Without Prejudice Mama Lou Spell Pronounce, Handwriting Special, Banker Of Pardoner Take Over After Ms Vicky Died Stockholm Syndrome Re Discrimination Rob Me Of 7 Years 2 Miscarriages Of Justice Bereavement Losses ERT Entrapment Won’t Work HMCTS

Dear Barclays UK I Mervelee Myers will be at the Walworth Road Branch to do some #business in line with why I was at the Towerbridge Branch on the 27th September 2021 when without prejudice I was forced to #reveal my #vulnerability by the actions of 3 members of staff. I want to put on #record that believe the #black teller was either set up or groomed to identify vulnerable black people to be #scammed. More about this as it happened to me before. I went back to the Bank to finish the transaction that was delayed by the 3 staff. I remember the black teller asking her white counterpart if she had done the transaction before. After that I was led a merry dance and the brown skin teller joined them. I explained I was stressed because I was started University of East London the next day. They should write the information I need to get on the paper and I would try to come back next day. I went back yesterday and I will end this here for now as I will be putting in a #complaint. Just be aware I begged the South London Press to publish my story and it came out on my #formerhusband birthday 28 May 2004. Do the research in advance of the complaint as I tried to resolve the matter #amicably. The fact the Police was called had other connotes of the “Experience Of Multiple Discrimination” why I was a #participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s research paper.Since the death of my #mother I have experienced so much and http://www.met.police.uk came to #murder me on the 30/11/2020 to say I commit #suicide. This was 3 years after coming to section me from a #malicious report after refusing to act on my concerns. They came to the Bank to force me out without listening to why I decided to wait for them to arrive after people who came to do business were locked out of the BANK. The Police once more claim it was none of their business, its a Civil Matter. I will leave the rest for my complaint. I hope Barclays value their #reputations why am still a customer and will deal with this and not act like the MANAGER at the Borough Branch. By the way I have some recordings too.

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