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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

ttOicto2bpe5or sh411ohc, r230e1d7  · London  · Shared with Public


My Tom become a #FussPot advised me to take my #Metformin. That’s the power of commitment. At the same time, I’m tune in 2 TH #3?

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is remembering those who are no longer with us with Pauline Brown.

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Taurus: You’ve defintiely been putting in those extra miles so it’s good to see that your efforts are coming to the attention of those in power. Happy work stars are now enhancing your career prospects. Call to hear why you’re taking that step back. #1ofManyReasons I am taking that step back is to #Reflect on my life & think about the #Future…? I am more than happy with the way my life is turning out & the #Persons who accept me for #WhoIam, flaws & all. I can be upfront & honest without having to be #Wondering? I am #LovingMe & I am so looking forward to a #Future that is #Bright4allConcerned? I guess I can close this chapter in my life & say I done my little bit to #Celebrate the life of my #LittleYoungCousinJanet Beeput. Time to close another chapter in the life of another of my #Family, but the #Memories will continue to live on! So Mr Burnie Spence, hurry up & learn to use all Ur #Gadgets? This is the media available to capture our #Memories4FutureReference?+4

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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Since this is how they want it I am more than willing to give them what they want. I have come this far on my own with support & advice from just a few who I am more than #Privilege2Associate with at some stage of my life. That’s why my #FIGHT4JUSTICE campaign will go on against @LEYF & the corrupt #SYSTEMS that are colluding to destroy me with their #CONSPIRACY. If I fall b4 the final furlong 20-22.12.2016, I have enough “Defensive Practice” to bring the #PSYCOPATHS to justice. Every time I take 1 step forward, I am push 10 steps backwards. I need my life back & I am going to get it back. Dem hab 1 old saying dat di higher di #Monkey climb, a di more it #ArseExpose2Dangers. Mi gone because a nuff errands mi hab fi run today. Dem hab annedda saying dat when #Trouble tek u, #PickneyShut fit u! Di odda 1 is #BadLuck worsa dan #Obeah. So mi tidy up a so mi pull out…+26

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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The week gone has been 1 busy 1 in the life of Mervelee Myers-TOMLINSON aka Ratty NEMBHARD. I have been trying to sort out my disrupted Life… Getting the courage to make some decisions that are beginning to impact on my very existence have been liberating… When I pushed that send button I was Free At Last from the chains that Enslaved me since 2009. I promise myself never to do any such thing as signing away my life again. Attended the Hasley funeral & met up with some persons from home – JA. Some could even reminisce on stories from my elder folks so I knew I was in the company of some Stalwarts from JA & Westmoreland in particular. Met a gentleman who knew Bertel Murray, et al, …Attended Africa Day on the Square & it was pure unadulterated fun. 1 photographer told me I should be on stage. Ok I was my old, mad self so don’t be surprised if U see MUM around the place. The photographers took a shine to me. 2morro is another day & hopefully everything will fall into place. Then I can get my ticket to go see Oliver Samuels at Fairfield Hall Croydon re: Divorce Papers. Am getting used to gallivanting all over London & beyond by myself now. Me, Myself & I is now my new Wo/Mantra! Time I get rid of those who are draining me of my vigour & vitality & get on with my Life. I’ll be doing some SSS over the next couple of months. I have no intentions of taking the baggage with me into the NY if God’s willing & spares my life!+4

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Oct5o5pbergo0 11,5 4a2or014ig  · Shared with Public


Was working & having the tv on in the BG last night when I heard sum Choice JA Bad Wuds blaring out…! Me tun round me head fi see a who from JA deh pon me tv a use dem Cuss Wuds dat me is Promising meself fi gi up? Channel 4 of course wid dat Programme with Persons across the Country having a take on Recent News Headlines from around the World? Had was to rate the Antics of sum of those peeps fi real! Well I am Prone 2 Similar Behaviours meself, but dese Days me COD Wash Clothes UMB! Is BHM & I noticed not much nah guh dung…? So 2 avoid I getting aneda WW 4 my Love of Celebrating my Cultural Heritage, I is keeping a LP! Dat’s why I Swear dat I a lef Politricks & Religion well enough alone as much as I can… Caah deal wid di Wash Clothes Bleeding Hypocrisy linked 2 dah 2 Factions of Fanatical Zealots…?

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

t0Oc5Stpober 2997, 720o3r1i43d  · Home & Dry!

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