Without Prejudice The Charter Of Rights Is My Passport To Leave UK Empowered Black Woman With Disabilities Exacerbated By LEYF And Cohorts Using My IP/IR 1992

Appeal 13th May 2015

Key Appeal Points:

Disciplinary Procedure:

1.  Page 1: I raised queries about none clarifications of the Disciplinary because the Union Rep Darren Mahon had raised them and asked for clarifications from the Panel. Since I am not that learned about legal matters, I just brought it up because I realised that the Panel did not know and had to seek clarification from HR which came near to the end. However Rashid did explain in the end, but I doubt at that time I was able to take any information in, which I explained to the Panel because I was so anxious and stressed out? I had done my research and prepared my Appeal myself without any legal advice and is therefore sorry for any ambiguities that may have been included. At the same time I will try and address them here so they are clearer to understand by both myself and the Panel this time. This is after I’ve had adequate time without any interruptions to do my RESEARCH thoroughly again now that I am not feeling under so much pressure.  

My arguments:

Re: Breach of Provision, Criterion or Practice.

My arguments for questioning whether LEYF might have breached their own Policy and Procedures will be detailed because of the different Policy & Procedures presented before the final one resulting in the DISCIPLINARY. Therefore the following should be taken into considerations:                                                                                               

1 (A). Page 1: “The Equality Act 2010 states that although Provision, Criterion or Practice are not defined by the Act, but should be construed widely so as to include, for example any formal or informal policies, rules, practices, arrangements or qualifications including one-off decisions and actions”.

The manager Lynne Kelly at BIB directly and indirectly discriminated against staff sharing “protected characteristics” by Harassment and Victimisation which caused Rumi to resign her post not long after I started at BIB. I’d seen Rumi in tears several times and when enquiring of her health, she refused to discuss the matter with me. However after resigning, she told me the reasons for leaving and invited me to her wedding. (Equality Act 2010 states that unwanted conduct related to a ‘protected characteristic’ is not directed at the particular but at another person or no one in particular). Before and after Rumi left in December 2014 and up to the time on 16.03.15 when I was unceremoniously bundled out of BIB and sent to House of Common nursery I’d been trying to get someone to listen to my pleas that I needed support to deal with my medical health conditions and disability that were exacerbated and worsening causing my Progressive Mental Health Conditions to prevent my from carrying out normal day-to-day activities at work and home (Equality Act 2010).

Re: Shared Protected Characteristic – Race

Racial group share ‘protected characteristics’ and the Equality Act states all racial group are protected under the law.

1 (B). Page 1: The manager started a campaign of direct and indirect discriminations, harassment and victimisation from as far back as (28.11.2014 see Memo to all Staff). This resulted from an altercation which occurred over me eating a Banana to stop my medical health conditions and disability preventing me from carrying out (‘normal day-to-day activities’ Equality Act 2010).  The Memo to Staff is self-explanatory as LK is segregating staff, the chef and myself for 2 incidents that happened at times when the chef and I were not present on the separate occasions. Instead of dealing with both incidents professionally, LK instead issued threats of DISCIPLINARY to all staff. But the chef and I were the victims, who are been harassed as will be proven later. Although I was not present when the incident with the washing occurred so I can’t say much about that. In my case it was the Banana and I was issued with verbal threats at the meeting with Nicola and LK.

Re: Progressive Conditions

Those with fluctuating or recurring effects will amount to disability in certain circumstances (Equality Act)         

1 (C ). Page: I felt harassed and victimised in the (Staff Meeting Minutes 07.12.2014) as LK directly and indirectly discriminated against me, singled me out in the meeting saying things that caused my medical health conditions and disability to affect me thereafter, which don’t do much for controlling my emotional health and wellbeing by the things she was saying. I felt humiliated and rejected when she told me I should leave because no one wanted me at BIB. LK claimed that Stella Louis told her that activities were not planned and was made up as I go along. Since Stella had observed me doing the activity – “Wrapping Christmas Gifts” and offered to help with peeling the cello tapes and gave me constructive criticism. I tried explaining this in the Staff Meeting saying the activity was planned, but LK didn’t want to hear.

Because of my (OCD, hidden disability of getting anxious under pressure, and not able to write legibly – Equality Act 2010) I am always prepared so as not to be caught off guard as this can trigger my medical health conditions and disability. I went to B&M to buy resources with my money, planned the activity, but was delayed doing the activity because of serving the SNACKS. Stella’s constructive criticism was to advise me to be more prepared next time, but she was pleased with what she observed overall. So I was shocked when LK brought up the negative feedback and the meeting was directed at me. In trying to justify my practice LK keeps patronising, ridiculing and undermining me, until I gave up (see paragraph 6 Staff Meeting Minutes). I just thought from the warm welcome I’d received in July to what LK said to me that night, I felt worthless (Equality Act 2010 says direct discrimination is unlawful, no matter what LK’s motive or intentions, or regardless whether the less favourable treatment by LK is conscious or unconscious). Whenever my medical health conditions and disability are triggered I normally shut down and finds it hard to “carry out normal day-to-day activities”.

Equality Act 2010 states that it is “Direct discrimination if LK treats me less favourably because of my association with the chef who has ‘a protected characteristic’ and the association with me need not be permanent”.

1 (D). Page 1: I got home that night to discover my husband locked himself out of the house collecting a delivery before he got dressed. He was rescued by the neighbours and that affected me because he suffers from a few medical health conditions as well and is reliant on me to help with his care. The Equality Act 2010 states that discrimination by association can occur in various ways and as my husband part time carer, this information about him being diabetic was shared when I updated contact information (Staff Personal Records 13.06.2009). Since the Banana Eating Incident, my husband had started to become concerned about what was happening to me at BIB. So in order not to worry him, because he’d had recently had a bereavement, I kept what was happening to me at BIB from him. I finally had to tell him when I was transferred to HOC nursery.

Re: Victimisation – ‘Protected Act’.

1 (E ). Page 1: The Equality Act 2010 states that it is victimisation for LK to subject me to a detriment because I had done ‘a protected act’).  I can only assume that because Stella Louis asked me where I’d worked before and I told her and she works with the organisation “KINGS College NHS TRUST” then that is the reason she gave LK negative feedback about my practice? I felt humiliated at the time and thought the Staff Meeting was held to undermine the contributions I’d made at BIB and LEYF in particular and from that night I was disempowered (paragraphs 2, 6, 9 of SMM – 7.12.14). 

Re: Harassment

The Equality Act 2010 states that by instructing, inciting and inducing BIB team LK is engaging in unwanted conduct which has the purpose of violating my dignity, and creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for me.                    

1 (F). Page 1: 05.01.2015 was when my nightmare started at BIB full-scale after attending Rumi’s wedding and the impact on my emotional health and wellbeing is more than I can bear and is affecting my health making me unable to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Although I have been trying to get support by raising concerns (Notes re Jyoti & Benedicte) the BIB team has been instructed, directed and induced by the manager LK to discriminate, harass and victimise me, influenced by Benedicte who seems to have some hold or influence over LK. 

The Equality Act 2010 states generally detriment is anything which I might reasonably consider changed my position for the worse or put me at a disadvantage. As far back as when LK had discussions with Stella Louis and I was stereotyped by Stella I was humiliated in the Staff Meeting and I was not made aware of the negative feedback Stella gave until I read them in (Investigation Report – 28.3.15). I received the Investigation Reports that I previously had no knowledge of with the instructions to attend the Disciplinary Hearing by post on 28th March after Dilys HR came to see me at HOC and gave me wrong information about sending me home to rest with pay from my ordeal. Since 05.01.2015 LK has instructed BIB team and staff from another (LEYF nursery Nicola, Sadie, Lauren and Tesheba) to make allegations against me. This was so she could carry out the threats of DISCIPLINARY (see Memo to all Staff).

