Without Prejudice The Charter Of Rights Must Deal With Criminals At Judiciary Of England Wales And Criminal Justice System That Tried To Put Out My Life On Behalf Of LEYF 7 Years Am Fighting HMCTS 2 Miscarriages Of Justice Robert Buckland Am Blinking Traumatise With DBS Joining Abusers Leaving Me Prisoner At Home With PTSD

Without Prejudice Hope Robert Buckland Implements Charter Of Rights So LEYF Is Book For 7 Years Of Discrimination, HMCTS, IOPC, MOPAC, JCIO, DBS Hate Crimes, Attempt On My Life, This Threat From A Deprave Trolls On Social Media, Those Using My IP/CPPDP

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JogDem SlackiN
10 hours ago
Why don’t any of you say a thing when you kill each other on a daily basis all across the world yet moan when an officer is involved in a clearly justified shooting?

Fact-check, more black people kill each other than any “racist” cop does.

Type in scarcity studios, you’ll see so many killing each other with machetes, it’s great, it proves exactly what those of us with common sense have been saying all along.

So if you don’t like or want police to stop a bad man with a weapon then there’s a simple solution, we’ll put you all into one area, take those with common sense out, fence it all off then pull our police out and leave you to it, how does that sound?

More to the point wonder which side of the fence you’d like to be on?

Mervelee Myers
Mervelee Myers
1 second ago