hu2016 · Shared with Public British Values is a #WorkinProgress. We star in the NHS Health Checks at @CamberwellLibrary this morning. Mark Webb, Nurse Gladys & Mervelee Myers-TOMLINSON. Going to have a rest & repair & back to #Work. My #FIGHT4JUSTICE starts with @LEYF, but if the #SYSTEM discriminates against me, I am keeping a #PaperTrail?8Navlette Dixon-Essor, Joan Gayle and 6 others 2 Comments 3 Shares Share ON THIS DAYWe need to rethink education to support children’s development far better. A well structured curriculum for 4 to 7 years olds which does not obsess about formal education and testing, but focuses on actual child development, so that every child can fully access the curriculum ought to be our objective. MM Updates: Refer to Mervelee Myers’s studies at https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk from 1997-1999. To www.open.ac.uk from 2004-2010 and Open University https://youtu.be/5irCkGIrCRo that was recorded at the Childcare Expo. Let’s make all our children fit to learn.#education#BBC2#learning#childdevelopment#childrensmentalhealth#motorsensoryintegration#motorskills#soundprocessing#soundtherapy#tomatis#vision#openuniversity 6121 commentsReactions+53LikeCommentShareSend0 suggestions found.Open Emoji KeyboardMost relevantRichard Harty out of network3rd+Dean of School, School of Education and Communities, University of East London6dI missed the programme so commenting ‘blind’ but could not agree more from my experience (and not just in the UK) “The children that were seen as a problem were those that were behaviourally disruptive i.e. those that were crying out for help. The solution was to calm them down, but not to understand the root causes of their problems.”MM Updates: I was endorsed by Dr Chris Pascal OBE http://www.crec.co.uk and Professor Tony Bertram – EECERA https://www.eecera.org on LinkedIn after meeting them at Middlesex University on 19/9/2015. Refer to http://www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers by Dr. Maria Hudson “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” after the first miscarriages of justice by HMCTS. In August 2010 I carried out “A Voice of a Child” research for June O’Sullivan working at Luton Street Community Nursery. I was published in the www.nurseryworld.co.uk in July 2011 and on http://skynews.co.uk on 5/9/2011. I was the only LEYF employee shortlisted for the Lead Early Years Practitioner post in 2011 and did not get the job. I was the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO, and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator at LEYF and the impact caused me to have a meltdown. Let me move forward to what happened after the death of my mother and my transfer to BIB. My https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site will make matters clear about why Social Media must be charged as cyberbullying criminals against Mervelee Myers. I started http://www.myvision.org.uk in 2012 and my YouTube in 2012. The LEYF CEO sent memo for employees to join SM to contribute to her blog. Since Richard Harty was commenting blindly, let me say that the spotlight must be on him and the UEL for discrimination against me. Start with “Men in Childcare” and Conor Bathgate who blog for LEYF online. He jumped ship to Bright Horizons https://www.brighthorizons.co.uk and recruited others from LEYF. When http://www.peachespublications.co.uk who was groomed by https://www.ryanclement.com to find vulnerable black people for them to scam sent me 3 reviews about LEYF the ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement in 2017. Take notes of http://www.bwbllp.com and http://www.personnelconsultancy.com and https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones.. These are some of those involved in covering for LEYF. ON THIS DAY 5 years agoMervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating life. Octt9obge43rns0ol lreu220, hu2016 · Shared with Public The #Writer in me will have to take this opportunity to focus a little bit on the importance of #FamilyRelativeAwareness. I was very sceptical at one time when #MamaLou used to name her #Family & I used to join in to say Mama the #RelationshipstopatU, but don’t reach us? So b4 further ado, Mama claim the #PringleasFamily. This was borne out in the ways she helped to take care of her #YoungerCousin Ms OLGA PRINGLE-Grant. I guess my own awareness became evident when my #Grandma was sick & the #CousinLambert