1 (G). Page 1: Threats of DISCIPLINARY from 28.11.2014 by LK caused my Progressive Conditions that are hidden disabilities to be triggered: Chronic Anxiety, Depression, Paranoia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders to start affect how I am able to carry out my normal day-to-day activity at work and home (Equality Act 2010).  LK lied saying Mewe told her about discussions at the wedding that I was not happy with management, etc to put Mewe in my bad books I am assuming? I reassured LK that I thought WE had established a professional relationship of manager and practitioner that I felt I could talk to her about my concerns after how she welcomed me to BIB and I briefed her about not working in South London since 2009. I thought the matter was sorted, but being an observant and intuitive person I realised that LK’s attitude towards me changed and she was doing little things to frustrate me by her unprofessional behaviours and conducts to me. Even the Agency Staff who came regular noticed the way BIB team treated me unfairly and commented about it.

Re: Instructing, causing or inducing discrimination.

Equality Act states that it is unlawful to instruct someone to discriminate against, harass or victimise me because I have medical conditions and disability. Or to instruct BIB team to help her do unlawful acts.     

1 (H). Page 1: One evening week of I’d asked Sao the Duty Manager if LK was counted in ratio and being told yes, I went to ask if she could come and cover me. When I got to the office LK was there with (Nicola, Sadie and Lauren) and I went back to the preschool. When LK eventually came she said she had to go in with Carol so I had to stay over and I did. I’d already checked ratio (Duty Managers Induction Programmes) that I’d started at Fitzrovia Community Nursery and done at Luton Street Nursery, so knew I could go, but I refused from challenging LK as I realised she was putting the plans in place to launch DISCIPLINARY (Memo to all Staff) and I wasn’t falling in her trap. I felt uncomfortable coming to work, and my medical health conditions and disability started affecting me, but I was trying my best to cope.

On another evening as I came out ready to go home LK came over to me in a threatening manner and said Mervelee, “We’ll have to have a Meeting because I hear you told Gloria I am a coward”! This was said in front of the children and staff and feeling myself getting emotional I went into the toilet (the Equality Act states that unwanted conduct which is a form of harassment which has the purpose or effect of violating my dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for me).

Re: Unwanted Conduct

The Equality Act states that unwanted conduct covers wide range of behaviours including spoken or written words of abuse, acts affecting my surroundings or other physical behaviours.

1 (I) Page 1: After calming myself sufficiently to leaveI came out of the bathroom, went to the office and tried reasoning and pleading with LK telling her that she should stop letting others feed her with gossip and what she was doing to me was making me sick, but she was intent on what she was doing and wouldn’t listen. I left work feeling really low and trying to avoid the parents coming in so they could not see I am crying (Equality Act 2010 states a serious one-off incident can also amount to harassment). 

1 (J). Page 1: LK tried all kinds of tactics instructing BIB team to make allegations so she could find ways to launch DISCIPLINARY, but each time it failed. There were 2 times she tried to use the Social Media Policy and Procedures when she got the Area Manager Hilda Miller to come down. Because LK chats so much and is not aware of Confidentiality, she let slip what her PLANS were and I was put on my guard by someone who did not agree for BIB to discriminate, harass and victimise me (Equality Act 2010 states unwanted conduct related to a ‘protected characteristic’ does not have to be directed at the particular worker but at another person or no one in particular – Chef and me Racism).

The 2nd occasion when Hilda Miller came was because of a Publication on LinkedIn that talked about the BENEFITS of Working Close to HOME. I’d gained permission from the persons whose photographs I used and some others are on Social Media. LK tricked me into getting my email even though I’d given it to her to send me photos from BIB Christmas Party, just so she & Flavia could check Social Media. She done this because I told her about the publications I’d posted, because I am always sharing with LK about my PASSION and my VISION and the work I do on Social Media. At LSN we were encouraged to contribute to the CEO Blog (see copy).

LK told me she wanted to share some Research Materials that I’d be interested in, only she was checking Social Media to find evidence that I’d breached the Policy & Procedures. HM came and told me to take down what I’d published and I should not say I work with LEYF. When I tried to reason saying WE were encouraged to contribute to the CEO Blog, I was rubbished and humiliated. Because instead of dealing with the concerns I’d raised about the way I was been treated that was affecting my medical health conditions and disability (Notice re Jyoti & BS). LK prefers to take the things I’d done out of context, misconstrued and misinterpreted them when representing them to LEYF to put her plans of getting me out of BIB in place. When BIB team went to Mewe leaving party, I’d collected colleague’s email and shared photos with them privately. I am not friends with any BIB team on SM.

Re: Victimisation

The Act prohibits victimisation. Victimisation for LK to subject me to a detriment because I had done ‘a protected act’ or because LK believes that I may do ‘a protected act’ in the future.

1 (K). Page 1: By this time I realised that nothing I do, could be right no matter how hard I tried. There was an Emergency Staff Meeting directed at me where I was stereotyped, labelled, marginalised, humiliated and made to feel an outsider as I was rejected by all at BIB at this time. The only exception was Gloria the Chef who tried to motivate me to keep going when I was feeling down, because she was aware of the plans BIB had to get me sacked. I was shocked at the things I heard coming out of the Emergency Meeting and thought it was pointless trying to justify myself to anyone any more. That was when I realised that there was Language Barriers between Benedicte S, Flavia and Joyti and I. But the next day LK tried to set up REMI against me saying I’d said negative things about her because she was not at the Emergency Meeting. I had to convince REMI that LK have an agenda, and at the time I was not aware that REMI had gone and done the same thing setting up LK against me? Therefore LK had put her plans in place to launch a DISCIPLINARY instructing and inciting BIB team to discriminate, harass and victimise me without me knowing – Equality Act 2010 states that a serious one-off can also amount to harassment).

Re: Shared Protected Characteristics.

‘Because of’ a protected characteristic. The Characteristic needs to be a cause of the less favourable treatment, but does not need to be the only or even main cause.     

1 (L). Page 1: One morning I came into work after LK said we were to have a Meeting and was told she went to Emergency Meeting at CO. When she came back I approached her about the Meeting because she did not speak to me. By this time since 05.01.2015, she kept acting like a Spoilt Brat, acting unprofessionally towards me (Equality Act 2010 states that although provision, criterion and practice are not defined they should be construed widely so as to include, example any formal or informal policies, rules practices, arrangements or qualifications including one-off decisions and actions). She tried and avoid me and don’t acknowledge me by speaking to me directly until there is a Meeting where I get blamed for everything that is not happening at BIB. I approached her since she did not acknowledge me and asked her about the Meeting and she said she was told not to talk to me about the incident. However LK said she was told to do my Supervision.

Re: Direct Discrimination.

Direct discrimination is unlawful, no matter what the employer’s motive or intention, or regardless of whether the less favourable treatment of the worker is conscious or unconscious. Employers may have prejudices that they do not even admit to themselves or be unaware that they are treating the worker differently because of ‘a protected characteristic’.  

1 (M). Page 1:  At the (Supervision) LK seemed to be very agitated and although she told me she was asked not to discuss the matter with me she kept on and on… LK said she had to go to CO to get counselling because they were talking about Margret at Rumi’s wedding and she ABUSED children. However I had no knowledge of anything that happened before I came to BIB, so whatever was discussed I wouldn’t be interested. LK said CO told her to deal with the matter at BIB anyway she liked and she was going to show me who is COWARD (Equality Act 2010 states that by treating me unfavourable making allegations to CO team about malicious gossip Benedicte passed on to LK about conversation at RUMI’s wedding is victimisation and the Act prohibits Victimisation). I only learned since I got the Disciplinary in the Investigation Report that LK asked BS to write report about Rumi’s wedding and it was sent to Dilys HR at CO, so all this time CO were given alleged information that caused prejudices? My arguments are the Central Office team were given information to stereotype me and caused me to be treated less favourably. Therefore when I raised concerns about the unwanted conduct and behaviours of some of BIB team towards myself and children with SEND the Central Office team did not take my concerns seriously and act on them (emails & report to Dilys).  

Re: Indirect Discrimination.

Indirect discrimination applies to all protected characteristics’ apart from… This may occur when an employer applies an apparently neutral provision, criterion or practice which puts workers sharing ‘a protected characteristic at a particular disadvantage.     

