Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Has Been Discriminated Against By LEYF With HMCTS, CPS, CJS, MOPAC, JCIO, IOPC, CCMCC, DBS, SRA, BSB Colluding To Make Me A Victim Lets Hope They Are Ready For The Truth About Experience Of Multiple Discrimination Protected Characteristics By Governments

Must update my review in appreciation of the services I am receiving as an elderly patient with underlying health conditions. My greatest concerns is the severe gum disease that caused me to lose most of my teeth and affecting my physical and emotional health. However, I must mention my dentist and the team at Wytes making sure am provided with the best care to make me life better. I think I was doing okay with the support as a patient for many years and must confess that my dentist always helped me with my Dental Problems from the time I joined on moving to Southwark.

But the advent of COVID-19 turned my life upside down and I am still reeling from the impact of discrimination and the treatment of the Government Systems which make victim of vulnerable people. I have to give thanks to the Supreme Being keeping me going. The involvement of the dentist in treating my dental problems has helped me to take back control of my life and am privilege saying how am regaining my confidence. With the extractions of more teeth, the denture was becoming part of the discomfort I was experiencing. Sometimes I did not bother to put in the denture and this was making eating difficult for me.

When I told the dentist of my plight he did not hesitate in preparing a new denture for me. I have been going back for fitting and today I went in for the final fitting and came away with my new denture. Before I leave the dentist made sure the denture is fit for purpose. I can vouch for the service I received at Wytes. I came out of the practice with my new denture and although the dentist advised me that it might take time before it feels comfortable. I am still wearing my denture and it feels as if they are mine and not additional. Compared to the old one I am not feeling any discomfort and I am happy with the new one.

I am going back to university and having new denture will help boost my confidence to be going about for my studies. I have no need to feel ashamed of myself anymore as my new denture fits perfectly and the discomfort is gone. I can eat my food and chew properly. I don’t have to dread putting my denture in and the trouble and pain I endure when eating or taking it out. Wytes comes well recommended and writing reviews is part of my therapy. I am more than proud to contribute so anyone looking for dental practice will know that I am getting the best service at Wytes. We must give credit where it is due.

I must let it be known that I feel well looked after and given the best advice. Unlike recent happenings when I feel that the younger generations are not giving the older folks the respect and support WE need. I can say unequivocally that I have been made to feel at ease by all with whom I come in contact with. But I must make mention of an exceptional young man, who is Aled Price, my dentist. I can recommend Wytes as the place you can best treatment.

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