Without Prejudice Obstacles Have Been Put In To Stop My Escape From Stockholm Syndrome Jail To Pick Up The Pieces Before LEYF Get HMCTS, CPS, MOPAC, CCMCC, CJS, IOPC, JCIO, BSB, SRA, CLCC, DBS Involve In Discrimination UEL I Will Not Fail Stop The Biases 29

So a #caller claiming to be from the University of East London must be exposed because of the #snide comments I see elsewhere This is how http://www.gov.uk/studentfinance tried to stitch me up I am waiting to hear about advice given. Don’t know if this is where I raise concerns about the fact am not enrolled despite making contact and carrying out the instructions. There is the matter of the caller claiming to be from the UEL trying to get me off the course with his concerns about my failing. The question is am still a bit confused and my paranoid mind developed the past 7 years is working overtime that someone wants me to fail. This takes me back to the teachers telling me to keep my son at home because he was not talking and I said he is going to school because am paying. He had a misdiagnosis. So once again the professionals are not always right when they don”t give those concerned a voice.

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