Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Must Continue To Share My Story About HMCTS, CPS, CJS Terrorism To Entrap Me With ERT 10/9/21

Pt stated that today she opened a letter from her probation ocer and stated she had
been trying to get hold of her for 2 days and she wasn’t answering her calls and pt was so
stressed and angry that she was being persecuted by her probation ocer and stated that
she had lost a recent job tribunal which made her suicidal today but when asked if suicidal
pt stated she had no plan. Pt lives with husband who is 98 yo. Pt stated she feels
overwhelmed and needs support so called las. Pt known anxiety and chronic depression
but no medication taken and not prescribed by gp. Pt stated she takes a holistic approach.
Pt has nil intention of hurting self and when asked how she would hurt herself said she
didn’t know. Pt stated she hasn’t got Hx of self harm or overdoses and never tried to kill
self. Pt not previously been sectioned but received councilling for 12 weeks for trauma
from loss of mum and then brother several years previous. Medical records show no MH
plan. Pt previously been given crisis line number.

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