Without Prejudice Murderers Met Police Claim I Was Tensing Up I Was Assaulted To An Inch Of My Life Handcuffed To Protect Them 3 Years Prior Came To Section Me Malicious Report Discrimination All Grounds In 7 Years 15/7/21

By now they #must learn about my #journey with www.parkinsons.org.uk now Hello Mervelee,700 days ago the Prime Minister promised that he woud ‘fix social care’ in England. He still hasn’t delivered on this promise while millions of people receiving and giving care are waiting for vital changes. It’s crucial that the Government makes sure that care services have the staff and funding they need, as a priroity. We’ve joined with 50 other charities as a part of the Care Support Alliance to call on the the Prime Minister to keep his promise. We want you to join us by writing to your MP to ask them to do the same. Emaill your MP To meet his promise the Prime Minister must invest in Council social care budgets. And he needs to grant staff working in care facilities a fair rate of pay along with the professional respect they deserve for their important work. High quality care should be available whenever people need it and this investment in social care is long overdue. By writing to your MP you will be putting pressure on the Prime Minister to keep his promise and invest the time and money he needs to into fixing social care. Many thanks, GraceParkinson’s UK Policy and Campaigns Team
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