Without Prejudice My YouTube Website Is To Safeguard Mervelee Myers From HMCTS, CPS, MOPAC, CJS They Will Be Recorded When You Call Linda Dobson SFE Based Her Decision About Disability On Misinformation By GP… 29/9/21

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling sleepy with Mertie Bernard.

SeSeptembefhr on29rr,eii Ssor2016  · Shared with Public


Self-Praise is no #Recommendations, but I have accomplished much today. Guess I have to be thankful for the little things in life that makes me want to do only my #Best? Tomorrow is another day & with God’s guidance I surely will accomplish most of what I set out to do…? Gosh October is going to be one #BusyMonth. 7th is my OU AOUG Awards Ceremony & I am off to Milton Keynes for the day. Can’t believe it will be a year on the 2nd when I went to #France & I haven’t had time to download those fotos? Need to get my life back where I want it to be & stop focus on those #HorribleLEYF Nurseries Psychopaths? Time for my #BeautyRest, at least I am still in good nick for my age & all the other ailments that I can’t do a blinking thing about, other than what I am doing! Trying to manage & control my #Health? Why is Facebook fixated on Mr Lloyd Walters? Well mi hantag di damn ting, because mi nuh fava di Man!

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling motivated.

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Since no one is willing to give me a #Voice, I will #Empower myself. The #World need to know who/what are responsible for the #StaffingCrisis in the first place. It boils down to a situation where after 5+ years of dedicated services & a Long Service Awards, the CEO who signed the LSA can join in to #Discriminate against the #Employee resulting in #MentalHealthIssues that needs #Counselling. One of the Panel who interviewed the employee & have a string of #Outstanding as a #Manager at Carlton Hill have since been forced to #Resign after 15 years. Guess she could not live with her conscience after the #Lies she had to write in the #Statement. Understand like me she is out of a #Job & living on her #Savings? Then there is the matter of #References which cause #Employers to withdraw post or in my case unable to find #Employment. Revenge is a Dish…? My CPPDP & Defensive Practice will tally up for a few #BOOKS until mi ready fi guh back wey mi come from. Mi YARD -JAMAICA? LEYF Nurseries ltSSepptemboeSnrrs 29ho,nr 20t1ed6g  · Our CEO June O’Sullivan speaks to BBC News abut the early years recruitment crisis http://ow.ly/RHwi304G1mxBBC.CO.UKNurseries at risk as staffing crisis hits, campaigners say – BBC NewsNurseries in England are struggling to recruit qualified staff putting them at risk of closure, campaigners warn.8 Comments

ON THIS DAY5 years agoActive Mervelee Ratty Nembhard SseprtiSeomber 2gs9oi,nSs orS20du16  · London  · Shared with Public Have a few errands to run, but the rain just came down in a rush. Had a #Liein with my Tom & the song in my #Head – Pitter a patter, coming down… Me & my #Baby holding tight… #Pains giving my Tom a warm time. I told the #Scientist about my Diet & Exercise Plan that I use to manage & control my Arthritis & Diabetes & he was well impressed. Only the #IntellectualImbeciles at @LEYF are not aware of my #Disabilities. Maybe if they get out my #FILE from the #ObeahWoMan where they think they can keep me down forever. Maybe the #BentConJohn might learn to #READ by now? In the words of my #KinDreadSpirit, I only believe in #GOD the 3 in 1!111 Comment7 SharesShare

ON THIS DAY7 years agoActive Mervelee Ratty Nembhard StfoenSptemtber ge2d9,c e2014a  · Shared with Public1 more day 2 go & it will be OCTOBER! Then Christmas is just round the corner & I am looking 4ward 2 the NY?1Judith Gordon5 SharesShare

ON THIS DAY8 years agoActive Mervelee Ratty Nembhard StfoenSptemtber ge2d9,c e2013a  · London  · Shared with Public Just got my regular update about Mama & heard that Uncle ARETAS clan from Clarendon went to visit Westmoreland. Wow so big shout out to Cuz Ernal in Canada who sent his bro Melford aka Johnny dad to LaVonne Nembhard & co, all the way from USA to go & check out breda Balis & Mama. Then Johnny took along his bro Lukey & Lukey tag his girl Luki-Ann along. Hear she looks a little like Ur RH – Ratty so I’ll have to go find sum time to track her down on SM! Not to worry Cuzies I’ll be coming to call soon?2Judith Gordon and 1 other5 SharesShare

ON THIS DAY8 years agoActive Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Selpietepamgebnoeehor 29e, 2013  · Shared with Public Time 4 Me to go do sum Work 4 Work as there is only 1 computer & it gets Hogged & we Mortals don’t get access… 03.10.2013 is Parents Evening & there are lots 4 Me 2 do?4Judith Gordon and 3 others4 Comments5 SharesShare

ON THIS DAY8 years agoActive Mervelee Ratty Nembhard StfoenSptemtber ge2d9,c e2013a  · Shared with Public Getting ready 2 go on my NO & Tom says don’t I tell U not 2 put dat ting on Ur head? Reminds me of my Papa cauz he is talking bout de Devil’s Armour! Now all my Life no1 had the power 2 mek Me do anything dat I don’t want 2, so sorry TOM my wig is there 4 when I am having a BHD & do not have time 2 do MNH!2Judith Gordon and 1 other3 Comments5 SharesShare

ON THIS DAY8 years agoActiveMervelee Ratty Nembhard

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