Without Prejudice Sarah Lawson Is Racist Low Life Use By HM Prison Probation Service To Carry Of The Barbaric Discrimination Of HMCTS CPS, CJS, MOPAC To Cover LEYF Abuse Of Past 7 Years All Recorded Online To Expose June O’Sullivan Psychopath Advise Government

HM Prison & Probation Service

Sarah Lawson

Date: 10th September 2021

Dear Sarah,

This is in response to the letter dated: 8th September 2021 and the efforts I made to contact Sarah Lawson  and her subsequent response.

Hi Mervelee, I am on duty today and am not in a position to call back. You can attend the office next Friday to discuss this further at 11am when I am available should you wish.

This e-mail and any attachments is intended only for the attention of the addressee(s). Its unauthorised use, disclosure, storage or copying is not permitted. If you are not the intended recipient, please destroy all copies and inform the sender by return e-mail. Internet e-mail is not a secure medium. Any reply to this message could be intercepted and read by someone else. Please bear that in mind. 2

Why am I writing to you?

Following the government lifting most of the remaining legal COVID-19 restrictions in England on 19 July, I wanted to check in with you. You should have been informed by now by Tonye Telephone: +447508706450 Address: Hall of All Saints Church, Blenheim Grove, Peckham, London SE15 4Q Southwark Women’s Space that you are no longer on my case. After my appointment on Tuesday 24th August 2021 at 2pm, Tonye called me to say the decision was made. For your information all conversations are recorded in line with GDPR 2018 to protect myself from the discrimination of the Judiciary Of England And Wales, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Criminal Justice System. Refer to https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 for the second miscarriages of justice.

You may have started to notice some changes and it is important to my husband and I that you understand what these changes mean for you. As a Southwark Ambassador I was asked to do a video to encourage the BAME community to take the Vaccine. What happened after is another disgrace for Southwark Council that has been involved in discrimination against me from, I worked at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust www.ico.org.uk for more. Please refer to www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers as I was a participant in Dr Maria Hudson’s “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” for the Policy Studies Institute recommended to ACAS.  

I am mindful that many of you will not have experienced being supervised by the more knowledgeable practitioner who developed the listening ethos before the pandemic and so things may have started to feel different to the last few months. Refer to https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk and www.open.ac.uk and www.hctgroup.org for more about my qualifications.

What might you notice?

You may have noticed that your local probation offices are now open longer hours. How would I know that if the idiots do not inform me?

You may also notice that that your probation practitioner is therefore in the office more often. Why did this stupid person not inform me about this when she called me on the 8th? If today is anything to go by based on the message above what is the probation practitioner doing in the office? Probably conducting an illicit affair with someone they entrapped and abusing them like the abuse reviews online that the ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement after www.peachespublications.co.uk sent them to me. The Probation Service is party to www.leyf.org.uk Paedophile Rings. More of our group programmes/interventions like Building Better Relationships, Horizon, Thinking Skills are also now back up and running in the community. Is this why stupid Sarah Lawson conducted the conversation she did with me on the 8th? Because if this is the case, she was recorded to protect myself from http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk entrapment with two miscarriages of justice.

What does this mean for me?

This means that you will be expected to attend more of your probation appointments at our offices and will have less telephone appointments. Since I consider that attending the offices of the Probation Service is an attempt to finish off the job Holly Sweeney and Nikki Wright tried to do on the 30th September 2020 under cover of LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture. Refer to MOPAC at ComplaintReviews@mopac.london.gov.uk MOPAC Police Complaint Reviews Team 21st Floor West, Empress State Building, Empress Approach, Lille Road, London, SW6 1TR. I want to know if Inspector Nikki Babb works with Armstrong Solicitors. As John Armstrong tried to stitch me up to sue the Police. I must put on record about the www.met.police.uk that came to section me on the malicious report of Winsome Duncan who was groomed by https://www.ryanclement.com after failing to act about my concerns of verbal threats. The actions of https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk and their role in the ongoing matter. When I was assaulted at the Southwark Police Station by Owen Pyle and verbally abused by Tammie Tebboth. The videos are online along with others covering the discrimination by https://www.gov.uk AGENCIES. I have written Open Letters that are in the Public Domain. Refer to https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more.   

We are slowly returning to standard practice. If this standard practice is like that of LEYF then children abused will be traumatised for life. Reason am returning to university to do my Masters in SEND. Sarah Lawson was informed about this from the beginning. I was offered a job as a SENCO for £46-55,000.00 by www.smartteachers.co.uk and that is when www.gov.uk/dbs decided to bar my DBS. They are all criminals and I have my letters from 2004 when I raised concerns at https://careers.kch.nhs.uk about the manager Glendalyn Aboayge. Hence the reason Southwark SEND Section join https://www.jobs.nhs.uk and http://unison.org.uk to ruin my career.

This could include increase home visits. Let me put on record that HM Prison & Probation Service will not be allowed in my home. Their only intention is to come finish off the job of the terrorist Holly Sweeney and Nikki Wright. Refer to Bully Boy https://youtu.be/Vua-mm4ABjI and Crying  https://youtu.be/BipD-9IywwPQ and Southwark Police Station https://youtu.be/8g-7jUGZook Beaten by Police https://youtu.be/_E7E8bVkqM and Police came to Brutalise me https://youtu.be/VIAHqfnk6EK for more.

