Without Prejudice My Experiences With The Police Must Prove They Are Racist When An Officer Can Hold A Machete Aloft Mocking Me Is He Saying My Ancestors Are Savages Am Criminal Needs ERT?

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ON THIS DAY 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard September 16, 2016· Shared with Public
Later on my Lunch Break, because I have to take one because of my DISABILITIES & not deny myself like Maria Freeman done & Stacey-Jane Whitfield have to comment about on the 19th January 2016 https://www.facebook.com/memories/?source-bookmark. I have DIABETES www.heal-d.co.uk! However LEYF www.leyf.org.uk Contract Section 6. Hours of Work says it all. Now I understand what www.voicetheunion.org.uk Solicitor Arwen Makin meant when she told me not to Appeal the Trumped up ALLEGATIONS that breach the Human Rights & Data Protection Acts 1998…? Because it’s written in their Contract. My #FIGHT4JUSTICE is to ensure why these Contracts are not reviewed & updated www.ico.org.uk. Don’t worry I have Goat Mouth & I wrote that all my Fellow JAMAICANS that dem buy out fi DISCRIMINATE Against me time would come. Well Crisella Rattary-Brown time has certainly come! More about she & Audrey later & what they are going through at the hands of that Nicola at CON-Serve-A- Tart in Blackheath. I don’t have a job so my Talents & Creativity towards my CPPDP must not go to waste http://www.myvision.org.uk. So when they continue to use my Intellectual Property in the form of My Ugly Mug to promote their Organisations, do they think I am going to let them get away with the Negative Narratives that can push me back into DEPRESSION if I am not Vigilant http://www.radar-cns.org/? Ok so all those expecting me to write Reports for them to Benefit & sending me to go do Trainings for another Piece of Tokenistic Paper not worth the Ink in which it is Written, can go stick it www.resourcesforautism.org.uk. I have enough to decorate my Living Room & Social Media! Mi gone until mi cum back come write the ongoing Saga of why 3 Staff from the same Nursery Resign. Memba mi tell dem say “a nuh Bush hab EARS, is Wo/Man stand up eina Bush a Listen? So for those at BIB that were offended when I told them to do their Research about Multigenerational Working, is the same way I make it my Own Business Agenda to know the lastest. I am always Learning from the Masters/Mistresses of Good/Evil. I started out with the Daily www.express.co.uk from I met my Husband TOM in 2001!

Another of the LEYF that I covered in from 1.9.2009 to 27.9.2015. If in doubt go Read the 6 lines of Reference Senior HR Dilys Epton wrote for me for Connex Education in October 2015. Since then all I get from them is Automated Emails, but I am biding my time, because they will not get away with either Direct nor Indirect DISCRIMINATION that are Unlawful. Now go check my history with LEYF & U can identify my Contributions… So why the hell do they think they going to get away with saying I am Uncoorporative, Unprofessional, Rude, Intimidating, Confrontational, Agressive & Lack EMPATHY. I am going to make sure LEYF & their cohorts whether they are Stella Louis presenting at the www.nurseryworld.co.uk Jobs #NurseryWorldShow2017 or not that they take back every Negative Discourses & Languages they have presented in Black & White. I am going to get a Copy of Judge Rinder Book that I hear him talking about on ITV to make sure I get the finer Legal Knowledge? Then I am going after Voice: the union for education professionals for Fraud & misrepresentations & DISCRIMINATION! Not to mention making a Delegation to Ten Dowing Street to follow up my Open Letters & subsequent correspondences! LEYF sent me to HOC 17-27th March 2015 in the hopes I would commit Criminal Offences to put their Plans into Actions. Now the Government have a Duty to Protect the Public from the PSYCHOPATHS at LEYF & HMCTS https://www.gov.uk.
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LEYF’s Queen’s Park Community Nursery
‘Outstanding’ nursery in Queen’s Park
LEYF’s Queen’s Park Nursery

