Without Prejudice Linda Dobson Of Student Finance England Is Added To My List Of HMCTS, CPS, CJS, MOPAC, DBS Perverting The Course Of Justice Discriminating Against Me To Make Me Victim Of Stockholm Syndrome Cover LEYF

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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If you doubt me because you might have been misled to believe #MERVELEEMYERS is MAD, just ask Mertie Bernard to verify my stories. As an only Girl, I was responsible for helping my MOTHER, with the chores. It was a case of doing everything to make life more bearable for #MamaLou who became the #MOTHER, #Father, #Carer for all of US when Papa was struck down with Parkinson’s. But even more so when #GrandMother have another stroke that was to add to her Broken Heart after the brutal murder of her son Uncle TERAH CHAMBERS.Now how the hell can #3Judges from the #EmploymentTribunals decided to affirm the Discrimination by LEYF Nurseries after I get back from burying my MOTHER? Does the ET really think I’m going to be a #VOICELESS_VULNERABLE? I am a survivor of Childhood Trauma and people, even my Family not understanding me because I am DIFFERENT. I am an ovecomer because despite the adversities and challenges, giving up was never an option. That’s why I went ahead and represents myself at the 2 ET, this time I hope the Employment Appeal Tribunal will accept their responsibilty to act impartial in this matter. And take Dr Maria Hudson recommendations to Acas re the Research Paper The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for the #PolicyStudiesInstitute.

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling confused.

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Will Mr Blinking Burnie Spence get in touch b4 I have another of those #Dreams or invading Ur #Privacy. Never buck up pon anneda #HardEars Man like him?


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Learned yesterday from both my #YoungerBredas Mass Amly Decosie Nembhard & MWB Ervin Nembhard that our #CousinSaunders @JanetBeeput will be buried on 8th October 2016. I have no other information available at this time. Would appreciate if I am keep updated? I have my @OU AOUG Awards & Lecture on the 7.10 2016, but will be available God’s willing for sharing of the #SolemnOcassion. Peace & Love to #ALL who rallied around & support Janet & Joycie during their times of suffering & bereavement. My #Career Change will be focusing on what I am #Passionate about that is #2nd to #WorkwithCHILDREN! #WRITING & Photographs? Big shout to my #2SonValdin Legister who made my #Foto his cover. Proud to know I am a Cover #MamaRatty. I am looking forward to Great things in the #Future!

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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Why di hell my FB status decides 2 duplicate?1 Comment3 SharesShare

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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After over 20 yrs 1 Person I know in his 80’s just realised the DGDG whom he mashed up his Life 4 doan LOVE him…? Can U b-LIVE di DSM now tun 2 DRINKS…? Won’t be surprised if I hear the woss!!! Dem say if U live inna Glass House, doan throw STONES? Serve him freaking Right, but me still feel a twinge of regret fi di DOB!!! Me granny used to say “THE SAME TICK WEY LICK BLACK SNAKE A GUH LICK DI YELLOW 1” A nuh gloat me a gloat either, but when all di SHIT dat me haffi put up wid dese daze cum cross me. Me cawn help, but Remember the Shit & ABUSE of dah past & know dat 1 day all this crap will be a ting of di Past again…!!!!

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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Catch the Headlines in the Voice this morn re Naomi Campbell & can even pre-empt what she is chatting about without reading? Had this so called Meeting this week (3 Blacks + 1 mixed Race + 1 other). The 1st thing out of the Persons mouth was how We looked miserable, & We should smile! So this is Madam imploring every1 2 smile & I was having none of it>>> So 2 stop her exerting herself & coming up futile, I simply said “I AM ALWAYS A MISERABLE GIT…”. This stopped her in her tracks as there is no way madam was going 2 force a Hypocrite Smile out of Me that was not Genuine! My old folks always told me kin teeth is not Laugh. I was always known for my Screw Face & that’s 1 of the primary reasons I’d never apply 4 a job at Front Desk. Because I know I don’t have Receptionist Appearances & Aptitudes, so I always stayed in the background where am better suited! A since me cum a dis Country me see sumuch people pretend 2 greet U wid dem freaking FAKE SMILE! Well dis is just 1 of the many things I promised no 1 to take up as it’s not ME? My Personality is embedded in my DNA & ROOTS & there is no way I can pretend 2 b sum1 I am not!

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Mervelee Ratty Nembh

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