Without Prejudice Student Finance England In Breach Of Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics To Cover HMCTS, MOPAC, CPS, CJS, IOPC, JCIO, CCMCC, CLCC, BSB, DBS, SRA, Ofsted Discrimination ERT Entrapment When I Did Not Be HCT Group Impact Report 2016 Statistic CEO June O’Sullivan Is A Psychopath Must Return IP/CPPDP

So https://www.facebook.com is #platform for all #sorts taking Mervelee Ratty Nembhard for a MUG

You’re friends on Facebook Lives in Arkansas City, Arkansas Works at Forex And Binary Option Trading and CryptoCurrency Mon 8:10 PMClarice Clarice A. Miley Hello Mrs Mervelee Mon 8:46 PM Clarice Clarice A. Miley Hello Mervelee, how are you doing today?

You sent Am good you are the 2nd powerful woman who joined my circle today. The other is Hillary Diane Clinton. Am starting university soon

Clarice Wonderful, it’s such a pleasure. Clarice Clarice A. Miley How is the pandemic situation in your place?

You sent Am in the UK, my university is tier 2. My son came to visit & had to quarrantine for 10 days. But he done the back garden for me

Clarice Cool, I have more clients from UK… ClariceClarice A. Miley So what are you doing right now?

You sent Busy on SM. Soon I won’t have much time

ClariceOkay dear… ClariceI’m a forex trader in bitcoin and binary options… ClariceClarice A. Miley Are you familiar with Bitcoin?

You sent Not really…

Clarice Then you must be missing a lot… Clarice How can you consider a platform were you can earn passively let’s say weekly… Clarice Alright, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator, it’s value keeps growing because of the high demand of it. It’s very profitable when you invest. ClariceClarice A. Miley You will be doing the buying yourself is my obligations to guide you through. With an investment of $300 I’m sure of making over $3050 within investment working days.

Mon 9:37 PM You sent Let me sort my uni and get back to you. Have an interview tomorrow

ClariceClarice A. Miley Okay can I get a time to drop a text for you, or can I text you later in the day? Wed 7:46 PM Clarice Hello Mervelee…Clarice Clarice A. Miley How was your interview? Wed 8:27 PM ClariceClarice A. Miley What’s the problem Mervelee, you are online but not responding to my text???

You sent Soon you will know about me. I am trying to sort my university. Interview went well but another section claim they don’t get my Medical Report ClariceClarice A. Miley😞

You sent Don’t worry I suffer with Chronic Anxiety my former employers take 7 years to push me over the edge. You will understand in time. Give me time

Clarice Okay no problem…ClariceClarice A. Miley I wish you good luck 🥰

You sentThanksWed 10:14 PMClariceClarice A. Miley You’re welcome…. I hope you invest on my platform after sorting your uni…. I would explain better about my platform to you…

You sent OK, thanks

Thu 10:34 PMClariceClarice A. Miley Hello Mervelee

You sent Good evening. How are you?

ClariceClarice A. MileyI’m fine, how about you?

You sent Doing great

ClariceClarice A. MileyHow is you University stuff going?

You sent Get the Reasonable Adjustment sorted. But the DSA team claiming they don’t receive my Medical Report. Need to make appointment for Assessment of my needs

ClariceClarice A. Miley So you are still very busy to have a long discussion with me

You sent Yes I am

ClariceClarice A. Miley😞

You sent Don’t like that sad face. Things soon get sorted.

Clarice Okay darling ClariceClarice A. Miley I wish you success in Jesus name 🙏

You sent Sun

1:14 PM ClariceClarice A. Miley Hello Mervelee…. Sun 2:04 PM ClariceClarice A. Miley No response 🔃Sun 8:53 PMClariceClarice A. Miley Hello…1:32 PMClariceClarice A. Miley Good morning 🌞5:24 PMClariceClarice A. Miley What’s the problem Mervelee, why ain’t you replying my text…

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