1 (N). Page 1: By the time the Supervision was finished I was fearing for my Sanity after hearing LK voicing what she was going to do to me to make me leave BIB. LK claimed the (Notes re: Jyoti & BS & Publications from Social Media was at CO) where they were trying to find evidence for DISCIPLINARY. Right up to this stage I wasn’t unduly worried about Social Media because I’d studied with the Open University and abided by British Ethical Standards. And LK told someone that they couldn’t find anything on me for a DISCIPLINARY all she was trying. I’d taken photos ensuring I downloaded on the computer at work. LK even had to enlist my help to send the photo of Theresa Salmon and the children to CO to go up on SM. 

Re: ‘Protected Characteristics’

Protected characteristics include age, disability, race… Racial groups share colour and are protected from unlawful discrimination under the Act. The Act states that a person have a disability if they have a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Physical or sensory impairments such as those affecting sight or hearing.      

I am hereby contending and arguing as part of my Defence that LEYF Breached their Policy & Procedures and Contract by authorising the manager at BIB LK to discriminate against me, harass and victimise me from when LK visited CO and was told to deal with the matter any way she wished. LK did not only discriminate against me, but the chef Gloria as well because she did not agree with BIB team treatment of me. One day when I witnessed a stand-off between 2 headstrong women – LK & Gloria, I defused the situation by taking the trolley to the Baby Room because the chef was washing up. But LK was doing everything to frustrate Gloria to act out of character like she was doing to me.

By not listening to my arguments and aiding LK in trying to find DISCPLINARY Procedures to dismiss me from my job meant that some of my Basic Human Rights were breached under the Human Rights Act. As a result my medical health and disability have been exacerbated and worsen since 05.01.2015 making it difficult for me to carry out normal day-to-day activities at work and home. Furthermore when I asked for support in the form of reasonable adjustments, none was forthcoming as LEYF continue to apply neutral provision and practice GAGGING me, leaving me to the discrimination, harassment and victimisation at BIB and later at HOC (emails & correspondence to Dilys HR, correspondence to LK).        

The Equality Act states direct discrimination is unlawful, no matter what the employers motive or intention, or regardless of whether the less favourably treatment to me is conscious or unconscious. Employers may have prejudices that they do not even admit to themselves or may act out of good intensions or simply be unaware that they are treating me differently because of a protected characteristic.

Although I’d provided information about my medical health and disability conditions from I started at LEYF and continued updating. There is no evidence in the way I was been treated since 05.01.2015 up to when I attended the DISCIPLINARY HEARING that any due regards was taken to check my files to ascertain what I was saying was correct and not a figment of my imagination. Therefore leaving me at BIB for so long until my medical health and disability conditions were exacerbated which triggered my mental health conditions is evidence that LEYF breached their Policy & Procedures by not making reasonable adjustments. By giving LK the authority to treat me unfavourably there was indirect discrimination at BIB against the chef and I when Gloria did not agree to the discrimination, harassment and victimisation planned for me to get me sacked. I ended up feeling responsible for the unfavourable treatment to Gloria and her daughter which caused the chef to cry. My DEPRESSION was triggered when I encountered similar experiences when I’d done ‘a protected act’ to save my good name and character. And I was affected again going through the menopause and then when I got diabetes. So on top of my (Chronic Anxiety see GP letter), I had a lot to be dealing with.

Re: Detriment

Generally is anything which the individual might reasonably consider changed their position for the worse or put them at a disadvantage.       

1 (O) Page 1: One day LK said we were to have a Meeting and Remi was to be there as Mediator as HM the Area Manager was unable to attend. During the Meeting a number of allegations were again made by BIB colleagues whom LK refused to name as she read from them. I refuted all the allegations except one that I refused to comment about. Although I had asked Sadie to come in with me and told her why I needed the support – so I don’t have Jyoti coming to frustrate me. She’d taken some of what I’d said out of context and misinterpreted it to suit LK’s purpose of collecting evidence. However if LK had spared the time to read the concerns I’d raised as part of my DEFENSIVE PRACTICE, she’d realised I’d mentioned how Jyoti was frustrating me and I was STRESSED. I realised that when I’d gone to the office and seen the (4: LK, Nichola, Sadie and Lauren) the evening when LK tried to set me up to challenge her, they were making plans to trap me?  

After the Meeting LK said Remi would write the Minutes so I could get my Copy, because Staff made allegations against me. Every day LK keeps saying I’ll get it tomorrow but I never got it. But I was not surprised that there was no minutes for me because I witness lots of inappropriate practices at BIB re the Welfare Requirements of the EYFS – DOCUMENTATION. When I enquired about certain of the (Equality Act 2010 re Provision, Criterion or Practices) I was told by Benedicte “WE DON’T DO THAT HERE”.  Since LK admitted that she did not have trainings nor have the knowledge to fulfil some of her ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES, I just went ahead and do them after first informing her of my intentions and giving her anything that she should authorise (see Worry & IEP Forms Continuing Personal Professional Development Folder ) for key child for whom I have concerns. However LK was very patronising saying things like “We have some clever people at BIB now, but I am making corrections”? There was no follow up on anything that is done and Resources are put at strategic locations, yet no one done trainings or know anything about them. At Supervision LK claimed Marion copied it and took to CO.

Re: Contract – Job Title:

You will work as a NURSERY OFFICER. This job title does not limit your duties with the Organisation and you may from time to time be required to do other work that is within your capabilities either on a permanent or temporary basis. You will report to your Line Manager. (Since have an updated Job Title of NURSERY PRACTITIONER)      

1 (P) Page 1: At a Room Meeting BS was talking about information passed on by Gary Simpson at CO, about things to be promoted and implemented at the setting, but BS couldn’t explain. Knowing it was to do with the ECAT forms and Early Intervention, I explained and when they still didn’t get it went to my locker to get the relevant forms. I’d brought in relevant formats for Activity Planning, etc and give to LK and asked her to see if Mewe could find it on the computer since I am used to having all the resources on the computer at Luton Street. I found it strange that although there were information on a board in the hallway yet no one even knew what the ECAT form looks like and what it is used for. Since Remi had started implementing some of her practice as a long time LEYF worker at BIB instructed by HM the Area Manager, I carried on with what I was used to at Luton Street. At LSN I was the SENCO & EYFS coordinator (see training certificates – correspondences re Sandie Choi Inclusion Teacher – Camden).  

Re: When can Employers be Assume to Know about a DISABILITY?

If an employer’s agent or employee (such as an OH adviser or HR Officer) knows in that capacity, of a worker’s disability, the employer will not usually be able to claim that they do not know of the disability, and they cannot therefore have subjected a disabled person to discrimination arising from disability.

1 (Q) Page 1: When Dilys came to offer me to take out a Grievance, I discussed with her about the issues coming out of one of the Emergency Meetings re the alleged offences I’d caused Benedicte and Flavia by encouraging them to do Research about Multigenerational Approach (CEO letters 05.11.2014). I’d apologised for the misunderstandings and explained it was my passion for promoting and implementing LEYF ethos that had caused me to want to introduce some of the best inclusive practice from LSN (see parents letter – Ashmita’s mum).  I don’t think Dilys was really interested in anything I had to tell her because LK & Benedicte had already prejudiced her mind against me. I might have taken up the Grievance even though I knew it was fraught with risks if I was given enough time to prepare.

Dilys told me I had to let her know by Monday at 4.30 pm if I was going to take the Grievance and when I pleaded that I had to be at work so could I sent it later…? She was adamant that she would not change the time. If I decided to take the Grievance, I’d had to send it in the next day, so I weighed my options and decided not to. Because I could see the pitfalls and since BIB and LK had collected their statements/evidence, I was leaving myself opened to a DISCIPLINARY, so I declined. The Equality Act talks about the Relevance of Reasonable Adjustments – Employers can often prevent unfavourable treatment which would amount to discrimination arising from disability by taking prompt action to identify and implement reasonable adjustments.  

