Without Prejudice The World Will Judge LEYF, HMCTS, CPS, CJS, DBS How Charter Of Rights Restrict Me Making Me A Victim With ERT To Cover The Abuse Rings 10/8/21

We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago.ON THIS DAY5 years agoActive

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

ASoummagmusttfS 1ldepd0fag,ro nsf20eore1d6  · Shared with Public


Satan decree that my Printer should not be available to me to give me SERVICE. I need it sorted but just can’t get my head around how to do it? I am good at WRITING stuff but no good at some Technicalities?

1Princess Tenegnework Aynalem Lawless1 CommentShareON THIS DAY5 years agoActive

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

AeuutgSupisto Snslsnaocuc1S0s, 20re1duii6n  · Shared with Public


If U are the widowed Terry Brooks, please get some Friends b4 sending me a Request. I have too many MEN in my life to be lumbered with another who I am not sure have any good intentions on Social Media. Unless U want to give me some of the Dead-Lef from the Wife/Husband. Frankly I am not interested because mi nuh wawn no-Bad-dy set Duppy or wuck Obeah pon me. Don’t understand what the Mooma Red Hole all these Men trying to link me up on SM? If U are genuine Terry Brooks come Forward please!

4You, Princess Tenegnework Aynalem Lawless, Patrice Brown and 1 other11 CommentsShareON THIS DAY5 years agoActive

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

AluutSpgurmthcsotgcnsiogr 1feid0,um 201d6c  · Shared with Public


Taurus: There are people who want to hear your thoughts and take your ideas forward. Social activities, outings and romance? You deserve to spend some time on pursuits that give you the greatest pleasure. Call to hear when you regain the upper hand.

2You and Narvel Stewart4 CommentsShareON THIS DAY6 years agoArian Murray is feeling positive with Jean Haughton and 26 others.itAugunSsipoort a10g,nslorrm e2Sigedd01f5  · It’s the beginning of a new week. Smile, even when see ur enemies. Smile, even when u know someone’s talking about you. That means you are important.20You, Arian Murray, Jean Haughton and 17 others2 Comments1 ShareShareON THIS DAY7 years agoActiveMervelee Ratty NembhardAughutsSftce 1p0n,n on2soshr0fe1eae4dfhhl  · Shared with PublicWondering if it’s sensible & wise to hanker after the PAST 2 much? My Mama used 2 say I love 2 T/T 2 much & then I get my fingers bun up & left 2 lick my Wounds! What’s 2 be must be I guess? Will think long & hard bout sum tings?7Mark Walters, Princess Tenegnework Aynalem Lawless and 5 others1 ShareShareON THIS DAY7 years agoActiveMervelee Ratty NembhardStSAponfgtucssgoustc e10h,r i201ad4ienudu  · Shared with PublicHave sum stuff to sort out. But seems like am getting too darn Lazy. Need to get out of my CZ or else I will never achieve my goals?6Princess Tenegnework Aynalem Lawless, Eslin Moore and 4 othersShareON THIS DAY7 years agoActiveMervelee Ratty NembhardtASugpuhsot onie1Sn0rmssoo,mo crs20edS1u4  · Shared with PublicWas given a book “BLINK” by Malcolm Gladwell on 1 of my JA visits by MGG Staci Ricketts…! Well guess what Mr Author was on Desert Island Disc & I had the presence of mind to listen. Time to say Staci Ricketts U do know Ur thing down to a “T” & I am now prompted to go back to finish the book of Ur choice. Who knows I might just pick up some tips…? & then I will search 4 the other book as it contains sum Relevant Quotes about Life? Big Ta Staci for making those choices 4 me…! XXX The MiL from Hell that U may have been fortunate 2 miss out on…?4Eileen Besley, Danny Dennisor and 2 others2 Comments1 ShareShareON THIS DAY8 years agoActiveMervelee Ratty NembhardAuntrSpoagusttem n1rso0herunn,de 2id0fc13e  · London  · Shared with PublicSo yes am coming up in the World at last! Time 2 sort out my phone & become 1 of the FashionistAS with a Hip Gadget? Ah Massah when 1 doan know dem just doan know 2 Rasta Fierce!!!2 CommentsShareON THIS DAY8 years agoActiveMervelee Ratty NembhardAsutgusSupshtrhoh 1nmue0s, 20aohr1rme3nid  · London  · Shared with PublicBack to doing wat I love best continuing with my writing as I get so much satisfactions from being CREATIVE!!!2 SharesShareON THIS DAY8 years agoNeville PhilpottsMervelee Ratty NembharditAugunSsipoort a10g,nslorrm e2Sigedd01f3  · Baltimore, MD, United States  · Yes I am from westmoreland and went to Frome Lovena Brown and I was in the same class together nice to hear from you 1 CommentON THIS DAY8 years agoActiveMervelee Ratty NembhardtuAugSuiusti d1p0hot,isSun gtsoin20or13ed  · London  · Shared with PublicIf anyone knows Michelle Thomas whose grandma Bowlin was married to a Vivian NEMBHARD from Elderslie St Elizabeth. Please ask her to contact me as I tried to reply to her email & 1 Mr Mailer Demon took hold of it? I tried looking her up, but don’t have a clue to who I am supposed to see as there are many with that Moniker!1 ShareShareYou’re All Caught UpCheck back tomorrow to see more of your memories!

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