Without Prejudice I Don’t Know How Long I Can Live Like This

UEL Post Graduate Scholarship 19 July 2021

The https://merveleeadvocacy.com/2021/07/19/without-prejudice-it-has-been-7-years-of-hell-i-cant-see-it-getting-better-if-my-husband-live-to-be-100-and-why-god-punishing-us/

I was a Teaching Assistant in a Primary School doing my National Youth Service. I was a Basic School Teacher in Jamaica where my foundation was laid to develop my academic achievements attending monthly workshops. My educational achievements in Secondary School led to me passing Jamaica School Certificate 6 subjects. I attended evening classes at Manning’s High School and passed 1 subject GCE O’Level English.

Arriving in the UK 1992 I was working at the BBC as a cleaner when I discovered the Workplace Nursery. I had done Care Assistant training in 1996 but realised when I done the Practical at the Residential Home that I would not be able to cope emotionally working with people with complicated disabilities. Because of developing Childhood Traumas from my personal experiences of witnessing the impact of disabilities on my family. I went back to doing the Contract Cleaning. However, it was reaching the stage in my life when I needed the stability of having a job to provide for my basic needs. It was whilst cleaning the children’s toilet that I realised my job as a Basic School Teacher was similar and I decided to attend college to gain a qualification to get a steady job.

I applied to Lambeth College and when I attended the interview was advised to study for another qualification than the one I applied for. Going back into studying was not easy as my Childhood Traumas, Hidden Disabilities resulted in me not reaching my potentials. After the initial shaky start when my handwriting was called into question, I done better than my expectations. My peers were impressed with the support I gave, working in partnership. They claimed I was able to break down the subjects/topics so they understand. My tutors were supportive and encouraged me to use my assignments for my first book. They encourage me to go to University, but unfortunately I was unable to, because of domestic violence. I graduated with a Student of the Year Certificate. I was head hunted from Lambeth College into my first job.

I was searching for my ideal job when I was employed at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust workplace nursery when I decided to study with The Open University. I studied with the OU 2004-2010 and was a graduate in May 2009 with a Foundation Degree In Early Years. I have my certificates as proof of my achievements.

I have done training with LEA and workplaces and was once an influencer on LinkedIn. I was endorsed by professors to get my SEND Teacher qualification.      

My non-academic achievement can cover volunteering for the fact that I was sent on Medical Suspension after the death of my mother when allegations were used to trigger my PTSD. I asked for support and explained how the same happened after the death of my brother and I self-referred to Occupational Health. I was not given the support I asked for. Whilst on suspension I was searching for something to keep me focus and came across Resources for Autism. I applied, done training and was privileged to end up with a Ready-Made Family. Resulting from volunteering, my contributions to the family was noticed by the school. I was asked to work in partnership with the school to prepare the child’s Care Plan. My contributions to the family can be verified from a video the child’s mother made that can be viewed on my Websites and YouTube.

I held posts in workplaces making me responsible for organising events. Working with LEYF 1/9/2009-27/9/2015 gave me opportunities to apply my knowledge, values and beliefs as the practitioner who developed the listening ethos from studies and my personal experiences to events organising. The advent of Social Media helped me to develop as an influencer. I was on Sky News 11/9/2011 representing LEYF “The Cost of Childcare”. I was published in the Nursery World. I represented LEYF at consultations. On several occasions I have to be proactive as the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator in events planning to promote LEYF as a Lead Beacon of Best Practice to the World.

I started fundraising after my brother was struck down with Colon Cancer after which I had the first nervous breakdown. My charity work can be viewed online in more details than I can write words for. I am a member of a few choirs.

I manage my websites and YouTube that was started in 2012. Working at LEYF I was empowered by my manager when she recognised my Leadership Qualities. I can provide evidence of the roles I participated in.

I received Student of the Year at Lambeth College. OU certificates and was an AOUG member after graduation. Although I did not receive any Awards I am on the internet representing British Values. I am called a Cultural Ambassador for my passion in promoting Inclusion. My greatest claim to fame is I was page 1 of ITV News for Windrush 70 because I was the only person wearing Cultural Clothes. I am on Jamaica Basic School Foundation Page.