In the space of the same day, I was presented with 2 Policy & Procedures document because another allegations was made against me. There was a Grievance and a Behaviour Management and my world just seemed to be falling apart and I felt like the animal caught in the headlights of the on-coming traffic with nowhere to turn. I couldn’t help but cry as I just couldn’t see a way forward. Dilys promised to send telephone number to LK so I could get COUNSELLING. All this time I was GAGGED, so had no one to speak to, and I refused to tell my husband what was happening to me so as not to worry him? I went to the doctor after Dilys came and talked to him and got some time off. When I was due back, LK was trying to keep me away, but I returned. On returning I started clearing the garden as I’d promised to set up a Forrest Schooled Themed Mud Kitchen that I’d discussed at the Parents/Staff Meeting. I’d collected resources at the (Nursery World Show 2015). 

1 (R). Page 1: There was an Investigation after BIB staff instructed by LK made complaints about me that was sent in by 3.00 o’clock on Thursday and the Investigation carried out by Isabel Glen was done by Friday the next day. I was told about the Investigation after LK used delaying tactics to keep me back so she could collect evidence that I act out of character and unprofessionally, but I did not fall in the trap by LK & Flavia. The next day I was delayed getting to work because my husband wasn’t well and when I got in LK asked if I was sure I wanted to be there? I replied yes I have to be here and went to the cupboard to put away my stuff (see Memo to all Staff). When I am in the cupboard LK came in all flustered and said Mervelee I did not mean that the way it sounded. What I mean is you can go home after the Investigation if you are not feeling well.

I was the last person to be called and felt so terrible because all my medical health and disability conditions were triggered it was hard for me to articulate some of my experiences since I started at BIB and the discrimination, harassment and victimisation started. I began to have palpitations and felt faint. I’d had similar experiences before and was admitted to Accident & Emergency after seeking advice and told to go to the Hospital (I’d done ‘a protected act) when I had similar experiences at Kings College Hospital NHS Trust. I left from work to the hospital and was kept in for observations (see Staff Personal Records 13.6.2009). I never leave until after 6.30 pm considering I have my diabetes and other health conditions to think about. Since 05.01.2015, my whole world was turned upside down and I wasn’t eating and sleeping properly.  

By the time Dilys came to offer me to take out Grievance, I was DEPRESSED and all my Progressive Conditions and hidden disabilities were affecting me. I was hiding things from my husband and worrying that I could have an HYPO because I wasn’t able to carry out my normal day-to day activities of caring for myself properly at home and was working under unfavourable conditions at work. I was presented with more allegations and also given a Behaviour Management Policy, piling on the pressure re DISCIPLINARY that was causing my medical health and disability hidden Mental Health Conditions to make it difficult for me to carry out normal day-t-day activities. However no one was listening to my pleas that I’d not intentionally set out to offend anyone at BIB, but came with the passion of sharing LEYF ethos and core values that I had developed 5+ years working with LEYF.

Re: Discrimination by association can occur because I am carer to my husband who has ‘a protected characteristic’.

1 (S) Page 1: I came home and send (email to Dilys HR) about needing to be given a Voice to talk about what was happening to me at BIB. At the DISCIPLINARY Hearing when the Union Rep Darren Mahon put in a mitigating plea about me asking for support and the time it took for a response and there was no follow up. The PANEL chair Rashid claimed he did not know about the email. Yet that email was sent 2 weeks before I was charged with the DISCIPLINARY. If my file was checked since it later emerged that LEYF is saying they are not aware of my “protected characteristic”, the information would have been found. The Equality Act states that Employers can often prevent unfavourable treatment which would amount to discrimination arising from disability by taking prompt action to identify and implement reasonable adjustments.  

Re: Reasonable adjustments Relevance of reasonable adjustments

Equality Act 2010 – In order to avoid discrimination, it would be sensible for employers not to attempt to make fine judgements as to whether a particular individual falls within the statutory definition of disability, but to focus instead on meeting the needs of each worker.

1 (T) Page 1: Monday I was aware of everything happening around me because I hear conversations, but because I was GAGGED, I had to abide by the rules of (Confidentiality Policy). However LK and BIB team were engaging in instructing and inducing each other to continue making false allegations against me and lying about why Isabel Glen was coming back. Apparently BIB were given information that I’d complained, and whilst I was GAGGED, BIB had the freedom and voice to continue with the discrimination, harassment and victimisation against me. Hilda Miller the Area Manager came and told me she was sending me to HOC to take the pressure off me until the matter was sorted. However when I told Isabel Glen the Investigator about this new development, she didn’t know about it.

I met someone on the road who told me that they were informed that I’d not be working at BIB again because I’d complained. All I was doing was to use the available resources (Whistleblowing Policy & Procedures) available to me to try and preserve my Basic Human Rights (Human Right Act) and take back control of my life that was spiralling out of control and which could lead to me having some serious health issues that could incapacitate me for the rest of my life. I began to have memories of my dad who had Parkinson’s disease, my grandma who suffered strokes before she died, my brothers who died at young ages, one from cancer and the other I will not disclose at present and my mum who had dementia. Being my husband career I know the effects of falling into a HYPO. At times it’s hard for me to leave the house and if I do I am scared of losing my dignity some times.

Re: Modifying Disciplinary or Grievance Procedures for a Disabled Worker

In some cases, a reasonable adjustment will not succeed without the co-operation of other works. Colleagues as well as managers may therefore have an important role in helping ensure that a reasonable adjustment is carried out in practice. Subject to considerations about confidentiality, employers must ensure this happens. It is unlikely to be a valid defence to a claim under the Act to argue that an adjustment was unreasonable because staff were obstructive or unhelpful when the employer tried to implement it.         

1 (U) Page 1: When I’d put in for transfer because of my ‘protected characteristic’ I was asked to go to HOC, but because I’d covered there and realised that I would not be able to manage, I’d decline the offer. By sending me to HOC without finding out from me the effects such a transfer would have on my protected characteristic, Hilda Miller the Area Manager breached my Basic Human Rights without even realising. If HM had consulted with instead of bundling me out of BIB, without the knowledge of Isabel Glen the Investigator, I could have informed her why it would be difficult for me to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Even if I’d tried to argue my point, I’d no doubt be humiliated like she did before and told that because I don’t have a Status on LEYF Hierarchy Model, I did not have a say.

HM said some derogatory things to me about how she would give preference to Jyoti over me, once when she came to talk to me after she was hoodwinked by LK who went again crying crocodile tears stereotyping me. HM acknowledged I’d done excellent work on the Learning Journeys one of which she was using for her 2 year old Pilot Project, but yet I did not have a say in promoting and implementing inclusive practice once (see BIB OFSTED) came and went. HM told me I knew nothing and I was not coming to BIB to spoil her Baby, because LSN where I was coming from was nothing, because she was informed by someone who was there that we just scraped through the OFSTED.

Re: Contributions & Loyalty – Provision, Criterion or Practice.

Not defined by the Act but should be construed widely so as to include for example any formal or informal policies, rules, practices, arrangements or qualifications including one-off decisions and actions. What is meant by reasonable step? Effective and practicable adjustments for disabled works often involve little or no costs or disruptions and are therefore very likely to be reasonable for an employer to have to make. Even if an adjustment has a significant cost associated with it, it may still be cost effective in overall terms – for example, compared with the cos of recruiting and training a new member of staff – and so may still be a reasonable adjustment to have made. 

1 (V). Page 1:  Now who is loyal to LEYF I don’t know, but I thought all LEYF staff were working for the same outcomes. Then I realised why BIB kept telling Remi and I that we were not taking anything from where we are coming from to BIB because they are not LEYF (see letters). Is it any wonder I end up at the LEYF New Year Staff Party on my own, even after Rujina brought her clothes to attend and was sent home? Then Nichola send information to LK that I was on my own and she came to BIB next day ridiculing my loyalty to LEYF. Maybe it should be made known who authorise BIB that they did not have to attend the party & then we know who is an ASSET to LEYF, making valuable contributions and focused on spreading LEYF to the World at Large (check photos of LEYF NYSP).

