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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is in Bermondsey.

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I will be using these to rip you to pieces #JacqulineMeylor. If you want to know what I did with my #teeth go ask my ex? Now because of the #Diabetes I don’t have much teeth. I am not going to ruin my #dentures. I got it on the #nhs for #free.2 Comments2 SharesShare

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating life.

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The #Writer in me will have to take this opportunity to focus a little bit on the importance of #FamilyRelativeAwareness. I was very sceptical at one time when #MamaLou used to name her #Family & I used to join in to say Mama the #RelationshipstopatU, but don’t reach us? So b4 further ado, Mama claim the #PringleasFamily. This was borne out in the ways she helped to take care of her #YoungerCousin Ms OLGA PRINGLE-Grant. I guess my own awareness became evident when my #Grandma was sick & the #CousinLambert I called Cuz all my life turn up to ask for #AuntElsie. I will leave the rest of this story for my Memoirs. So going back to the passing of #MamaCousin, I was aware of Diane as a #YoungerVersion of her #BigSister Girlie Pringle Judith Brissett at #TownheadPrimarySchool. But later on one of the things that caused her to stand out was the fact that she joined the Jamaica Constabulary Force & made a #Career out of her chosen calling. I can recall my #PoliceBreda at the time Texchus Nembhard saying some nice things about Women in the Force. But most importantly for me, she was one of the #1stWomen from my #Localities that I know to become a #PoliceWoamn. I set high stores by such #Merits as Diane Pringle broke the mould & choose another #CareerPath that some would not consider the norms. Diane Pringle must be applauded for becoming an #Icon4EqualOpportunity & the #Rights4Equality!We grew up, we have been involved in #Transitions & some of us have not seen or heard of each other until the advent of #SocialMedia & Facebook in particular. So today it is with a sad heart that I write this little tribute as a #Token2zAccomplishment of a Young Lady from Our Neck of the Woods whom I admired for her #StrengthofCharacter. RIP Diane Pringle, U have done Ur #DutiesonEarth. God has taken only the #Best2Serve in his Jamaica Constabulary Force. The #Family love U, but God loves U best of all. Sleep on & take Ur rest. Working on meeting with U in the #Sweetbye & Bye. On behalf of my #MamasFamily!

Judith Brissett is with Western Cole and Sacha Colquhoun.

t0SpaOcnto0ibfmer 19, 2r601e2a846  · R.I.P my sister, my friend. You will forever remain in my heart.Gone way too soon

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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British Values is a #WorkinProgress. We star in the NHS Health Checks at @CamberwellLibrary this morning. Mark Webb, Nurse Gladys & Mervelee Myers-TOMLINSON. Going to have a rest & repair & back to #Work. My #FIGHT4JUSTICE start with @LEYF, but if the #SYSTEM discriminate against me, I am keeping a #PaperTrail?

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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