Also, you could be invited to attend a group offence focused intervention if this is a part of your sentence plan. Sarah Lawson is an intellectual imbeciles because from day one I recorded her and it is obvious she is just another of the www.personnelconsultancy.com who is unable to read and comprehend to www.ofsted.gov.uk EYFS Curriculum Prime and Specific areas.      

 To https://merveleeadvocacy.com/2021/09/10/without-prejudice-mervelee-myers-just-prove-why-leyf-hmcts-cps-cjs-mopac-career-criminals-must-be-lock-away-to-safeguard-children-young-people-vulnerable-adults-to-protect-leyf-abusers-29/

What about your safety?

The priority continues to be promoting the health and safety of people on probation and our staff. Refer to www.healthmanltd.com because Dr Laura Crawford advised me to seek counselling to find out why I react the way I react to certain situations. Refer to www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk and my Medical Reports. I completed http://www.cns.org I completed two years Mental Health research. Refer to www.diabestes.org.uk and www.desmond-project.org.uk and www.heal-d.co.uk for more. LEYF claim not to have any data for me. The ET hide my Medical Reports and EAT claim I made up disabilities. I am a www.southwarkcarers.org.uk and www.southwark.gov.uk are involved with discrimination against me from 2008.

Please know that decisions about what is safe are being made locally based on thorough risk assessments designed to protect you. Is this why https://www.facebook.com and https://www.google.com targeted me today? Why https://www.linkedin.com and https://www.twitter.com refuse me access to my account to make me a voiceless, vulnerable victim? Refer to Macmillan Film by Sarah at https://www.facebook.com/100000722790256/videos/1859094327457975/ for more. Me advocating https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php… For more. Interview https://facebook.com/100000.com/videos/3318031018230959/ for more.

We follow the advice of Public Health England. So how come the Employment Tribunal can get away with 2 miscarriages of justice after bereavement and losses.  

If there is a surge of COVID-19 cases in your area, you may notice a change in the way you are supervised. I am waiting for Tonye to get back to me about who is replacing this stupid Racist White Trash Sarah Lawson.

If this affects you, you will be informed by your probation practitioner. If today is anything to go by I can’t wait to get this idiot out of my life. Look at the message and decide for yourself.

Please remember – you must attend all your probation appointments as directed unless you can produce acceptable evidence explaining your missed appointment. Is Sarah Lawson saying her message is an appointment? Let me make it clear I have a Dentist appointment and a virtual appointment with the UEL on 14th September 2021. If Sarah Lawson think I will be coming to her office next Friday to discuss this further, she is making a fucking mistake. What does she expect me to do until Friday? Sarah Lawson is aware of my plans for going to university and I discussed this with her when she called on the 8th. It is obvious now that she was probably high on drugs why she did not know the name of the person she referred me to. She sounds like Dilys Epton LEYF Senior HR who visited me at HOC Nursery 15th March 2015.

Failure to do this could result in enforcement action. Can I advise Sarah Lawson to go get the paedophiles out of the Early Years Sector? Theresa May https://www.gov.uk rejected my https://petition.parliament.uk/help#standard for an inquiry in the Early Years Sector. The abuse reviews are online. Refer to https://www.facebook.com/PembrokeHouse/videos/302334554093821/?

We are here to help!

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please get in touch with your probation practitioner. Is this woman sane or not? How many times did I try to contact her today?    

Yours sincerely,

Mervelee Myers FD Open.

Mental Health & SEND Advocate.

Hi Mervelee I am on duty today and am not in a position to call back. You can attend the office next Friday to discuss this further at 11am when I am available should you wish.

This e-mail and any attachments is intended only for the attention of the addressee(s). Its unauthorised use, disclosure, storage or copying is not permitted. If you are not the intended recipient, please destroy all copies and inform the sender by return e-mail. Internet e-mail is not a secure medium. Any reply to this message could be intercepted and read by someone else. Please bear that in m 

Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Just Prove Why LEYF, HMCTS, CPS CJS, MOPAC Career Criminals Must Be Lock Away To Safeguard Children Young People Vulnerable Adults To Protect LEYF Abusers 29

Pt has nil dib, nil sob, pt stated she had palpitations in phone call but not when crew arrived, nil CCP.
Pt stated that she is very stressed and felt suicidal but had no plan. Pt was erratic and shouting about
she was stressed and can’t deal with everything going on and within 30 mins was calm and thanking
us and was able to have a rational conversation. Pt had no d and v, nil vomiting. Pt non medicated
diabetic but BM normal.

Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Must Continue To Share My Story About HMCTS, CPS, CJS Terrorism To Entrap Me With ERT 10/9/21

Pt stated that today she opened a letter from her probation ocer and stated she had
been trying to get hold of her for 2 days and she wasn’t answering her calls and pt was so
stressed and angry that she was being persecuted by her probation ocer and stated that
she had lost a recent job tribunal which made her suicidal today but when asked if suicidal
pt stated she had no plan. Pt lives with husband who is 98 yo. Pt stated she feels
overwhelmed and needs support so called las. Pt known anxiety and chronic depression
but no medication taken and not prescribed by gp. Pt stated she takes a holistic approach.
Pt has nil intention of hurting self and when asked how she would hurt herself said she
didn’t know. Pt stated she hasn’t got Hx of self harm or overdoses and never tried to kill
self. Pt not previously been sectioned but received councilling for 12 weeks for trauma
from loss of mum and then brother several years previous. Medical records show no MH
plan. Pt previously been given crisis line number.