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HI Mervelee

I have received your email with thanks. All of the people that need to see your disability awareness form have been sent it. We received it last week.

It is lovely to see you are enjoying the course so far.  I will be on campus tomorrow at last and I lead ET7000.  Please feel free to pop in just before the start if you can and I will explain the difference between the modules. You can then decide which module you feel is better for you. It is quite usual for people to swap between the 2 at the start so do not worry about this.

If you swap you will need to make contact with the student hub and let them know.  Unfortunately we cannot do this for you as it is a student facing organisation only.

Could I suggest that you ensure you use your student email for making contact with anyone at UEL.  Feel free to copy your personal email into it.  We are not supposed to open emails from personal accounts.  We have some flexibility over the first couple of weeks of term as student enrolment issues are sorted but after that the powers that be get cross with us. (You will see a message on TEAMS about this towards the end of the week as people have their UEL email activated).

Many thanks 

Tanya Cotier

BEd (Hons) MSc MEd FHEA

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