Without Prejudice UEL Redeem Keep Richard Hartey From Me, Read D&S Teaching, Learning Requirements Diabetes, Arthritis, Chronic Pain Omitted Linda Dobson Needs EYFS Remedial Prime Specific Curriculum 4/10

So http://www.gov.uk/dbs will have to start with the #paedophiles in their #ranks that #bar my DBS to #protect LEYF and #juneosullivan when I get to Barclays UK as this is my thanks to University of East London too [28/09/2021 22:16] Mervelee Ionie MYERS
Let me first say thanks to the 2 tutors who helped me settle when I turned up late, flustered because I got mixed up. I explained it was important for me to be out of my house today. I am still coming to terms with the past 7 years and hopefully this is part of my healing. As of now I want to make the most of my opportunity and my journey will continue with UEL…

[28/09/2021 22:24] Mervelee Ionie MYERS
Thanks to tutor Athina Tempriou for conducting the class and although at a distance, supported me to find my way back into the classroom. Big shout out to my team mates and Consuelo in particular. As suggested by the tutor I will be moving to another Module. But any of the team wish I am willing to keep in touch and might be able to enhance my CPPDP with mentoring if anyone need my support, please let me know.

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