When I first transferred to LSN, LSN got published planting & reaping potatoes as part of St Patrick’s Day celebrations. I’d gone on to get LSN published in the Nursery World (see NW Publications). This was my putting back into LEYF some of the investments made by Candy, Patricia Sessions and all the other staff at Fitzrovia Community Nursery who helped my Induction in LEYF ways of working (see Patricia Session letter). I took copies of the Nursery Wold Magazine on holidays to Jamaica to share my pride in working for such a wonderful Organisation. Because LEYF rescued me from a life of an Uncertain Future when they gave me a job in 2009. It was thanks to a former colleague whom I worked with at Kings College NHS Foundation Trust when I thought I’d reached rock bottom. I’d been rejected for so many posts because I’d done the right thing acting on the values and believes I’d been raised with and challenged DISCRIMINATIONS and done ‘a protected act’ (see OFSTED Contacts).

1(W) Page 1: I would prefer to forget my treatment at HOC because it is in the (Medical Referral Occupational Health Report).  I’ll end by saying the discriminations, harassment and victimisation only got worse because I was out of my comfort zones and was even more fearful of losing my dignity. However to be treated like a Common Criminal on the day 27.3.15 when Dilys came to see me by the Manager at HOC was beyond the par and I am sure the Security witnessed what was happening to me? The Manager breached LEYF contract that every person who entered the building has to be vetted and that’s why Agency Staff could not go to work there. To say she had to escort me out of the building because I did not have a PASS was ludicrous. Her excuse was there was a High Security presence. Is she telling me the Security were not doing their jobs after I was at HOC since the 17.03.15? As for her and some of the staff behaviours and conducts to me, I can only assume because once again I have no evidence for what was happening to me at HOC except my Defensive Practice of documenting and recording. I am always thriving to be the best I can be by always enhancing knowledge to empower me to give of my best in all aspects of my (Continuing Personal Professional Developmental Profile) as the only forward as I apply the top down/bottom up approaches to give of my best where my contributions were valued and acknowledged before I transferred to BIB (see letters – LYEF).

Re: Direct Discrimination by Association.

Equality Act states if employer treats a worker less favourable because of workers association with another person who has ‘protected characteristics’. Discrimination by association can occur in various ways – where worker has a relationship of partner, carer, or friend of someone with ‘a protected characteristic. The association with the other person need not be a permanent one – Children with SEND and other additional needs – Disability as ‘a protected characteristic’ – (see Complaint to Dilys) and the chef Gloria – Race as ‘a protected characteristic’ being discriminated, harassed and victimised because she did not agreed to what BIB were doing to me.  

1 (X) Page 1: The final straw came when Dilys failed to believe anything of what I was trying to get her to understand that was happening to me at BIB. She kept saying that’s not what they say about you. All I wanted was someone to please stop a minute to stop judging me off the say so of others who hardly know me. Because when I spoke about my former manager Julie Weise, Dilys told me about her happy news of becoming pregnant. At least Dilys could have spared the time to ask JW about me? I had to make comparisons to being treated worse than an animal and if I was an animal the RSPCA would be called. I did make the same reference at the DISCIPLINARY Hearing, but everyone looked at me as if I was MAD, because the Panel had only one intention and that was to find a SANCTION that would result in me getting the SACK to breach one of my basic Human RIGHTS.

My life has been put on hold and I am missing some key dates that I should be celebrating with my Family & Friends, but instead I am worried sick and trying to clear my name and character from this onslaught by some who can’t take time out to forget the PRUJUDICE that clouded their judgements and make them go back to becoming the Person they were before the hood was drawn over their eyes.

1 (Y). Page 1: I was told in no uncertain terms, not to APPEAL, but I owed it to myself, my 2 Sons, 4 grandchildren, brothers & Family, Friends & Acquaintances to stand up for my values and beliefs. This is the 3rd time now I am having to go through something of this magnitude that could destroy my life and I am hoping it’s the last. Because I just can’t cope again as my ‘protected characteristic’ including all the Progressive Conditions which take control of my life are taking their toll because I am no longer young. My only consolation is that my mental faculties – cognition and intellect are serving me well…? Then I can compensate my HUSBAND for the tears he shed, the sufferings he’s been through with me since 17th March 2015. Hopefully I can put all this behind me as WE celebrate Our 1st Year of being Husband and Wife. I rest my Case.

Re: Declarations

I am not here to seek vengeance on anyone, only to get some closures and removed the Barriers, Constraints and Limitations that have been placed on me since 05.01.2015. If I learned one lesson from my journey through life so far is to forgive, but not forget. If a person done you one good, take that one good and cover all the bad. LEYF rescued me from a life that was worse than death, so therefore I am not going to let these unhappy past months take away from all the benefits I’ve enjoyed at LEYF that made my life almost complete and fulfilled. My only regret is that LEYF took so long to listen to my pleadings and give me a VOICE. Therefore I’d hope LEYF is going to put the reasonable adjustments in place by offering TRAININGS to my BIB colleagues. I don’t wish anyone to lose their jobs, only lessons to be learned so no one else goes through what I’ve been through these months and robbed me of all this precious time. I am still LEYF 100%. 

2 Page 1:  Disciplinary Action at LEYF

My additional arguments in defence of my Appeal is that there were no true basis for the Disciplinary Hearing that was launched resulting from the Investigation because the matter should have been dealt with internally by the manager LK in the first place. But the only reasons the manager could not deal with them is because she is responsible for instructing, inciting and inducing some of BIB colleagues to make allegations against me to frustrate me to leave my employment voluntarily or get me sacked.

In considering the allegations and action taken against me, I know that BIB has become set on a path from 05.01.2015 in convincing my employer that I am a different person from the one who has given 5+ years of dedicated service. Since BIB are set on this path of getting me sacked no matter whatever I have done or not done. No amount of justifying my contributions, applying my knowledge and expertise in implementing and promoting best inclusive practice since I arrived at BIB have stopped them trying to get me sacked. Therefore I believe the adverse finding against me regardless of the impartial and thorough investigation having taken place. The findings that were made have no evidential substance and I have fully explained what happened on the days in questions as well as provided other pertinent information that are relevant to the case.

I further firmly submit that my years of dedicated services and contributions to LEYF, commitment to my work and input since my transfer should have been considered by the Panel. I have had years of exemplary services without any adverse finding on my record and this should have been a factor that the Panel took into consideration in deciding to issue me with a final written warning. In addition I feel that I have been unfairly treated in regards to complaints that I have made in the work place, particularly a recent complaint that I made about a child with SEND that everyone is ignoring. I feel that every time I raise concerns some of BIB staff gang up on me in order to make me stop making complaints. This shows an inconsistency in treatment. I also feel because I raised concerns I have been treated differently. To date as far as I am concerned nothing has been done about my complaints.

For the reasons stated above I consider that an impartial position was taken to impose a final written warning was not fair or reasonable towards me. The Panel did not fairly consider all the facts and ignored relevant facts as I have noted above. When the Union Rep asked about making reasonable adjustments ensuring I had support re the email I’d sent to Dilys at HR, Rashid said he had no knowledge of the email.

In inciting others to make allegations against me so she can collect evidence against me, I have had occasions when LK tried to find evidence that I breached a number of Policy and Procedures. She instructed Benedicte to submit written statements about allegations that I purported to have made about LEYF staff at Central Office and former colleagues. But I consider BS statements to be either consciously or unconsciously malicious because she is prejudice against me. Therefore she has misconstrued and misinterpreted my arguments for her own agenda of getting me sacked as she threatened to resign if LK didn’t get me sacked. BS claimed I had made nasty comments about my Manger, Central Office Team and Former LEYF Colleagues, but I done no such thing. And as I reported to Isabel Glen during the Investigation, I think there are questions of language barriers between some of BIB colleagues with English as Additional Language (see Investigation Report) and myself.

When I arrived at the wedding with my friend who is also a former colleague at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (see OFSTED Contacts – Varul), there was a discussion already in progress. Most of what was been discussed was irrelevant to me because I did not know the persons and was only at BIB a few month. As the discussion was about work in general, I talked about my experiences at another workplace and some former colleagues. This had nothing to do with LEYF and BS got the wrong end of the stick. The manager later said she was upset because they talked about Margret and she abused children and what was said at the wedding caused her to go seek counselling. LK claimed that she was advised by Central Office to deal with the matter any way she chose and that was when the harassment, bullying and intimidation started full scale. I have had to live with that OFSTED poster everywhere I turn knowing all I did was trying to use my knowledge and expertise gained via studies (see CPPDP) to promote and implement best inclusive practice to meet the diverse and complex needs of children.

