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THE WINTRADE SUMMIT & AWARDS   14th & 15TH JULY 2021   Best Two Business Days You Will Have This Year   WE WANT TO GIVE MORE OF YOU THAT WINTRADE GLOBAL EXPERIENCE.   Hi Mervelee,   I hope you are doing well and safe?   I’m Speaking about “How you can speak on stage in the UK and US in 2021-22:” today on Wintrade Global Summit at 11:30am UK Time
If you have already secured your passes…Congrats! – You Are In
If not…It’s time to purchase your VIP Passes, which allow you access to both of the summit days and the Awards. 
But do not worry if you cannot make it all day on both days – with your VIP pass, you will also receive access to the recording for every session and speaker after the summit AND the awards, so you can “binge Watchback” just like Sky and Netflix, but better!  A treasure trove of inspiration, motivation, and business ideas.   We are already up to over 300 and expecting more than 500 during the two days and the awards night …if not more, from across the globe.
To give WinTrade Global members, tribe, friends and family the opportunity to witness a great WinTrade Global Experience, we are offering a
Buy One Get One Free – Flash Sale
So, if you have not yet purchased your tickets for your friends and family – you still have time. We have left the early bird price up and given you even more…so that everyone can gain access to the event.
For those of you who have confirmed by paying, CONGRATULATIONS – you should have received your VIP pass and the opportunity to “phone and friend” and bring them along to the event.   Grab Your Completely VIP Ticket Now     And following the summit and awards, you can attend our after parties of your choice…    Grab Your Completely VIP Ticket Now       Best Regards, Des   PS. Would you like a FREE ticket (worth £597 to attend my next business event on September 11, 2021? Open Here    

Redbourne Mere,
Gainsborough Lincolnshire DN21 4NN

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