Without Prejudice SRA, BSB, DBS Must Be Accountable For LEYF Abusers Rein Of Terror ET Reject AWS, Theresa May Govt Inquiry In The Early Years Sectors 8/7/2021

Will https://youtu.be/VgDqkVo4u_A be my #fact about #discrimination in the UK that allowing #LEYF to continue with the Modern Slavery and #abuse in the #reviews online. I am applying for this course because I discussed it with 2 professors Dr. Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram I meet at Middlesex University attending LEYF Big Childcare Conversation on 19/9/2015. I have spoken to a member of the UEL Team years later too.
I was sent a job offer from Smart Teachers saying am ideal for the post of SENCO from an old CV online. I was endorsed by the professors on LinkedIn that since denying me access to my account. Am intending to return home to apply my knowledge and expertise in SEND.

I was the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO, and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator in my last job. I consider myself an expert authority on subjects cradle to grave based on my personal experiences. My first son was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities. My nephew has multiple disabilities. I worked in partnership with a school helping to prepare a Care Plan for the child I volunteered with when I was sent on Medical Suspension in breach of the Equality Act after experiencing bereavement and losses. I have disabilities inclusive of dyslexia traits.

As stated I want to equip myself to return home. If I had the qualification I could have taken up many job offers. Instead, I was not allowed to do the training when I was advised to volunteer and my photo across from the statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment was used to send Police to section me. I spent the last 7 years with my Fight4justice ending up with a Criminal Record in a country where animals are treated better than disabled people…

I am on a conveyor belt of discrimination because of my disabilities, which impacted my mental and physical impairments. Despite sharing stories to support others, I have references from parents and other professionals to back my arguments. But being treated like a MAD WOMAN because of my stance not to be a voiceless vulnerable victim the second time.

I need a focus to get out of the imprisonment of another statistic of 600.000 elderly people say they get out of their home once per week or less. In my letter asking for support on 14/3/2015, I said I was slowly been tortured to death. I need a focus to get out of the isolation of injustices.

I worked from 1999-2015 in the Early Years Sector in the UK. I have a DBS registered online even if they messed me about, I am sure I can find work experience when the time arrives.
My life is an Open Book am a Blogger, Mental Health & SEND Advocate. My youngest grandchild has a Sickle Cell diagnosis.

Just filling this form triggering my PTSD that’s how bad my life has been affected by miscarriages of justice after I experience bereavement and losses and am now a criminal to be targeted by the SYSTEMS for my knowledge, values and beliefs.

My life experiences are crucial to why am an advocate of inclusion in using my knowledge values and beliefs in breaking down barriers.

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