Can any1 tell me the reasons why some of US Black People let others tun us into Idiots? Now this is the story of 1 who has been programmed fi tun Traitor & I don’t know wat she expect fi get outa it… Imagine sumady come deliver message, pretend dem lef & gone & cum back later cum mek sum strange chat. Because I am Jamaican true & truthful I knew exactly wat just happened. I know the story about Bush have Ears, but is not Bush have Ears is Sumady stand up eina Bush a Listen. So I said enough, only fi di Idiot Sell out JA gal fi cum asks mi wat being Jamaican have to do with it… So I told her I am More Jamaican than her because me Older than her.
So they get her involved in ordering me about & I told dem me tiyad a di 3rd Party sinting. The ting dat hot me di most is dis Idiot gal can’t even speak proper English & think English is adding an H at the beginning of every word that starts with A www.ofsted.gov.uk. Then have the gall come tell me not to speak in my JA accent. Me nuh know wey di Idiot did dey dat she nuh know bout Rastamouse? & a come tell me she haffi guh practice fi read it. Wat hat me di Fossy Face Gall never born a UK but JA & come yah when she a Big Woman. Face bleach off till it look like dem pickney when mi did a grow up who hab Fossy Foot. When dem rub/scratch di sore dem, dem bruise off & scab a grow back pon di Fossy Foot www.morleycollege.ac.uk. Believe me a suh di face tan & it Sick stomach.
Me nuh know how further har stomach a guh up har face fi guh tell har how-di-do & not even celebs me nuh see wid dem kina stomach deh. Den di False Batty just a Push off & mi nuh know if she nuh realise everybaddy mouth a chat. Well I am making plans fi cum out lef dem place gi dem b4 she & dem KILL off My HUSBAND & I. So then the Evil 1 will have no1 else fi tun pon but har Fossy Face, Push Out Stomach False Arse & she will know how it feels to be on the receiving end. She better believe I won’t give up my Rights as she is claiming & bring my GRB guh gi dem. Suh she can carry on treat me like CRIMINAL by dem dictate. 1 day she will feel their hands but it will be too late. Pity she couldn’t get rid of the SLAVERY MENTALITY that she have to be Bleaching herself to tun like dem in colour & deeds. & say dem a Christian! God going to punish all of them & they shall be rewarded by their deeds & work. God kept my TOM 2 day & TOM is blessed so I will not have to go thru the anguish of coming him to find him lifeless. I take my Papa & Mama as marks of how God treats His chosen People. I survived my ordeals & I will be there to show them what I am made of until I find a way out. But I’ll be sharing my Story with the World as Evil should not prosper http://www.myvision.org.uk!

This morning for the 1st time in over a year my Tom has a HYPO www.diabetes.org.uk. I was wavering my mind if I should call in or what. I quickly sorted him out, left him eating & rushed out. I was concerned because usually I’d not leave until he fully recovered. Got in explain to the Authoritarian that I needed to check on him, but she didn’t respond. I later reaffirmed I meant calling him to find out how is when I say check on him just in case she thought I meant literally. I got a grunt as response. Once more I was pushed from pillar to post & just got on with it.
I was bolstering the morals of others who were been carried along with the tide. My stress incontinence is back & I am trying to cope as best I can only to be told to Hurry up each time I need to go… The levels of provocation been chucked in my face is more than I can bear. & this would make any Christian cuss bad wuds. But still I’ll not yield to temptations but sing Christian Songs instead.
But what really got to me is the fact that I was not allowed the time to check my Husband to see how he was after I had to rush out & leave him. So imagine my state of mind them winding me up & trying to keep my focus & not think of what could have been? I never got to call Tom until 12.15. So I left the house at 7.00 & in between that time 12.15 I was scared stiff.
I got home from 1 staff meeting the day he locked himself out collecting a parcel. Luckily he was rescued by kind neighbours. This only left me to asks where is the HUMANITY in those gutless people who GOD has put in charge of US to torment US. That U can’t get even 5 minutes to check if Ur Husband is ok. Jackass say di world nuh level when some can get away with Slow MURDER of the Innocent.
This is the next story I’ll be writing because if Authoritarian can give U a Sanction that is so Soul Destroying that it leaves U feeling SICK when they don’t know nothing about you… And now have the nerves/gall to come now turn around saying how Experienced that person is… I am in utter despair!
The weather is changing again… Time 2 start getting out the WARMIES 2 cover up?

Does any 1 know how to get in touch with HOWARD KING? He is related to my Mama from my Granny’s side & lived in St Catherine. His gran Lorreta King-Walker lived in Town & I can’t recall the address now even thou I went there. He once worked at D&G. I’d love to link even thou I last saw him when we were kids! Oh guess I better mentioned my cousin Jennifer Chambers whose mum was Marjorie Morris & they lived at Alexander Road Kingston. I’d love to link with these people if possible b4 I go back to JA. Last time I saw Jenny, Patsy & the Boys was at their mums funeral at BRUNTY near Beaston Spring www.ancestrydna.co.uk.
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