Without Prejudice GP Dr Ferreira Refuse Me A Medical Report After Byron’s Death 2008, Gave Chronic Anxiety Diagnosis For OU Health Social Care Exam Sponsored By UNISON Who Is Credible Witness?

Dear Sassey Lassenby

Thanks for your letter, although I will go ahead and accept the decision and carry out the actions for my Disability Allowance. I must challenge the decision not to accept my diabetes, arthritis and chronic pain.

I will get my GP to do the letter about my disability because the decision is the trigger to my PTSD and the 7 years of hell I have been through that impacted on my Mental and Physical Impairment that impacted on the deterioration of my overall wellbeing.

The impact of https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 resulted in me developing an Eating Disorder. The Dental Problems escalated in me loosing almost all my teeth. On top of the Eating Disorder, loosing my teeth makes it more difficult to chew. I am paying for the Specialist Treatment for my Gum Disease. Because waiting on the NHS is not beneficial and can cause further damage. Once again I feel as if I am been penalise for taking care of myself and I refuse to sit idle by and let anyone else treat me the way I have been with 2 miscarriages of justice.

The arthritis and chronic pain affect my writing, finer motor skills and walking, gross motor skills. So please be aware that I am a credible witness and did not make up any of my disabilities according to the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal. I have no need to try and get anything I am not entitled to. If my former employers LEYF and the Judiciary Of England And Wales did not collude to discriminate I would have no need to be applying for Disability Allowance.

Lets go further with this discrimination saying 2 times the Police discriminated against me the first time to section me from a malicious report. Three years later came to my home to murder me on behalf of LEYF. I was beaten up but my GP say he cannot give me a Medical Report. This is not the first time I am refused a Medical Report, it happened in 2008. I am prepared to challenge the decision about my Diabetes, Arthritis and Chronic Disability. And I will be going public because I am doing my Masters in SEND so I don’t end up becoming the HCT Group Impact Report 2016 statistic 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. Since I did not become that statistic I am to be 600,000 elderly people say they leave their home once per week or less. After 7 years I was pushed over the edge where I am feeling suicidal and getting support that I seek.

But I am now the holder of a Criminal Record with Emotional Regulation Treatment thrown in as entrapment. Now tell me if I was not a resilient person how I could be able to survive. There are times when my hands shake so badly I can’t write my name to save my life. I have to rely on my memory to help me get through my studies. But am determined to get through, so why should I be short changed?      

In the meantime I will go public because I have enough of the past 7 years where I have been pushed from pillow to post proving I have disabilities.  

Kindest regards.

Yours sincerely,

Mervelee Myers.  

Sent from Mail for Windows

From: DSA Team
Sent: 18 September 2021 14:13
To: ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com
Subject: Important Information About Your Student Finance – Mervelee Ionie Myers (19543081915)

Dear Mrs Myers,

Thank you for your recent application for Disabled Students’ Allowance


We’ve reviewed your application and can confirm you are eligible for DSA, a

letter confirming this is attached to this email.

You’ll need to book a Study Needs Assessment at an approved centre. You can

find an Assessment Centres here: http://www.gov.uk/slc/dsa-needs-assessment.

Please choose your Assessment Centre and contact them to book your

appointment as soon as possible.

You can choose to have your assessment either face to face or remotely

(e.g. by video call or over the phone). Please speak to your Assessment

Centre about the arrangements.

Your chosen Assessment Centre will require a copy of the letter attached to

this email and a copy of your medical evidence prior to your appointment.

Please note – this letter is being sent by email only.

For further information about DSA go to

http://www.gov.uk/disabled-students-allowances-dsas, call us on 0300 100 0607 or

email us at dsa_team@slc.co.uk.

Yours sincerely,

Sassey Lazenby | On Behalf of the DSA Team

Student Loans Company

Memphis Building, Lingfield Point, Darlington DL1 1RW


Follow us at Twitter/SLCcomms for information and updates

All replies should be directed to dsa_team@slc.co.uk

Please note that the student’s full name and Customer Reference Number must

be provided on all correspondence to Student Finance England in order to

avoid delays in processing.

To ensure your query is handled promptly:

If you are a Disability Adviser and have any queries regarding any aspect

of DSA please direct your queries to disability_adviser@slc.co.uk

If you are a Study Needs Assessor please direct your queries to


If you are a student or supplier please direct your queries to


If you are sending medical evidence to support your online DSA application

please direct this to dsa_medical_evidence@slc.co.uk

If you have any queries regarding invoices please direct your queries to


Please do not send duplicate or chaser emails relating to the same query.

Doing so will increase the volume of emails and may delay the response to

yours and other customers’ queries.


The information from the Student Loans Company Ltd contained in this e-mail is private and privileged. If you have received this e-mail in error be advised that any use is strictly prohibited. Please notify us and delete the message from your computer. You may not copy or forward it or use or disclose its contents to any other person.

As internet communications are capable of data corruption it may be inappropriate to rely on advice or opinions contained in an e-mail without obtaining written confirmation of it. This footnote also confirms that this email message has been swept for the presence of computer viruses, however we do not accept any liability or responsibility for resultant virus infection. Opinions and views expressed in this e-mail are those of the sender and may not reflect the opinions and views of The Student Loans Company Limited.

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