I called Cuz all my life turn up to ask for #AuntElsie. I will leave the rest of this story for my Memoirs.So going back to the passing of #MamaCousin, I was aware of Diane as a #YoungerVersion of her #BigSister Girlie Pringle Judith Brissett at #TownheadPrimarySchool. But later on one of the things that caused her to stand out was the fact that she joined the Jamaica Constabulary Force & made a #Career out of her chosen calling. I can recall my #PoliceBreda at the time Texchus Nembhard saying some nice things about Women in the Force. But most importantly for me, she was one of the #1stWomen from my #Localities that I know to become a #PoliceWoamn. I set high stores by such #Merits as Diane Pringle broke the mould & choose another #CareerPath that some would not consider the norms.Diane Pringle must be applauded for becoming an #Icon4EqualOpportunity & the #Rights4Equality!We grew up, we have been involved in #Transitions & some of us have not seen or heard of each other until the advent of #SocialMedia & Facebook in particular. So today it is with a sad heart that I write this little tribute as a #Token2zAccomplishment of a Young Lady from Our Neck of the Woods whom I admired for her #StrengthofCharacter. RIP Diane Pringle, U have done Ur #DutiesonEarth. God has taken only the #Best2Serve in his Jamaica Constabulary Force. The #Family love U, but God loves U best of all. Sleep on & take Ur rest. Working on meeting with U in the #Sweetbye & Bye. On behalf of my #MamasFamily!Judith Brissett is with Western Cole and Sacha Colquhoun. Octt9obge43rns0ol lreu129, hu2016 · R.I.P my sister, my friend.You will forever remain in my heart.Gone way too soon221 Comment ON THIS DAY Like 1Reply0 suggestions were found. I had to use my husband’s details to take out this account because of my Business Accounts online. Refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g for more. ON THIS DAY 5 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardOctt9obge43rns0ol lreu220, hu2016 · Shared with Public #PreparationisKEY!4Burnie Spence and 3 others 1 Share Share ON THIS DAY 7 years agoOpen Emoji Keyboardkirsten crossman out of network3rd+RGN A&E at local hospital2wThank you. I too watched it & was very disturbed. It was Behaviour modification without any investigation into the root causes of the behaviour, sensory etc. Were any assessments done. Or were they just not willing to listen to the Child’s voice? No Ed Psych assessment. Just a disruptive child..Why no EHCP? MM Updates: I was offered a SENCO job by http://www.smartteachers.co.uk and after the http://www.gov.uk/dbs barred my DBS. Let me refer to http://www.heathmanltd.comDr Laura Crawford who advised me to seek counseling to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations. Whilst on Medical Suspension in breach of the contract I signed 7/10/2009 that was not updated in line with the Equality Act 2010. I published “I know more about Parkinson’s disease than most… on 3/4/2015. This was shared by other websites. My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s Disease – Updated 17/8/2017 at https://plus.google.com/100939131463790…/posts/YoJDpGvhGMG tells the story of my early experiences of Childhood Traunas. ON THIS DAY 4 years agoMervelee Ratty Nembhard is in Bermondsey.Octt9obge43rns0ol lreu220, hu2017 · Shared with Public I will be using these to rip you to pieces #JacqulineMeylor. If you want to know what I did with my #teeth go ask my ex? Now because of the #Diabetes I don’t have much teeth. I am not going to ruin my #dentures. I got it on the #nhs for #free.2 Comments 3 Shares Share ON THIS DAY 5 years agoLike 1Reply4 Replies4 Replies on kirsten crossman’s commentLoad previous repliesLoad previous replies on kirsten crossman’s commentCharlotte DaviesAuthorEducation consultant, Tomatis Consultant2wkirsten crossman it is possible to spot basic developmental delays in a simple 20 minute check. MM Updates: My first son was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities.ON THIS DAY 8 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardOtcSltcoaonsoberm 20, 2l0138a · Shared with Public More Makaton – GOOD on U SON – LegisterValdin Legister is with Michael Legister and Mervelee Ratty Nembhard.OtcSltcoaonsoberm 20, 2l0138a · It is not perfect, but it is cheap and functional if a school has a lot of children with issues and gives a quick baseline assessment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdsmffdO4rA&t=749s