Without Prejudice The World Must Know Charter Of Rights Give Power To Judiciary Of England Wales, Criminal Justice System, CPS, DBS, MOPAC, JCIO, IOPC, BSB, SRA, CCMCC To Target Black People Deny Our Entitlement, Make Us Criminals To Cover Abuse

Getting My Life Back Together

Mervelee Advocacy

My First Book

Mervelee Myers’s Fight4justice Will Be My First Book as Advised by My Tutors at Lambeth College 1997-1999

The BIB Year When Mervelee Became A Victim of My Disabilities

Famous People Held in Captivity – Nelson Mandela “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others”. The ET Judgment claim I accepted to work at the Prestigious HOC Nursery. Refer to my email of 14/3/2015 to Senior HR Dilys Epton for why I can be the Author of my Story about been sent to HOC to be colonized. Why was I escorted out by the Manager saying I do not have a PASS and SECURITY was HIGH on 27/3/2015? The date my brother died of Colon Cancer. Another of the triggers to my PTSD. I have been in CAPTIVITY since.


Charges of CRIMINAL DAMAGE ACT 1971 – This was the year I develop Childhood Traumas during Puberty…

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