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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Valdin Legister and 3 others.

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Tribute to a Beloved Brother – 15th August 1956-9th April 1994!My #brother Ashter Serener Urella NEMBHARD was the 5th child of my parents Ivan Sandyman and Perline Louise Nembhard. Ashter who was born into a poor working class family at Townhead & Adjacent Districts Of Westmoreland. And was destined to have a few 1st enlisted to his name in his #short but packed life. His life was filled with some recognisable #achievements and outcomes for which the accolades of the orchestrations were his and his alone. Although his life was #cut short, it was packed to the hilt from birth to death with stories that all of his family can be truly proud of. On the 15th August 2014 when he would be celebrating his 58th birthday if his life was not cut short at the tender age of 37. I am more than proud to #salute the memory of my beloved brother. Ashter was born at Townhead on rented premises belonging to the ACKBERSINGH family a stone’s throw away from the Cross Roads, and Townhead Baptist Church, where he spent his early childhood. At the age of 7 the family up sticks moving to live in GaGa Street where Ashter was to spent the rest of his time whilst living in Jamaica. He attended the Townhead Primary School where he got his #formal education until he finished his schooling. The rest of his #education was picked up along life’s journey and he was a formidable force to be reckoned with, with his self- thought knowledge. At school he was the #atypical Big Boy character that was part of #folklore, as well as being the head chef and chief bottle washer. Ashter owed much to his #mentor at Townhead Primary School Teacher URA HEWLING-WELCH, who took him under her wings. She gave him the opportunity to return to TPS, when he could not fit in at #FomeSecondary School. Whilst at TPS Ashter was destined to become an #advocate for the weaker children who were #bullied by the high and mighty bullies of the times. He gave his God given strength to protecting others who were of a #fragile dispositions. My brother became the meanest fighting machine of Townhead brucking a fight as quick as one could squint an eye. Most of these fights were never for himself alone, but would be for anyone who needed a little help. Because of his #stance about being bullied, having experiences of his own 1st hand. You see he was different like some of his #siblings as he was of light complexion with red curly hair and what seemed like the broadest feet, for which he was #teased mercilessly. From a young age he was very #stubborn and #suffered for his causes. He was never one to put up with foolishness and stood up for what he believed in. This meant he’d either be cussing out whomever pass their place with him or #beating the crap out of a gang from one of the local areas single handed. This caused him to tackle the baddest man in Townhead, giving him a beating with the same #machete that he tried to #inflict a wound on him. Despite his fiery #temper, he never held #grudges for long and once he’d settled his disagreement with a fight, win or lose… He would be the 1st to lend a hand if anyone needed his help. After leaving TPS he got a job as a shop #assistant with the Moo-Young at Frome. I guess this job enabled him to hone some valuable skills for the roles and responsibilities that he would be accountable for in his short but actioned filled life. Working at the Moo-Young must have exposed and given Ashter a taste for a #lifestyle that was different from the one he was born and raised in. This must have caused him to make some of the changes to his life that would put him on the road to achieving some form of #greatness. I believe my brother was a #visionary who wanted to develop as an advocate of change to his life and others. The germ of an idea that was planted when he had the opportunity to move in a higher class circle must be responsible for convincing my brother that he could be whatever he chose to be and accomplish great things for himself, #family and other less fortunate in the community. After a period of #apprenticeship at the Moo-Young Ashter began to show avid interests in politics and became a JAMAICA LABOUR PARTY PRESS RELEASES & LETTERS TO THE EDITOR! party activist. He later put himself forward as candidate to be a Parish Councillor and began his campaign in earnest. He was #unsuccessful at his 1st attempt, but that did not put him off at all. On the route to becoming a local representatives, he took on other roles to keep himself in the public spot light. He was local correspondent for the Jamaica Gleaner, worked at the SDCJamaica Social Development Commission and took on any other role that took his fancy. As he tried to further his public role, he would travel all over the island attending meetings, conferences and garnering sponsorships for Youth clubs, etc… By this token he was given the unenviable title of Walker Kick Stone & Company to go with his walking from point A – B. But he was lucky to #link with many family whom we’d not normally have known otherwise. On his 2nd attempt at representing the local community as a Parish Councillor the people of the Friendship/Strawberry Division in Westmoreland voted for him. But I am sure his mentor would not have changed her mind and #voted for him, because she claimed he had chosen the #wrong party. I recalled on 1 of my visits home 1 of my sons Kevin Murray, who was just becoming aware of his uncle’s achievements told me, he thought his uncle had attended Manning’s School High School. Well no such luck as he was self-taught after he finished his stint at Primary School. The #message I would like to send to anyone who has a dream that they want to become a reality… Don’t ever give up on your dreams, because my brother never did despite the odds that were #stacked against him. That’s why I know Valdin Legister has great shoes to fill in his dream for you to #RegisterwirhLegister for Western Westmoreland. He was instrumental in bringing about many changes to #benefit the masses of Westmoreland, and even though he left us many years ago. His #legacy lives on and his story should be an example to his FAMILY that no one has to continue to let the #circumstances of their birth dictate the outcomes of your life. We have to rise up and break the #shackles of Poverty that have Enslaved us and make the changes for a better future for ourselves and those around us. Unity is Strength and I believe in making the right #choices that will make the difference. So today on the date when my brother would be 63 years old, I #treasure those memories of a truly beloved brother who give of his best for all to #reap the benefits.XXX The Little Sister whose life you have touched in so many ways and made me a better person.+8

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