We all need to train up in how children develop in order to become efficient learners. MM Updates: Whilst on Medical Suspension I volunteered with http://www.resourcesforautism.org.uk and my contributions are in the public domain. …see moreLike ReplyCat Robbins out of network3rd+Teacher and Teacher of the Deaf2wSo thorough yet as clear as day. Thank you Charlotte. MM Updates:ON THIS DAY 8 years agoLike 1Reply3 Replies3 Replies on Cat Robbins’ commentLoad previous repliesLoad previous replies on Cat Robbins’ commentCat Robbins out of network3rd+Teacher and Teacher of the Deaf2wCat Robbins Charlotte – my mum had seen the TV programme so I sent your document to her. She really understood your analysis and it broadened her perspective on such issues. Her experience comes from pre-schoolers in foster care as I mentioned. MM Updates:ON THIS DAY 8 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardOtcSltcoaonsoberm 20, 2l0138a · Shared with Public Just remember my WA!!! The date I became Mrs MYERS at Brixton Registrar Office?Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.August 4, 2013 · · London · My 1st grandchild & her mum3 Comments 2 Shares ShareON THIS DAY 8 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardOtcSltcoaonsoberm 20, 2l0138a · Shared with Public Sing-a-long0:00 / 0:335Keneisha Peart, Jasmine Hylton and 3 others 10 Comments 38 Shares Share ON THIS DAYLike 1ReplyBeth Bodycote out of network3rd+PHD Student at De Montfort University2wHi Charlotte would it be possible for you to share this on Facebook too please? – there are parents in the Not Fine in School groups who would like to read your analysis (but they do not have a LinkedIn account) thanks 🙂 MM Updates: I was a Social Media influencer on LinkedIn for my Homemade Books. On Facebook as A Community HUB.ON THIS DAY 8 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardOtcSltcoaonsoberm 20, 2l0138a · Shared with Public Went 2 the paper shop & came back! Tom said I should go change my clothes because I LOOK like an OLD WOMAN? Well sah!119 Comments 3 Shares ShareON THIS DAY 8 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardLike 1Reply1 Reply1 Comment on Beth Bodycote’s commentCharlotte DaviesAuthorEducation consultant, Tomatis Consultant2wYes but I can’t load such a large doc on FB MM Updates: I created 18 Pages as therapy because of LEYF discrimination. There is every possibility that Richard Harty kicked me out of the UEL to cover up LEYF Abuse Rings. ON THIS DAY 8 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardOtcSltcoaonsoberm 20, 2l0138a · Shared with Public Oh wat a Blessing when 1 is doing supn dey njoy so much! Me Story a cum up 2 Bump!2Eileen Besley and Judith Gordon 5 Comments 5 Shares Share ON THIS DAY 8 years agoLikeReplySONIA SERRANO out of network3rd+-2wSome of these children would have undiagnosed PANS PANDAS, and even when diagnosed, many having to find help from abroad. A charity called PANS PANDAS UK are doing an enormous work in getting things changed. Some of these children behaviour can change for the better with a simple course of antibiotics or antiinflamatories. Every teacher, every GP, every parent and every person dealing with children, should know about PANS PANDAS.…see moreMM Updates:ON THIS DAY 7 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardOctt9obge43rns0ol lreu220, hu2014 · Shared with Public Taken all the precautions necessary…! But as usual I am stuck down with my Yearly Flu & Loss of my Vocal Cords…! So until I am over this period, believe me when I say- I am Whispering to save my Voice…? I have to go out in the Countryside to go & talk about my Beloved JA! This time I think I should dress like an ATHLETE? Anyway I will rely on the Spirit 2 guide me!Mervelee Ratty NembhardtAugpusthon 0so1u, f202gd814m · Shared with Public 4Eileen Besley, Judith Gordon and 2 others2 Comments 2 Shares Share ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Like 2Reply2 Replies2 Replies on SONIA SERRANO’S commentLoad previous repliesLoad previous replies on SONIA SERRANO’S commentSONIA SERRANO out of network3rd+-2wbeth williams Tina CoopeLikeReplyMartin Purcell out of network3rd+Community Education Lecturer at University of Dundee1wI haven’t yet seen this programme, but I can see from Charlotte’s comments what to expect when I do. I keep coming back to the series Educating Yorkshire, and how effective that was in