Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Must Ensure Those Discriminated Against Me Get Their Rewards And Named For Discrimination Against Children, Young People, Vulnerable Adults To Cover Abuse

    • So http://www.express.co.uk did #employ a #LouiseCooper and was #disrespectful to me when I asked for support Coaching = Money = Success CLICK HERE
    • What do I mean by the above statement Manal? If you are a pessimist and full of excuses, you are thinking that coaching costs money and money equals success. But no, that is not what that means… It means coaching can do the same thing for you that it has done for me. After I was coached my revenue started to go up, my brand started to take off and I was able to find true freedom. I was able to do what I wanted to do for a living… and I STILL do that. THAT is success. Being able to wake up, work for yourself, rely on yourself for your own success and failures, answer to yourself, and enjoy what you do is a true successful person. CLICK HERE and I’ll coach you at no cost and help you get some of that freedom I was talking about! JT Foxx Investor in Companies & Properties Serial Entrepreneur Worlds #1 Wealth & Business Coach P.S. I will be 100% live and this is FREE but if you sign up it’s all about respect. Don’t sign up if you aren’t going to show because only weak people whose excuses are stronger than their desire to succeed do that. CLICK HERE Unsubscribe 8595 College Parkway #350 Fort Myers, Florida 33919 United States (239) 689-5906 
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    • Margaret Porter Why doesn’t he go and live in China, if he respects them and their culture. He won’t be missed in britain1
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    • Bruce Spottiswoode Typicial of a total left wing socialist.30
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