Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Was Denied My Rights To Achieve My Potential Via Discrimination After Mum Died To Land Me With Criminal Record ERT Entrapment To Cover LEYF Abusers Mean UK Government Must Be Charge For Windrush Generation Hate Crimes

I meet the #scammer http://www.peachespublications.co.uk and my life changed forever Hey Mervelee,
As an author you can make big money, because of who you are and what you know. But there is one other way to make it in the big leagues and that is as a Speaker. It’s an art I’ve learned and it’s resulted in my being a much sought after speaker globally.
You can have the same results.
I learned from Andy Harrington, the best teacher in the “Speaker” business. He’s the ‘best kept secret’ of all big name speakers. I count myself very fortunate to have learned from this giant. You can learn from him too!
Andy’s “Serve & Sell” Virtual Summit is incredible and its filled with some of the best content you will ever receive. It’s broadcast from a state-of-the-art studio that is in itself a gift to viewers and participants. The cost to attend is €470. Andy has generously offered me 12 complimentary tickets.
TAP HERE to check it out and get your complimentary ticket.

Gerry Robert
President & Founder
Black Card Books

P.S. If I run out of complimentary tickets, I can get you a discounted ticket for €147 and that includes over €3,000 of bonuses. TAP HERE if you were not fast enough to get a full complimentary ticket.

Black Card Books 5-18 Ringwood Drive, Suite 214 Stouffville, Ontario L4A 0N2 Canada 1 (877) 280-8536



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