demonstrating that there are alternative approaches to supporting the many young people for whom school-as-currently-constituted simply is not the right place to be forcing them into ……see moreMM Updates:ON THIS DAY 8 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardOctt9obge43rns0ol lreu220, hu2013 · Shared with Public Me a guh a me Bed, dis gwine b 1 Busy Week fi me indeed! Man a Plan & God a wipe out?3Eileen Besley and 2 others 4 Comments 4 Shares Share ON THIS DAY 8 years ago LikeReplyIan Jones JNC CMI BA MA SFHEA out of network3rd+Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University2wAgree with Charlotte’s recommendations, we need a major rethink of our education overall, especially with our youngest children, learning is so much more than the current formalised ‘contain & control’ assessment focus. MM Updates:ON THIS DAY 7 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardOctt9obge43rns0ol lreu220, hu2014 · Shared with Public Well am off 2 Lace my Lemsip wid a Que a RUM fi dis Flu! When I put me Head on dat Pillow, I will get up in Time 2 go 2 Work…? Lucky ting I bought Ton Loads back from Yard!Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with LEYF Nurseries and 14 others at Goshen St Elizabeth Jamaica.Octt9obge43rns0ol lreu226, hu2011 · Auntie ICYLYN NEMBHARD-POWELL aka Telyn 1 of 3 children born to Charles & Irene Mills-NEMBHARD on October 27. Happy 78th Birthday Auntie Telyn. Was Proprierter of POW POW business establishment when BAUXITE was KING of JA….1Judith Gordon 3 Shares Share Like 2ReplySarah Wells out of network3rd+SHED CIC Co-Founder2wAfter reading your book I could see all of this myself when I watched the program. I could also see it as my daughter has dyspraxia and it was obvious to see those boys were not ready for the classroom. MM Updates:ON THIS DAY 7 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardOctt9obge43rns0ol lreu220, hu2014 · Shared with Public Now I am going to try & see if I can find ticket 4 OLIVER SAMUELS 65th BD celebrations tingy!Mervelee Ratty NembhardSJ1ul0y o268,ns 2lul01i4hu · Shared with Public 2Eileen Besley and Judith Gordon 1 Comment 2 Shares Share ON THIS DAY 7 years agoLike 2ReplyEmma Whittaker out of network3rd+freelance researcher2wthis is brilliant – i’ve had such a mare with ‘professionals’ . spent all my savings on integrated therapy with a great OT after not meeting threshold for NHS, three failed schools as kiddo masks in school and no support. Having to spend everything we had. I really am glad you’ve written that. I hope a LOT of people learn from this. MM Updates: I had the first nervous breakdown working at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. I self-referred in 2008 and had 12 sessions at http://www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/ in 2016. I have my letters from the parents when I worked at KINGS. So University of East London here is Fight4justice with Community Playthings UK to prove #richardharty is a #racist #bigot that must be #removed from UELhttps://youtu.be/6-Znc7l7izcYOUTUBE.COMMy views about issues affecting me Richard Hartley Claim He Is From UEL Listen To Discriminationhttps://merveleeadvocacy.com/…/without-prejudice-i-put……5 People Reached 0 Engagements Boost Post Like Comment Share 0 CommentsLike 2ReplyCharmaine Zubal out of network3rd+Specialist Children’s Occupational Therapist at NHS2wA system / approach which is consistently seeing just the ‘top of the iceberg’. Very sad indeed. MM Updates: I did 2 years Mental Health research with http://www.radar.cns.org and feature on the website. My Own Business Agenda5S5po1sho70ed · https://merveleeadvocacy.com/…/without-prejudice…/MERVELEEADVOCACY.COMWithout Prejudice Internet Profile Must Be Used To Charge Social Media As Cyberbullying Criminals, Richard Harty Men In Childcare Abusers, Jon Cowles Scammers Mervelee Myers Victim Of LEYF Modern Slavery Thriving In UKWe hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago. ON THIS DAY8 years agoActive Mervelee Ratty Nembhard tg0Occto4hfber 20o,4s of…6 People Reached 0 Engagements +1.6x Higher Distribution Score Boost Post Like Comment Share 0 Comments Comment as My Own Business AgendaLike 1ReplyLoad more commentsGOV.UKMs M Myers v London Early Years Foundation: 2300047/2016Employment Tribunal decision.0People Reached0Engagements–Distribution ScoreBoost Post1 CommentLikeCommentShare

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