Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Will Get To The Bottom Of “Men In Childcare” LEYF Links Where Is Neil King, Rashid Iqbal, David Stevens, Conor Bathgate Blogger Jump Ship To Bright Horizons Who Panic Cause My Research 29? See Email To HR, Reviews Online

This is the response to Mary Mitchison’s email https://merveleeadvocacy.com/2021/10/11/without-prejudice-mary-mitchison-another-legal-entity-that-can-use-threats-to-frighten-mervelee-myers-but-ask-ervin-nembhard-about-ratty-who-never-had-a-childhood-like-mama-lou-did-not-cry-she-could-n/

My name is Mervelee Myers Student ID 2193537 and I must raise concerns about Richard Harty and the manner of how I came to know him. On Monday 27/9/2021 I was just about to go out to my GP to get a new Disabled Students’ Allowances Disability Evidence Form prepared when my mobile rang. To know more listen to the recording and let me know why the UEL and Richard Harty acting the way they are doing towards me. I am preparing to give everyone their say about why I have adopted a Defensive Practice after 2 miscarriages of justice. And the journey I have been on after the death of my mother.

The fact I was once a social media influencer, to where now I have been made a voiceless, vulnerable victim to protect LEYF abusers in the reviews online. Let me say that Richard Harty strange behaviours towards me led to me doing my research and finding information linking him to LEYF Nurseries. What more is UEL and Richard Harty hiding? I am not the least bit intimidated by threats.

I am now the proud owner of a criminal record with ERT entrapment. I will make this brief as I must go to my kitchen to prepare a meal for my husband and I. But the UEL can get ready for my Fight4justice as I research if CAL brother professor Wedderburn was part of UEL.

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