Without Prejudice The Death Of Boris Johnson’s Mother Gives Me Chance To Share How Miscarriages Of Justice After Byron, Mama Lou Passed Must Be Used To Share How UK Is Racist Discriminate Against Protected Characteristics Of Equality Act Made Me Criminal With ERT Entrapment UEL Note As I Intend To Do Research After 15/9

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Mervelee & CareenFriends for 7 years

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard was live — at Home.

September 15, 2020  · Shared with Public


Mervelee Myers Documentary Is In The Making “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination on All Grounds!0:02 / 1:04:40

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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I am daring Facebook to get to the bottom of this story with their Community Standards. Next I am challenging the Daily Express and Voice Newspaper to tell the story of Doreen Eunice Jones nee Beckford whose sister Ms Ena Scott-Miller sent for, from Westmoreland Jamaica. Mrs Jones dedicated her life to the UK and the NHS. But when she needed their help, no one cares.It’s time for Theresa May to stop paying lip service and pussyfooting about. If in doubt that Windrush Generation stories didn’t start overnight, go back and read my Open Letter.

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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Good thing I put my heels in my bag and flats on. Otherwise I might be #crawling on my hands and knees? Facebook just a reminder that I have been living with my Disabilities, until LEYF Nurseries – #LEYF triggered my childhood truamas into PTSD.Why did #JudgeFreer not guide #MsFennel and #MrDixoj during the Employment Tribunal #Myers v LEYF?

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