When I started deciding to use my Defensive Practise because the manager refused to act on my complaints, she then enlisted the help of the Area Manager. But not even then was I made aware about any of the allegations that were sent to Central Office and now I am not sure if the Area Manager and Central Office were given the correct information regarding the matter. I only became aware of the magnitude of the allegations that LK instructed, incited and induced others to commit discrimination against me after reading the Investigation Report that was the basis for the Disciplinary. But in addition to trying to get me sacked making up false allegations, other forms of inducement were presented that could lead to disciplinary actions and I refused to accept. Because of prior occasions when I had done a “protected act” (Equality Act 2010) because of having a “protected characteristic”, I had failed. This only happened because I could not provide any concrete evidence to support my claims. The UNION that I’d paid my dues to failed to represent me so I had lost trust in the SYSTEM that let me down when I was VULNERABLE. Therefore when Dilys HR came to offer me the chance to take out the Grievance, I declined. Because I was not being given enough time to prepare.

Thereafter LK and the BIB team tried other ploys going through the Policy & Procedures to find one that would result in a final written warning. Therefore they directly and indirectly discriminated against me as the unfavourable treatment which they engaged in victimising, intimidating and harassing me to the point where my Progressive medical health and disability conditions were triggered. Caused me to be unable to carry out my normal day-to-day activities at work and at home (see email to Dilys HR). Without probably knowing the magnitude of the discriminations that affected my medical health and disability conditions at BIB. (The Equality Act 2010) states that LEYF might have contributed to BIB direct discrimination against me that is unlawful regardless of the motive, or whether the less favourable treatment of the worker is conscious or unconscious. The Act says that employers may have prejudices that they do not even admit to themselves or may act out of good intentions – or simply unaware that they are treating me differently because of a “protected characteristic”.

My closing argument on this is that the manager Lynne Kelly and the BIB team influenced by Benedicte set out to discriminate against me directly and indirectly without taking my “protected characteristic” into consideration. (The Equality Act 2010 – 2.12) states that a person has a disability if they have a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Physical or mental impairment includes sensory impairments such as those affecting sight or hearing.

They harassed and victimised me whilst trying to strip me of my Basic Human Rights to earn a livelihood to help me maintain a good standard of life that will help me control my medical health conditions and disability. They provided false information to LEYF causing the issuing of a number of provisions (Equality Act 2010) in the forms of Policy and Procedure documentations that would lead to Disciplinary resulting in final written warning and no reasonable adjustments were made to support me in coping since 05.01.2015.   

 Claims of Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation

3. Page 1: See detailed information provided in Disciplinary Procedures 1 & 2 Page 1.


I want it placed on record that I’d not set out intentionally to be dismissive of anyone, but I’d reached the end of my tether and no one was prepared to listen to me. Because by this time the discriminations, harassment and victimisations I was experiencing from 05.01.2015 was more than I could bare and my “Defensive Practice” was the only way I could defend and protect myself.

However others including: Lynne Kelly, Benedicte, Nicola, Jyoti, Sao, Stella Louis, Flavia & Hilda Miller were in the meantime dismissive of the Contributions I made to LEYF. This was after HM claimed the work in my key child’s Learning Journey was excellent. HM used the work and liaised with me about what she needed to do her 2 years old Project. After she told me, she was not going to put me before her Deputy Manager. But worse than all is when HM told me, I MUST NOT SAY I WORK FOR LEYF.

Jyoti was the one who came and started saying I am LOUD, then the others joined her and were dismissive of my Jamaican heritage, roots and culture.

Loyalty to LEYF: Why was I the only BIB staff to show up at LEYF New Year Staff Party? Is this not proof that BIB did not adapt to the change (see Growing Pains – Louise Cooper). They kept telling Remi and I, we should not come with LEYF ideas because they are not LEYF, but BIB. The Area Manager told me BIB did not have to do Multi-generational if they don’t want to (see CEO letter 05.11.2014).  

Comparators: Equality Act 2010

On 2 occasions I made comparisons about my treatment at BIB to “Protected Species” of Animals. When I did at HOC, all Dilys could say was Disgusting, but yet she said “THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOU”?

At the Disciplinary Hearing I repeated and no one took notice of what I was saying. Then when I talked about the effects on me when I was the last to see my Dad alive and first to realise he’d died. The Panel looked at me as if I was Mad and accused me of not having no EMPATHY!

Maybe it’s time for some of US to go back to becoming the reflective practitioners who developed the listening ethos. I learned this from studies with the (OU 2004 – 2010), but my whole life experiences meant I had first-hand experiences to learn about all the qualities that made me PASSIONATE about caring for vulnerable children and adults from cradle to the grave.

I believe it’s time for US to stop judging each other and believing we are better than one another because of STATUS. More top down and bottom up approaches are needed to solve the problems we are facing in the workplaces.

Lynne Kelly the Manager and Benedicte the Room Leader are RACIST & AGIST who have the whole of BIB under their thumbs at Ransom and I will not be taking back any of this. So yes I am being DISSMISSIVE of both, but I am within my RIGHTS to be so after the living hell they put me through since 05.01.2015!      

Refutes the Testimony of all the Witnesses

4. Page 2: I am standing by my arguments that the Panel has stereotyped and discredited my name for no good reasons than they didn’t take the time to do a thorough research about me after my 5+ years working with LEYF. Instead they took all the information that BIB team supplied because BIB team were prejudice against me and threatened to get me sacked by fair or foul means (see Memo to all Staff).  Although there was a thorough investigation carried out some of the relevant information were not examined about concerns I’d raised using my Defensive Practice (see notes re Jyoti & Benedicte).

4A. Page 2:  No I would not and knows how to meet the diverse and complex needs of each unique child (see Parents letters – Tayandre’s Elisabeth & Ashmita). Whenever I am not at Nursery the children are always asking of me and welcoming me when I return. Not to talk about my years as a Basic School Teacher and formal & informal roles. I have been working in partnership with (Community Playthings see correspondences) since LEYF sent me on a training trip led by Rachel Parker.  

4B. Page 2: Yes because LK refused to act about any concerns I raised and presented a false representation of the facts to CO as LK & BS put plans of getting me Sacked into place. Even HR was given information which resulted in victimisation when I tried to implement LEYF ethos and core values working 5+ years with LEYF (see Louise Cooper: Learning Journeys, EYFS, SENCO, trainings).  LK confided that she did not have the knowledge & expertise to fulfil some of her roles and knowing nothing has changed in early years since I started working in 1999. I know I cannot override the authority of the Structured Hierarchy in place. From prior experiences that cause me to experienced discrimination, I’d not make the same mistakes again and via studies I learned about Defensive Practice. My Defensive Practice is only one of the ways I can protect myself from the discrimination, harassment and victimisation that has been affecting my medical health and disability conditions which makes it difficult to carry out normal day-today activities (see OH Medical Referral).  

4C. Page 2: Yes evidence from the Investigation should be re-examined with relevant information about inappropriate practices at BIB scrutinised. Lack of knowledge and failure to adapt LEYF DNA and make changes is one of the main reasons there is so much problems at BIB. I only became aware about some of the allegations made against me after receiving the DISCIPLINARY to attend the Hearing. CO staff including Dilys HR were already stereotyping me because of some of the allegations sent to CO about me and they were either misconstrued or misinterpreted because of Language Barriers on the part of BS the main informant. Therefore (Equality Act 2010 talks about Employer’s prejudice to workers without knowing…).

