Without Prejudice My Son Was Born 46 Years Mervelee Myers Denied My Rights As Mother, Human Being By Governments To Restrict As A Criminal To Cover Up Discrimination Of Hate Crimes 9/8

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is in London, United Kingdom.

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It’s my son #kevinmurray 42nd birthday. This is what caught my attention in the newspaper this morning. On the 9th August my son who was destined to help me become the woman I am today was born to a mother age 17 years old. My life was turned upside down from the time my Father was stricken with Parkinson’s. But thanks to God, I weather the storm and can help others by sharing my experiences and stories to empower others.

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Happy 42nd birthday to my first born child Kevin Donovan Murray Kevin Murray. This morning, on the date you were born bring back such poignant memories. As the years adding up I am recognising how God chose people to do His will. I must remember my Bredas ASHTER and BYRON because they are no longer with us. So are MAMA, PAPA and GanGan. I am more than proud of myself for obvious reasons. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. May the good Lord continue to bless you and guide your paths. Have a blast of a day celebrating with families and friends. Just a favour for your POM. Please tell the FSF2B to contact me when you get home. Even if you have to do #DiplomaticService?

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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Honest to God I even forgot what this was about. But it will come back when I rifle thru my notes. Damn sure it link to where I am at now(

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Suh yesiday Mi grin & bear it & bite me lips cauz me kno me nuh hab gud wuds a me mouth when dem walk dem foot cum Provoke me? On me walks me Invests in sum Retail Therapy at Debenhams & when me get in & Tom complained told him dat since me know me han ina Tiger mouth me haffi tek time draw it out? At me yard, nyam me fruits & salads fi me dinna! Me mek sure tan offa FB cauz me was bloody fuming by dis time & don’t want dem charge me fi PM ina Public space (Social Media) LaM me doan waan fi dem label me as nuh Troll a Giht? Me know when me hab NM dat me fi expect drastic tings suh me did ready fi di MFC when di bitch cum challenge me! A nebba mek fun wid har ****, & never utter a cuss wud? I was di consummate PROFESSIONAL in every sense of the word! It was only arta dat me coulda really focus on the Facts that my elder Son’s BD is 2day! Dem Thieving MFC gwine tap tek me han & show GOD & begin fi be Accountable & Responsible as befit dere STATUS! Sum likkle Hurry cum up GAL who coulda be me chile want fi cum tek me BOW fi Idiot? Well it not gwine happen 2 Rasta Fierce? I rule my Destiny & am staying on the line of the so-called Jackass Laws – C-Hear-Do nuh Evils! When dem dun dem can put dis in dem rass brain & ponder ova it cauz I doan tek nuh Prisoners?

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dgftisAfuSpgauomnssoirt t9, f2aet015gid  · Kevin D. MURRAY makes a Move… In honour of my breda Ashter Serena Urella Nembhard. He achieved so much in 37 years of life on this earth. ASHTER came, done what he was appointed to do & took his timely exit. Proud to have had my breda ASHTER 4 those years he was lent to US. He was my everything & helped me to be the Person I am… I do everything to keep Ur memory alive my breda Ashter.+11

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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