Without Prejudice Governments Are Dictators Which Reward The A-Z Of Judiciary Of England Wales Criminal Justice System, Crown Prosecution Service, DBS To Cover LEYF Abuses ET Theresa May Rejected AWS, Petition HMCTS Use Delay Tactics For Me To Be 1 In 5 Of All Suicides Associated With Unemployment, ECRO To Criminal Record By MOPAC, CPS, DBS Is Nelson Mandela Mantra For Mervelee Myers F4J 9/7/21

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We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago.   ON THIS DAY4 years agoMervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about the meaning of life in London, United Kingdom. JtdaemnulySpnoo e8,n aSsoru201omed7r · Shared with PublicRussell Grant Taurus: Your academic achievements could be significant. You might get an advanced degree or pass a test with flying colours. If you’re not involved with any formal tests, you could find success comes to you in other ways. They are significant enough, but why can’t I not find a job, I have to start creating my own?I have my Foundation Degree from the The Open University from b4 I was 50 years old. So I am looking forward to passing the test setting up my own business http://www.MerveleeConsultancy.uk with flying colours.  Well let’s hope the success will come after I get rid of all the people who are a crosses in my life. I have had enough of them, from those looking free Luckna, to those thinking I need any Sideman for the Old Bruck Dung Truck. I never did learn to drive, so I am capable of managing the Expensive Trolley, my Husband brought for me to go to East Street Market and elsewhere. So anyone think they looking at a idiot, sorry to disappoint even when I seem CONFUSED! Oh no, I am only Playing Nana Fool-Fool fi ketch di Wise, who don’t know the difference from living a lie to knowing when they are been taken for a Gullible Idiot. I don’t have anything I can’t take care of, from LEYF Nurseries to the establishments and systems. I am taking them on one by one, until I get closures and what’s owing to me. I don’t need anyone’s pity, that’s why I refused to go into that bed and draw the covers, because that’s what the DEAD-Press-On wants me to do.Tomorrow I get up and go to Elephant and Castle to the WHSmith where Mind is having an all day event. Hopefully I will find likeminded persons who like to use talk as theraphy. Then I can get some tips about Human Behaviour. I will begin to understand why some people chose to behave the way they do, but not only that, why they want to involve others in their Mind Games? Maybe another Research Project for me. But I will have to keep it anonymous! Guess that’s when the success will come, for my Research Paper. I will discover why I am so damned stupid to think I am in love with FAKE Men who are USERS?ON THIS DAY5 years agoMervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Valdin Legister and Vandileete Turner.JtdaemnulySpnoo e8,n aSsoru201omed6r · Shared with PublicTaurus: If people and events got under your skin yesterday you’ll be pleased with the turnaround. Interesting news add sunshine. A joint enterprise may stall, but matters will pick up over the weekend. Call to hear why you’re reassessing a partnership.ON THIS DAY6 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardJtdaemnulySpnoo e8,n aSsoru201omed5r · Shared with PublicLori Reid Taurus Apr 21 – May 21: You’re reflective today. Try to stay positive. Avoid making big decisions while past issues are flooding your mind. This evening social events sparks fresh ideas. Meet up with friends tonight. Call to hear when you must meet others halfway.ON THIS DAY8 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardJtdaemnulySpnoo e8,n aSsoru201omed3r · London · Shared with PublicLazy Day>>> Taking my Time to catch up on all the little Jobs that needs doing? Read an inspiring article in the Daily Express from Carole Ann Rice & intend to take sum of her advice!!!ON THIS DAY10 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardJtdaemnulySpnoo e8,n aSsoru201omed1r · Shared with PublicHad a hard time on the job these past weeks…. Can’t believe in these modern times a SISTA can blame incompetencies on W.P.- PERIOD!!!MEMORIES YOU MAY HAVE MISSED5 years agoMervelee Ratty NembhardJtdaemnulySpnoo e7,n aSsoru201omed6r · Shared with PublicTaurus: Beware of communication glitches. Travel too could be a hassle. Stay flexible, avoid arguments and prepare a plan B. Home is a bright spot and you will find your sanctuary tonight. Call to hear why you’re reassessing a partnership. My UK Family TOMLINSON-Graham!June Memories From Your Story ArchiveMervelee, we hope you enjoy looking back on Stories you shared in June.0:09 / 0:20Only you can see this unless you share itYou’re All Caught UpCheck back tomorrow to see more of your memories!

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