4D. Page 2: This is the first time I was aware that Stella Louise was one of the witnesses. I met SL briefly a few times at BIB fleetingly in passing. We discussed ECAT trainings which I’d already done at LSN. On one occasion she observed me doing an activity and gave me constructive criticism and positive feedback. I was so impressed when I realised she wrote Books about Schemas that I signed up to attend (Nursery World Show 2015) after missing it a few years running when I realised she was doing a Seminar. So many of BIB children were learning via Schemas that I wanted to enhance my knowledge. So I’d like clarifications SL said that or it has to be construed as Hearsay? At no time was I rude in the presence of any professionals at BIB and in my professional role. I was taught how to “Dance a Yard & before I go Abroad by my parents being a JAMAICAN”.

Health Conditions

 5. Page 2: I am sure the Medical Referral OH that I done should clarify most of this. However I have to say if the Manager LK at BIB was not so intent and busy putting her plans into place to get me sacked some of my Basic Human Rights would not have been breached leaving me to lose my DIGNITY. I’d addressed my medical health and disability conditions as recently as when she done my (Supervision).  LK knew the measures I went through to get my file from LSN as I visited 2 times and then asked her to contact CO ensuring information got sent to BIB. I know even LK didn’t realised the importance of having my file as it contains information that was relevant. When one has to go through all the health checks like I & my husband have to undergo, we understand the importance of the meaning of a holistic lifestyle and making changes to maintain better qualities of life (NHS health checks – DESMONDS, etc).  

My only arguments is the way I was slowly being rejected by LEYF in that they couldn’t even bother getting my address right that even my husband noticed. He kept asking why they keep writing your address like that 16A-16B. Does that mean LEYF had made decisions that were foregone conclusions about my Life that could impact on my medical health and disability? With LK getting CO staff to come down each time allegations were made offering threats in the forms of Policy & Procedures that could lead to DISCIPLINARY & eventual SANCTIONS only served to trigger my medical health and disability conditions (see OH Medical Referral).  That can be the only reasons no one seemed to know about the information in my file about my ‘protected characteristic’ of having a disability with the Progressive Conditions and Hidden Disabilities linked to my medical health and disability. My file should contain the following: (GP letter, Contract, Updated information, etc). I therefore have to ask if LEYF is now saying they have no knowledge of my medical health conditions and disability.

And although it is part of Provision, Criterion or Practice in my Contract to agree to a Medical, I’d told Dilys when she visited me at HOC on 27.03.2015 that I’d self-referred before so knows the procedures. Dilys chose not to believe anything I said as by this time she was either consciously or unconsciously prejudiced against me because of stereotyping from BIB. I am glad I done the Medical because the doctor was such a Professional who help to alleviate my FEARS and advised me about Counselling Therapy and other measures I can get on the road to recovery. I can only hope reasonable adjustment will be made in compliance of the Equality Act 2010 at BIB?  Otherwise I’ll have to take advice given by other professionals to take out a GRIEVANCE to get back control of my life at work.   

5A. Page 2: My ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities were not unduly affected the past 5+ years I worked with LEYF. Julie Weise my Manager at LSN ensured reasonable adjustments were in place (see Card – January 2014) to enable me to do my work. However there were times when I got STRESSED and went to the (GP letter 2014) who signed me off to get the rest I needed, as I am aware of the triggers that affect my medical health and disability conditions. Therefore I’d make sure to try and keep in control of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to help me cope. Other than that I was given all the support I needed before to do my work. I only was unable to do this once the discrimination, harassment and victimisation started at BIB from 05.01.2015 instructed and directed by LK & BS. Then Jyoti was drafted in and lastly Flavia because poor Flavia had no other options and was herself a VICTIM.

5B. Page 2: The fact that the chair Rashid did not even know about the (email I send to Dilys HR) when the Union Rep Darren Mahon brought it up at the Disciplinary Hearing is testament to the fact everyone at LEYF was now focused on getting me SACKED by fair or foul means using whatever Policy & Procedures they could find. Dilys told me at HOC 27.03.2015 that she was concerned about my HEALTH because I had no other alternative than to resort to using the Whistleblowing & Confidentiality Policies to get her attention. But somehow I believe Dilys thinks I am MAD because of some of the things she kept saying to me about the Defensive Practice I adapted to share my concerns about inappropriate practices at BIB (see Report re child with SEND – Dilys).

6. Page 3: Since I’d requested use of the computer as part of reasonable adjustment to enable me to carry out normal day-to-day activities when I started at BIB. This was relayed to the Inspector (see OFSTED report) as features of effective practice at BIB and the OFSTED Inspector spoke to me directly and I spoke about other benefits of working closer to home as these were reasonable adjustments granted by LEYF with my transfer (Equality Act). I am always opened and honest about my hidden disability, deficits and limitations, so not allowing them to stop me carrying out normal day-to-day activities (see GP letter 2006, Contract, Updated Information, Supervision).

6A. Page 3: Since coming to BIB, I am positive Jyoti has been deliberately trying to frustrate me and this is triggering my Progressive conditions and hidden disability. I’d raised my concerns with LK verbally about Jyoti’s behaviours and conducts on me, but LK refused to act as she only says “that’s not what they say about you”, Dilys says the same thing too? When I resorted to my Defensive Practice, LK said she puts the notes in my file (see notes re: Jyoti & BS, Memo on whiteboard re children’s interests). Therefore everyone at BIB prefers to bury their head in the sand as they were busy trying to get me SACKED instead of taking heed of my concerns about my medical health conditions and disability.

6B. Page 3: I am positive Jyoti did not understand about the children with SEND either? As she seemed to have the relevant qualifications, but not the knowledge and expertise to know how to use them. Coming from a background having first hand experiences about SEND and studying and training to enhance knowledge and expertise (see CPPDP), I know what I am talking about.

Closing Nursery Incident

7. Page 3: Misconstrued – I did not say any such thing because I am aware of the Hierarchical Structure that is part of Provision, Criterion or Practice in any Organisation and since I started at LEYF 2009 there have been no changes. Even so I was told by the Area Manager HM that she would not support me over the Deputy Manager, therefore I know the rules and would not dare to breach them by challenging anyone with a STATUS above me (see Contract 2009)! Since I was warned about the plot being hatched to SACK me after coming back from Sick Leave, my colleague told me to be aware and do everything I was asked to do. Therefore I did not challenge the Manager, Deputy Manager, Room Leader nor the Duty Manager. Even Rujina was giving me orders and I complied because by this time I did not know who was making allegations against me. The only persons for sure who I knew were supporting me are: The chef – Gloria who gave me moral support because she knew what I was going through. Ricki, Shakia and Tolu – Agency Staff noticed how I was treated and commented about it. But because I was GAGGED, I could not talk about it.

7A. Page 3: Jyoti asked about the shutter, I apologised and volunteered to open it back. I had the BABY and Jyoti took the nappy sack out and brought it back. Before that night there was no arguments about any aspects of practice and the nappy sack in particular, because there was clear understanding about what needs to be done. The only reasons issues arose is because Jyoti and I were closing the nursery for the first time and (Equality Act states there were one-off decisions and actions to be taken that neither Jyoti nor myself were prepared to deal with before the incident).  At no time did I tell anyone to do any jobs themselves that they asked me to carry out (see Staff Meeting Minutes). This was just another incident that was being used to collect evidence to get me to have any kind of DISCIPLINARY to get me SACKED. By this time my medical health and disability conditions were triggered and I was paranoid around BIB team and couldn’t relax. I know they were trying to get me, because this information was shared with the chef, Gloria. I felt I was caught in oncoming traffic and nowhere to hide at BIB.

8. Page 3: l did not dispute anything and wouldn’t challenge any of BIB team in the Hierarchical Structure above me because I know LEYF’s the same way I know Maslow’s. Since by this time I know BIB wanted me SACKED, I was just working by instinct telling the Agency Staff she could go at about 6.10. It just never occurred to me to ask Jyoti’s permission and I know Jyoti was not aware that as the Duty Manager she was responsible and accountable for making one-off decisions of Provision, Criterion or Practice stated in the (Equality Act). I was doing my job by instinct (see Duty Manager’s Induction Programme) and did not set out to intentionally undermine the Deputy Manager. This is practice I am used to and never stopped to think otherwise. When you worked with LEYF as long as I have you tend to just develop certain knowledge and skills. (Contract – Job Title) states in part that that it does not limit your duties with the Organisation and you may from time-to-time be required to do other work that is within your capabilities either on a permanent or temporary basis.

