Without Prejudice Back To My Passion Of Creating Tributes For The Living And Those Transition To Another Place RIP Tumpy June O’Sullivan Will Rot In Hell 27/8/21

Today as I take time out to #reflect on the life I had #growing up at Townhead & Adjacent Districts Of Westmoreland of MyJAMAICA it is with sadness I must write about the passing of my fellow Townhead & Adjacent Districts Westmoreland who knew from the time I moved from near the Cross Roads from where I was #born when my parents rented land space from the #Ackbersingh who were Land Barons of the time. Mass George was one of the entrepreneurs from Ground Road. I will leave Mass George right here but hopefully Arlene Ackbersingh and her FAMILY will get why they should creating their own legacies and not be influenced by the sameness of Facebook and the #brainwashed…
Today I will remember Tumpy Johnson who has made the final transition into another life and is RIP with his maker. As far as my memory can recall Tumpy was one of the boys, who became young men and later take on the responsibilities of manhood. I can’t recall seeing Tumpy before I left Jamaica for the UK. I heard of his blindness and cannot recall if it is before or after I leave home. Tumpy is remembered as one of the persons from the communities who were involved in the activities for which his generation is/was known.
My brothers are/were part of Tumpy’s crew who celebrated success in sporting activities as documented in the history of Townhead & Adjacent Districts Of Westmoreland Group and am proud of the fact that my home was the HUB when Phantom Park was the place to be for sporting activities.
I must mention Tumpy’s parents Mass Diamond and Ms Turb as legends of the community. Now that I am overcoming the past 7 years of Stockholm Syndrome and publish my #tributes my passions. RIP Tumpy. None of us know the number of our days and I want to accomplish much more and make up for the lost 7 years taken by #discrimination and Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and Rt Hon Robert Buckland QC MP and Theresa May and UK government CROOKED agencies. To https://merveleeadvocacy.com/2021/08/26/without-prejudice-google-have-a-nerves-removing-my-post-with-my-profile-cultural-ambassador-advocating-for-changes-in-cps-cjs-hmcts-mopac-iopc-jcio-protecting-leyf-abusers-making-mervelee-myers/Thi

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