Without Prejudice My Pupil Sancia Campbell Missing Has Brought Back Painful Memories Changes In My Communities Impacting On My Mental Health As Am Coming To Terms With Discrimination Of 7 Years Which Changed My Life 7/8

So https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g must show Rt Hon Robert Buckland QC MP and UK https://www.gov.uk and Theresa May and Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan and www.ofsted.gov.uk and Jamaica Labour Party and the Jamaica Football Federation ( J.F.F ) and The Jamaica Observer and Jamaica Gleaner and anyone that #discriminate that my #brother ASHTER NEMBHARD was my #motivator who #inspired my #writing started out as #therapy to be the #passion that makes https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site a force in #breaking down #barriers despite I should be #dead so ERT is to # traps me

We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago.
ON THIS DAY 2 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
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Reason I am not #bothered abt LEYF Nurseries #LEYF, https://www.facebook.com, https://www.linkedin.com & https://www.twitter.com & https://www.google.com My Business terrorism against Mervelee Myers.
ON THIS DAY  2 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
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The carrot with #human Autonomy 1 shows me what we would call a #tumper shape manhood protruding from 2 legs.

ON THIS DAY 3 years ago
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling blessed with Valdin Legister and 3 others in London, United Kingdom.
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To all the people who joined me in celebration of Ms. Connie Jordine Legister life in song at the Townhead Baptist Church. This is where I got my inspiration from. Thanks for the #supportnetwork from the Rye Lane Christian Gospel Choir. Big shout out to Robert Richards who took me under his wing, like the Big Breda he has become. Internally grateful. I am finding my purpose http://www.myvision.org.uk.
0:02 / 5:23
Rye Lane Community Gospel Choir
‘Way Maker’ led by Alethia and the RLCGC

ON THIS DAY 4 years ago
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about my future in London, United Kingdom.
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I would like your support to Petition the Powers that be to stop the #Discrimination against me started by LEYF Nurseries after I got back from burying my MOTHER and transferred to BIB on the 23rd July 2014. Instead of getting justice at the https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunals-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016. I was made out to be a MONSTER once again. Please go read what they say about me online and help me to prove them wrong.
Then go read Dr. Maria Hudson’s recommendations for the Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for the Policy Studies Institute for Acas at www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers.
Check MQ: Transforming mental health about why they are using my story in their Mental Health Campaign, a story written whilst I was on Medical Suspension on the 3rd April 2015. Whilst LEYF was using my VULNERABILITY against me to cause the Stress incontinence that flared up during the ET Case and I have to be excused to use the loo. Yet it seems they expected me to keep the Piss up Drawers like in Rape Cases to present at the ET. My GOD these people are even crazier than MUM.
Check LinkedIn and Google for my Publications and let the world decide when I became the #Uncorporative, #Unprofessional, #Rude, #Intimidating, #Confrontational, #Aggressive & #Lacking_Empathy Early Years Practitioner that I was made out to be…
Please help me understand why the 3 Judges at the Employment Tribunals take 5 months to just reinforce what #LEYF said about me as they set out to destroy my #Carer and #Health in the processes?
The Judges totally disregard the Medical Reports of 4 Professionals – NHS. So are they saying they are as incompetent as #JohnFenton, #SamanthaJones and all the other cohorts that colluded with LEYF to destroy me? I am depressed so using whatever theraphy I can find as advised when I attended counseling at the Maudsley Hospital, gedit, #BIGOTS!
They disregard my Open Letters to David Cameron, Theresa May, Bates Wells Braithwaite, Daily Express and Voice: the union for education professionals, Neil Coyle MP, and my BUNDLE to further tarnish my name and character to protect the Barrister who represented #LEYF. Dunce Bat Idiot Gal, who pulled a SICKIE when she didn’t prepare a case. But seems to have gotten perverse pleasures reading out my Facebook posts.
I will be telling the world about this corruption at the head of the UK Parliament that is filtering down to even the EYFS & Ofsted, which is responsible for the Early Years Sector. Is it any wonder that we have had Murder of The Victoria Climbié Foundation UK, #Sohammurders, Baby Peter, Murder of Milly Dowler, Stephen Lawrence, Damilola Taylor Trust, and now Grenfell Tower. Despite experiencing Mental Health Conditions they don’t bother to think there will be any self-fulfilling prophecy by having my photo next to the statistic 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment in HCT learning centre Impact Report 2016.
#LEYF staff was killed in Grenfell Tower and the PSYCHOPATHS at LEYF refused to give permission for colleagues to attend the funeral. Now do those 3 Backra Massah & Missis want to know what more I have in store for them? Suicides don’t come under my number, my Auntie was driven to MADNESS like how LEYF pushed me over the edge, but she was killed on the roads. She either locked herself away in the Cave or wandered the roads, hence her name #MOSES.
Look at my letter to #DilysEpton on the Eve of Mothering Sunday 2015 and tell me why these 3 Judges should sit in Judgement, telling me that #HildaMiller sent me to this #PRESTIGIOUS_HOC, after they raised concerns about my Mental Health. And by the 27th of March 2015, I was sent home on a Medical Suspension. I was escorted out of HOC by the manager claiming I did not have a PASS and Security is High. The same manager that Nursery World Magazine selected for AWARDS 2017. In 2014 LEYF got Nursery Chain Award whilst set out to destroy my life.
Now can anyone with sense tell me how 3 Learned Judges could come up with such a judgment and this is not a Breach of every Rules of Law in the UK and Worldwide? I have to take a stance as I did with my Fight4justice campaign. There are people out in cyberspace who are #COWARDS because they know exactly what #LEYF has done and is still doing and refuse to come forward. I am challenging them to examine their conscience before I go ahead and name them.
The judgement states that Legal Entities do not discriminate, people do. Well, I will start by naming the CEO/MBE June O’Sullivan as the person who sanctions the discrimination. Now she can get that damn idiot John Fenton or Samatha Jones to issue me with the writ like they got BWB to do on the 24th of September 2015. The rot started when #KarenWalker had to resign instantly, the same way they called me to CO on the 22nd September 2015 to write a resignation. But they forgot that under pressure I am unable to write my name much less a resignation.
Area Manager #TinaG. stepped down to Manager after some health concerns. Before she stepped down she tried to force me to go to the HOC, but I refused because I covered there and realised I could not cope with my disabilities.
Until I come back with more information, let #LEYF explain why #RashidIqbal & #HildaMiller resigned from the #PRESTIGIOUS_LEYF? Not to mention all the others who have run for cover.
But I am sorry for those trapped under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 that the Judges said is in the Contract that I signed in 2009, and wasn’t updated.
I make it my business to keep abreast of current affairs. I have learned all I need to know from the Daily Express
5 years ago
Mervelee Ratty

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