Without Prejudice Plots Against Me By LEYF, Cohorts Documented Held Prisoner In A Bank Police Come To Get Me Out Because A Scam Took Place Innocent Black Girl Set Up Like Miscarriages By HMCTS, CPS, CJS, MOPAC Tells Story Of Colonisation In UK 5/10 Interview With Parole Officer 20

Just wants to say #thanks to the Barclays UK team at the Walworth Road branch on their excellent “Customer Service” to users throughout the time I have been in their branch to conduct business. I have had staff who went beyond the call of duty to help me especially when am experiencing any forms of distress that affected me the past 7 years after the death of my #mother.
That’s why I will not allow the blips of what happened on Monday 27th September and Friday 1st October 2021 to cloud my judgments in allowing Barclays to conduct their investigations and resolve the issues that came out. First and foremost I want to congratulate the males in the bank who remained neutral, acting professionals during the time the decisions were made to send customers out, lock the bank because I refused to give up my #rights not to be treated like a #criminal like what the Judiciary Of England has doone after presiding over the 2 miscarriages of justice in the 29 years am in the UK.
As if that was not enough the Crown Prosecution Service joined in to charge me for criminal damage to BIB to cover up the fact I was held hostage at BIB from 23 July 2014 to when I wrote the letter to Senior HR Dylis Epton on 14 March 2015 the eve of Mothering Sunday about needing support for my Mental Health. That’s when Hilda Miller came to send me to the #prestigious HOC Nursery to be colonise. Refer to https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 for why am waiting on Barclays to act. Because the ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement and Theresa May and the UK government my petition for an inquiry in the Early Years Sector. I was targeted by 2 white men at the Nurseryworld Exhibition, London Design Centre 2017 the day after the ET ended. On behalf of #LizRoberts the editor of the Nursery World Magazine. In 2018 I was assaulted by a white girl wearing a LEYF shirt. The next day June O’Sullivan’s plot to get me detained was revealed. Only the HMCTS, CPS, CJS, CCMCC, MOPAC, BSB, SRA, CLCC, IOPC, JCI0 could be so ignorant as to underestimate Mervelee Ratty Nembhard after I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’ Research Paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination”.
So the Criminal Justice System was reviewed by David Lammy and I followed suit reviewing the Employment Tribunal Service. So #oie_uel and #ProudToBe please link me at Fight4justice as am at the University of East London and am going to make sure #RichardHarty understands the real Mervelee Ionie Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson during my tenure studying. I might even decide to be a PROFESSIONAL STUDENT as a hobby?
So whilst we are waiting for Barclays and it is #BlackHistoryMonth I want to put on record that the BLACK Teller might have been a VICTIM the same way I was made a victim with Emotional Regulation Treatment. Stay tuned as it will not end here. Why did all the WOMEN decided to treat me the way they did and hold me PRISONER for the POLICE to come d

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