Without Prejudice Writing As Therapy From Dad Was Stricken With Parkinson’s Disease Expert Authority Subjects Cradle To Grave Be Careful What You Send Me It Will Be Used As Evidence 29

Let https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk know that I have kept #records of their #terrorism from 2017.

How do I know that you are not another member of the Entrapment Team? I have no knowledge of who you are and what is Southwark Women’s Space. Based on the Discrimination of the past 7 years https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016. This is a trigger http://www.healthmanltd.com advised me to seek CBT for my PTSD. Because Holly SWEENEY P255654 www.met.police.uk did the same on 29/11/2020. Call me a criminal, say anywhere am seen I will be arrested. Hence what’s occurred since. I told her I have the flu Jab www.diabestes.org.uk on the date she asked me to come to Walworth Police Station for an interview. Well, today I have an appointment with the Diabetes Nurse www.desmond-project.org.uk.  I was a participant in www.heal-d.co.uk too.

With regards to the way, I am targeted by HMCTS, IOPC, CCMCC, BSB, SRA, CJS, CPS, CLCC, DBS, sending me a message like this is like a red flag to a bull. I was not given any information about you and Southwark Women’s Space. For all I know you might be any one of those people who assaulted me. Thanks much I need more information about you because Sarah Lawson is a racist Bigot who doesn’t have a clue. My time is precious so let me know more

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