I started Mervelee Consultancy as Mental Health & SEND Advocate.        

I experienced Childhood Traumas and my Hidden Disabilities affected how I was able to reach my potentials. I struggled throughout school from the time my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease. One of my cousins who lived with us at one time had multiple disabilities, I was not aware of disabilities as a child. My abiding impressions of that period is the outdated way anyone, young or old was treated. All because of ignorance.

I was a teenage mother whose child was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities and the labelling, stereotyping for me who was struggling with my family situation was daunting and led to me feeling lost and unable to help my child. When I started sending him to school, I was told to keep him at home because he was not talking. I told the teachers I am paying and he will attend. I know my son was not deaf, but not why he was not talking. My father said it was family related. The first time my son spoke at school was when the Health Visitors went to the school. He wanted to be seen and heard and climbed on the desk. His younger brother always talk for him. Early Intervention as a Holistic Approach is paramount.

When I studied I gained the theoretical and as soon as I started working I was able to apply the practical. I studied modules at OU and done in house and LEA training from the time I graduated from Lambeth College. My nephew who was born prematurely the year I came to the UK is my inspiration to continue enhancing knowledge in my chosen field of study at UEL. When I visited I can see how much he could have benefited if he lived where there is the resources and a knowledgeable person in SEND.

When I meet Dr Chris Pascal and Professor Tony Bertram at Middlesex University on 19/9/2015 I told them of my plans to study for my SEND Teacher certification. I will write my Horoscope Taurus A friend has a couple of stories they want to share. When you hear what they want to talk about you will drop what you are doing to listen. Something someone tells you will be an inspiration for you to want to start something new. I was treated differently by 2 people today. The first was a female whom I’d explain my situation, who then told me I was rude. The other was a male who kept me on the line until he sorted out Applications. Am waiting for the post to continue. When I see my nephew who will be 29 in September I have to do my bit to educate others that SEND cannot always be seen by the naked eyes. My confidence was knocked, by the female who judged me to be rude. But the male went beyond the call of duty to help me.

My experiences of 2 miscarriages of justice makes me want to bring change.     

I have not worked since I resigned my job with the second miscarriages of justice because of blacklisting and networking and after 7 years when my mental and physical impairment have been affected. I have no savings because I have been scammed by those who I trusted to help me get back my credibility. I have my NHS Pension and getting Universal Credit and Carers Allowance.

The person I spoken to sending me the link for my account to apply for finance. He has given me tips about what I can include in my applications. 

My husband is 98 years old and willing to support me.

I am available for work but unable to get a job since I was forced to resign.

I got a job offer for role of SENCO for £46-55,000.00 from Smart Teachers thinking am ideal for the position. They must have seen an old CV online. Because I have been pushed to the edge by those using my disabilities to make me the HCT Group Impact Report 2016 statistic of 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment. Because my photograph was across from the statistic and I did not become I have now to be 600,000 elderly people say they leave the home once per week or less.

I tried setting up online business, but no success. I have been further disadvantaged in getting paid employment as DBS is colluding with LEYF and the Judiciary of England and Wales and Criminal Justice System and Crown Prosecution Service to make me a criminal until 1 January 2023.

I am thinking of seeking funding to do a research. I was a participant in Dr Maria Hudson’s Research Paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination”. I was advised by Dr Laura Crawford to seek CBT to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations. I had CBT at SLAM- Maudsley but the ET hide my Medical Report and the EAT claimed I made up disabilities after arguing my case re Parkinson’s disease. I do not have a Medical Diagnosis and can’t claim Parkinson’s as a disability.

I have since done Mental Health and Diabetes Research. But most interesting my youngest grandchild has a Sickle Cell diagnosis. At the age of 40 years my son know he has the Trait. It was then I understand what my mum meant when she stopped me going out with a young man who was interested in me. Only mum wasn’t able to communicate the reasons other than in her terms.

I want to change the world when my manager can ask why I say children have SEND because they can’t as their parents are professionals. I am a victim of my disabilities, knowledge and beliefs.  

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