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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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Let me see how many of my Class of 1972 from Frome Technical High Sch. Past Students & grade 7b, I can link on Facebook. This is 5 years after I wrote this. Believe me, my memory is slowing fading that I couldn’t have done this now. Remember that this is Grade 7B and the Class Teacher was #FayEllington! No not of #Radio_TV fame in Jamaica, but I understand she was from St Elizabeth. Now this is giving away my age, as well as I have my sons Kevin Murray and Valdin Legister on here. But I can be whatever age I want to be at any given time? Sorry if I miss U! Where are they now? Writing at random because I (cawn even bodda wid di) can’t even bother with the Aphabetical Order! Allan Martin & (breda), brother, Dorset Wright, Donovan Lawrence, McPherson, CarolAnn Campbell – Hanover. Janet Sortie, Joylyn Brown – Jehovah’s Witness. Yvonne Hall, Yvonne Mitto aka Taylor – Holiness Street, Burnt Savannah. Marie Vickers, have a sister wasn’t in our class, but mistake me for June Taylor once. Romeo Allen, I think this boy was the most hansome guy I have the privilege of knowing. No wonder his parents given him that name. Steven (Stephen) & Jennifer Linton, I am positive they were not siblings? Pauline Reid, was dark skin Indian. Marlene Tardiel now I am not sure if Marlene was in 7B, because I was in class with 3 Tardiels, during my time at Frome. Carol Johnson, Steadman & Lancelot Gopaul, these 2 were cousins, and Steadman and I were best of friends. We kept int touch whenever I visited home. Steadman has been #deceased. Hopeton Kerr, my brother Dostan Nembhard was his taylor. Edna Robinson, Joy Scott & friend, she was either mixed race or Indian – Red Hill. Ophelia Pringle, Jean & Janet McLeod – are twins. I saw them at Mr Dunkley funeral about 7 years ago. I have photos ot them. Aubrey Wright, Indian, I think from Georges Plain. Berrisford Lewis of course from Townhead Primary School. Donatt Suckra & Grant, Indians from GP. Pearl Nelson, Dahlian Miller, Delroy Essue & Marjorie Essue – from GP or Sav. Delroy Essue used to ride his bicycle to school. Judith Jones, Selma aka Rosie Walters – from Ricketts River. Donovan Morrison, from Burnt Savannah and now I am thinking there was an Indian from round that side and his name might be King? Linval Forrester, met an accident on his bike out by Hendon Roundabout. Glendon Blair, from Grange Hill. There was a whole family attending Frome in my time. Now I am wondering if Yvonne Heaven was in 7B or another class? Her brother Mr Heaven, was the teacher, I think he might have been going out with Ms Witter? Hey, nothing pass my harbour then, but I am getting long in the tooth for paying attention to details these days. Marcia Whitelocke, I am not sure if I hear that MW is no longer with us, or suffering Mental Health Issues? Patricia Dunkley, we were pregnant at the same time. But I didn’t graduate, because of baby sickness. This continued up to just before Kevin was born. Michael Myrie, Indian and he later was operating business and I can’t remember the name of the place now? Levi Gooden, aka #Bishop wnt on to be a Police. I saw him at #CourtneyTurner dad’s Mass Eric’s wake yard. Thorkur, Napier, Annette Thompson, Jean Mullings, from back that side going GP or Sav. Heather aka Rose Brown, has since been deceased. Deloris aka June Kerr, is part of Marcia Murray Royal family. Seen her in 2009 at my #FamilyReunion. Sonia Spence, Marva Richardson, from down Burnt Savannah to Truro end. Juliet Ferguson, is cousin to Everol Blake. Just wondering where she is at these days? Ezra Beharie, from Truro, I am sure he is also deceased? Dorothy Spence, seen her at Ms Connie funeral lately. Joan aka Junie-Marchie Clarke, has been deceased. Geraldine Forbes, was this petite girl, I believe from Grange Hill? Andrea Porteous, got a scholarship to Manning’s School from grade 8A. Ullett Campbell, and Wilson, one from Truro and other from Frome. Yvonne Gordon, she used to be living at Ms Sam Dwayne Samuels, granny. See her at Mr #ErvingGreen funeral, but doubt she remember me? Grace Romans & Collins, from Sav. May Jackson, is a Basic School Teacher. Now was Ainsley March, in 7B or is this because I had a #crush on him? I am beginning to lose reasoning after all these years, so I am trying to remember if I have gotten some of these names mixed up? Anyway, I know that they were/are part of my school days either at Townhead or Frome? So I will let them stay. John Rodduck, Bowlin, Donald Duncan, Barkie Dixon, Clive Mullings, Leshow Bernard, Marva McPherson. Maybe Rosemarie Evans can remind me which class we were in? But I remember she was the first girl to wear wash & wear uniform to school. You can imagine how I envy that girl. She didn’t have to be ironing no uniform with #starch, especially during the time when breeze dry it out. Vie Gordon, she was my Uncle Terah wife Zilla Mellis daughter. Maybe that’s why she sticks in my head. Vets & Zetella, Beverley Reid, #BeverleyParchment, Kennedy, Ewin, et al… See I did not have Mertie Bernard in this list. there are sum other names coming to the surface & we may not all have been in 7b, but meet up on campus throughout my time at Frome? This just proves am getting OLD! And now some of them add #mad to the labelling?

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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The Employment Tribunal regulations is not fit for purpose. #MerveleeMyers_Fact_Day4: Free #NHS_flu_jab!

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard was live.

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