Without Prejudice The Racists At HMCTS, MOPAC, IOPC, JCIO, BSB, SRA, CCMCC, CLCC, Press, Social Media, Corrupt Government Can Order Their Personalize Poems About Discrimination Of Me 14/6

This Poem is the #Copyright of Mervelee Ratty Nembhard aka Mervelee Myers of EMINEMBHARDfamily of Townhead & Adjacent Districts Of Westmoreland of MyJAMAICA who came to the #UnitedKingdom 7 June 1992 for a #better life. Please visit https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for why #LEYF will be #exposed as operators of #paedophile RINGS from #juneosullivan was #invested with an MBE in 2013 Mervelee’s

Poem Collections 26th September 2017

I am Angry

I am angry, but I am fighting back because of my anger!

I am angry because of Discrimination, that’s why

The discrimination that allow me to be abused, that’s why

And my rights to be taken, I am angry, that’s why

So now it’s my turn to fight back, with my Figh4justice campaign

Fight back with my empowerment to get justice

The power of my knowledge, gained through resilience of strength

From studies, research and the Great Philosophers and Experts

When Philosopher George Santayana states

“Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it

”We look no further than the Modern SLAVERY Act 2015

Going way back to the SLAVERY ACT 1807
Then I know for a fact that I must do my writing

To make Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE words

“Until the lion learns to write, the hunter will always tell the story”

Will have to be another of my mantra of change

For I am a Writer and an Author sharing my experiences via my stories

Because of my Defensive Practice

I am creating Legacies, in the words of the Daily Express Columnist

“Tech Don’t Lie” and I have the proof to expose injustices

Now I will use the tools of Social Media, to stem the anger

Thanks to Facebook for the memories

I am a Strong Empowered Black Woman, who is in therapy

I will not be the Voiceless Vulnerable Victim, I am healing in dignity.

Dedication to Women

For Strong Women Everywhere! I am woman

I am living in hope, that I will be resilient enough

To gain the tenacity of courage, to use perseverance

Of bravery for the healing Via, my new found acceptance of self and wisdom

Using the growth of my empowerment

In the discovery of my endurance of overcoming my weaknesses

With my strength of forgiveness,

As, I continue on my journey

Of becoming that strong woman

In honour of strong women everywhere.

Edited – Dedication to Women

Without hope, there is no courage and without growth, there is no strength

To build up that tenacity from bravery

I am gaining wisdom, from my empowerment

As the discovery of healing is central to forgiveness for acceptance

Endurance is another key skills for overcoming injustices

Perseverance of hope, courage and bravery

Is important for the healing, of discovery

Of how the strong women I am honouring And is desirous of emulating

Persevere with acceptance of wisdom

To be strong in the face of adversities, challenges

And even social injustices and inequalities

Which make our life so much harder

But giving up was never an option

Because strong women have to be there to pick up the pieces

At the expense of our own survival as we give of our best.

What’s My Purpose?

I know I was born for a purpose

But as yet I am searching, to finding my purpose

I am not sure of my purpose, but am I responsible for

Choosing my destiny, to fulfil my purpose

I am still unsure of my purpose

I have been waiting for guidance to help my decisions

But it’s a long time coming, but still I am waiting

To find out what’s my calling

Should I wait, for divine intervention?

Or take the initiatives, deciding my next moves

Towards my transitions are I am waiting

For my purpose to be revealed

Or I might take the lead and decide the purpose

That best suits my destiny

I am a Writer, Author, or I’ll add Poet?
I Am Not A Victim

I am fighting the systems, they want another victim

But I am not representing that scheme, I won’t be a victim

I am not a victim, I have a Fight4justice system

The system that’s representing victims

Exposing the Modern Slavery Practices, I am not a victim

Who is going to gagged by dim wits in the systems

With the labels and tags stereotyping me with negative narratives

Associated with discrimination of Disabilities and Racism

I overcome adversities and challenges of traumas

I develop the resilience to live with my deficits

With the early intervention strategies Leant from research of the Expert Theorists

I refuse to be that victim, my aim is to be victorious

I have been fighting prejudices

As was my Mother before me

I am fighting the systems of social injustices

I am the voice of the vulnerable, I can’t afford not to be the victor

Or I will be the system’s victim

Every time they play the blame game and need to find a scapegoat.

Disabled to be Enabled

I am enabled by my disabilities, but if I have the choice

I’d not chose to be disabled

Owing to the impacts of the disadvantages

I am enabled by disabilities, when faith decided to step in

And change the course of my life, but I didn’t know why

I am enabled by my disabilities, however I am empowered by the

Early intervention strategies to carry on as normal

Even when life became a struggle, I am enabled by my disabilities

I choose to empower myself, but others view my thirst for knowledge

As been dismissive of authority, I am enabled by my disabilities

When I refuse to be the voiceless vulnerable

I have my Fight4justice campaign

Now I am moving away from being victim,

I am enabled by my disabilities

I am passionate, about promoting inclusion

I am advocating breaking down barriers

Freeing myself from the labels and tags of discrimination

That are hard to peel off

I have disabilities but they don’t define me

I am enabled by my disabilities. +

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