Without Prejudice My Internet Profile LC, OU, NHS, ET, Sky News, ResPublica, NWM, CP, ITV, JBSF, WWW, SM, Fundraising… Prove UK Government Is Guilty Of Elder Abuse, Institutional Discrimination Of Windrush Generation 21/7/21

Here is Mervelee Ratty Nembhard proof that Rt Hon Robert Buckland QC MP is the https://www.gov.uk leader of the #careercriminals at HMCTS and the #murderers at Police and the #abusers at DBS and #scammers at UK government departments
ON THIS DAY 6 years ago


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
The Song that came into my Head from I woke this morning: “DON’T YOU BURN YOUR BRIDGES BEHIND YOU…” I’ve been doing my Research & making Consultations… Because I know that my God is slow but very sure! I know I will be having a grand time over in Heaven & b4 that I will be having my time here on Earth because I’ve worked damned hard 4 all my Achievements…
The Idiot Coward Charlatans who pick on the weak & Vulnerable are bound to get their Come-uppance… The tears of the Innocent will not be shed in vain. As 4 dat Hurry-Come-Up 1 who have di audicity fi cum tell me I don’t know nutn… Ah sah, mek dem guh asks mi Sons #1 Kevin Murray & #2 Valdin Legister dem wat mi duh 2 dem when mi tell dem nuh fi hop Cane Cart & guh swim a River. & dem cawn chat 2 dem 15yrs ole, but a mi Big Ole Woman dem waan fi gi order. Well mi a guh KRA til mi caan Kick eh & den I gwine bloody well kick>>>
And I am on a Mission to prove the whole lot of them wrong indeed: UNCORPORATIVE, UNPROFESSIONAL, CONFRONTATIONAL, INTIMIDATING & worse of all Mervelee Myers do not have EMPATHY for CHILDREN!
God I leave ALL of them in your Capable hands to right the Injustices that caused others to suffer. My cup has been full many time and runneth over, but 1 day, 1day they will have to confess & repent from their Sins in Jesus’s name – Amen!

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