Without Prejudice Let’s Say Martin Clive From UEL Done Great Jobs In Helping Me Get Rid Of My Fears Of Going Back To Study With My Grandchildren In A World Where Discrimination Ruin Careers, Lives

I just participated in Mental Wealth and decided to continue doing therapy engaging and interacting to keep me active and sane until the start of my study with UEL in a few weeks time. Dates are important and 7/9/2021 will be my nephew’s 29th birthday. I have been in the UK since June 1992 and experienced 2 nervous breakdowns and 2 miscarriages of justice after bereavement and losses and I don’t need to add anything else here as this information can be accessed at https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for anyone who is interested in why I enrolled at UEL to save what left of my life.

Another important date is the 20/9/2021 my brother’s DOB who was born in 1963. More can be found on my Facebook Pages because LinkedIn discrimination denied me access to my intellectual property and image and copyrights in breach of the GDPR and every Rules Of Law from Biblical Times. My grandson was born on 25th September 2004 when I begged to South London Press to tell my story when I was defrauded by the Financial Institutions. Roll back the years and my grandson graduated from High School and someone has to send the photo posted on Facebook to me. This will sum up my relationship with Facebook for now.

My younger brother, the only one of us to attend High School keeps saying I must let go of the past, but he fails to understand why I must deal with the skeletons hidden in the far recesses of my mind that are part of my traumas before I can move on. As stated before I was advised by some of my tutors at Lambeth College to use my assignments for my first BOOK. After the second miscarriages of justice I was left adrift by the corrupt systems despite undertaking studying and training on courses as therapy after 7 years of DISCRIMINATION by the Judiciary Of England & Wales, Criminal Justice System and Crown Prosecution Service protecting my former employer with the abuse reviews online.

When I visited UEL and see one of LEYF Nurseries across the road, I said God is helping me in finding my purpose. Here is my RESEARCH after I conducted one for the CEO “A Voice of a Child” in August 2010. I am now a criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment after my former employers set out to push me over the edge after the death of my mother. Let me make it known that Social Media platforms are party to discrimination as I was targeted by Facebook and access given to the ABUSERS of my account. Facebook continuing the cyberbullying and LinkedIn stolen my account after I was an INFLUENCER who was sought for my expertise on subjects from cradle to grave. I was endorsed by 2 professors and days later suspended from my job. Twitter too is a cyber criminal and reasons I take exceptions to being told to get Social Media accounts.

My internet profile is more credible than the CEO of my former employers and the world will be informed about why my Fight4justice is to honour my nephew JEVON NEMBHARD. I am Mervelee Ionie Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson whose career was ruined, my mental and physical health affected from disclosures in my FILE. Since applying to the UEL I must now say Martin has been supportive in helping me to move from the demons of my past and former employers claim not to have any data for me. Today I spoke with Clive and I am willing to put the past 7 years behind because I know for a fact I will be getting all the support available at UEL to regain my confidence as the passionate person I am in never accepting giving up as an option. I am ready to work with the UEL to accomplish my goals with the support I am assured will be available. My old folks saying nothing happens before the time and now is the optune moment to use my experiences to help others so the history of my 2 miscarriages of justice don’t repeat itself. As I said to Clive I know am ready for the challenges ahead.

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