9. Page 3: Again my arguments are taken out of context. I’d done all I can/could to help induct Jyoti at BIB sharing my practice as a LEYF worker with 5+ years dedicated service (Long Service Award letter – 15.10.2014). I advised Jyoti to go and shadow one of the Deputy, which she did. It’s time Jyoti needs to be more proactive taking responsibility and be accountable for her own Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan and stop making excuses. I’d helped to induct Jyoti about all aspects of (Equality Act – Provision, Criterion or Practice) at BIB so she should be aware about the Safety Latch on the Gate to be able to make one-off decisions in meeting the (Welfare Requirements of the EYFS) re Safeguarding.  When she took the nappy sack out (she never asked me to), she returned saying she did not know how to get out to put it in the bin. She wanted me to come and show her, but I had the BABY at the time, so she went off in a HUFF to put it back and write in the Communication BOK. If Jyoti was acting professional, reasonable and not rushing to go home, I could easily show her how to open the Safety Gate? I learned via studies (OU Qualification certificates 2004 – 2010) about different approaches. Therefore I was using my knowledge and expertise to apply top down/bottom up approaches in getting the job done. It is not enough for Jyoti to be using bureaucratic red tape and rhetoric of being Deputy Manager, making excuses not to fulfil her Contractual Job Title of Deputy Manager. She keeps saying I am asking you because you should know, you have worked with LEYF all these years. Yet she not taking into consideration, I am also in a new environment and taking my time to adapt to the changes. However with the discrimination, harassment and victimisation, I was finding it difficult to carry out normal day-to- day activities by this time. BIB by this time was blaming me for everything as a means to getting me SACKED (see Investigation Reports).

10. Page 4: Evidence at all LEYF nurseries that I covered and the 3 that I was based for any length of time – Fitzrovia where I started with LEYF, Luton Street where I spent 4+ years and BIB where I’ve been transferred since 23rd July 2014. My Defensive Practice and treasuring the things that are Important to me ensures I keep Memorabilia. This is also part of my OCD that I keep on top of my work without too much undue pressures.

(Letters & Cards & Trainings: Contract re Job Title. Duty Manager’s Induction Programme. Patricia Sessions. Julie Weise – 21.08.2010, 13.08.2012, Jany 2014. Luton Street – Supervisions, Staff Interview, LSN Graduation 2014, Staff Leaving Book & Madonna’s Gift, Ashmita’s mum’s. CEO – 06.05.2011, 15.10.2014, 05.11.2014, 30.01.2015. BIB OFSTED Report & Supervision. Nursery World Show 2015. LK Investigation Report. Elizabeth’s dad &Tayandre’s mum). 

10A. Page 4:  Shared vision of setting up Forrest School themed Mud Kitchen at BIB with colleagues and parents. Went in 3 days in a row in my own time to clear the GARDEN of rubbish collect over years (Investigation Report) Jyoti claimed I’d signed in early and trying to use that making allegations against me. Yet I’d discussed this at Parents/Staff Meeting and got approval from the Manager LK to go ahead with the Project. I am segregated and at the beck and call of all BIB staff who didn’t offer to help clearing the garden. However I am given orders to do the menial chores and singled out verbally & in writing (see photo on white board re Lunch Break & Note in Cupboard). Then LK, BS, Jyoti and Flavia undermines my contributions and are patronising in the things they say to me verbally and written (Staff Meeting Minutes & Investigation Report).  

11. Page 4: Anyone who knows about my medical health and disability – re: Progressive Conditions & Hidden Disabilities underlying conditions such as Anxiety & OCD. Knows those compulsions mean certain things have to be done to a certain standards of perfections for me because I don’t want to get blamed when things go wrong. Jyoti was rushing me to hurry when I am trying to help in closing down the nursery securely. The Blame Culture at BIB had already triggered the underlying medical health and disability conditions (Notes to LK re Jyoti & BS).

Behaviour Management in Nursery Garden

12. Page 4 -5:  The chef was in the garden discussing menu with the Manager LK and volunteered to stay until the cover LK said she was sending out came. This shows that the chef is aware of Safeguarding which must be part of her Job Title working with young children & vulnerable adult I am assuming?

12A. Page 4-5: I did not see the lego bricks being thrown or I’d deal with the matter (CPPDP & trainings). 

 12B. Page 4-5: At no time did I recall seeing Jyoti turning from looking at the Garden to look inside, so I am assuming children inside were sleeping in the BABY Room & others were outside because it was a lovely day.  

12C. Page 4-5: When Jyoti came out in the Garden, she was arguing and I chose to walk away saying I am not arguing with you. By this time my medical health and disability conditions were progressively worsening and managing my health via holistic lifestyle changes I am aware of the triggers. Therefore I won’t do anything to unduly lose control if I can help it? I guess Jyoti realised I was not falling in her trap act unprofessionally to send in the COMPLAINTS that LK & BS were in the office writing to send to CO, that’s why she threatened to “Deal with me Later”?

12D. Page 4-5: Bendicte was not in the garden and was probably in the office with LK writing the Complaints that LK claimed was a Report for Parents when she left the Garden to go inside? The Complaint launched the Investigation next day that led to the DISCIPLINARY.  

13. Page 5: There was nothing going on inside the nursery for Jyoti to act unprofessionally about because from the time when LK said she was going in to write letter for parent and Jyoti stood at the door. I called out to her asking if she was asked to cover the chef, she said she was waiting for BS. However she acted unprofessionally outside. She was the one saying I was not doing my work, talking to the chef and issuing threats about getting me later – that must be referring to the COMPLAINTS LK & BS preparing in the office?

14. Page 5: Yes because some of the incidents in the Complaints happened on different occasions (see Investigation Reports). The Manager should have dealt with them internally from the day or next they happened if they were considered to be BREACHES re SAFEGUARDING and not wait so long after using them for DISCIPLINARY to get me SACKED.

14A. Page 5: BS was not in the garden during the incident, so she must have been in the office with LK preparing the Complaint to send to CO by 3.00 pm (LK told me that’s why she needed to go inside and would send cover out). Even though BS wasn’t in the garden like at Rumi’s wedding BS was stirring up trouble making allegations that were untrue about me because BS threatened to RESIGN if LK did not SACK me.

14C. Page 5: Since 05.01.2015 I was segregated and left to deal with the more challenging children. On the day in question, I was on my own with a child with SEND who needed reassurance, and at the same time having to supervise the open plan area. All the other staff were in the sections where I could not see them.

14D. Page 5: On reflections and looking back on the events of the week and Thursday in particular, I have no options but to come to this conclusion. The behaviours and conduct of FLAVIA in particular was out of character. But Flavia was also a VICTIM who had no other choice but to act as she was instructed so as not to end up like Rumi who was forced to resign and the chef Gloria who had a DISCIPLINARY because she didn’t agree with what was happening to me at BIB.

15. Page 6: BIB were given information about the person I am supposed to be before I came to BIB. No one tried to try and know the person who is different from the stereotype. I consider myself to be a sociable person who made every effort to fit in at BIB. I use my hobbies – photography, research and writing to help me maintain a balance and therefore I was not unduly affected by my medical health and disability conditions (went to Mewe’s leaving do & take emails to share photos). I am not friends with anyone at BIB on Social Media. My life has been turned upside down since 05.01.2015 under LK instructions and this discrimination, harassment and victimisation is what trigger my medical health and disability progressive and underlying hidden disabilities of anxiety, OCD, Paranoia & DEPRESSION (see emails Dilys HR & Medical Referral OH). OH gave me advice about getting help, but reasonable adjustments will have to be made by BIB to support me too (Equality Act 2010).

16. Page 6: The Manager told me she is the SENCO, but is waiting for training and have no knowledge and expertise about some of her roles and responsibilities. Since I’d done studies & trainings (sees CPPDP 1999 – 2010) and LEYF invested in empowering me to enhance my knowledge and expertise (Correspondences re: Sandie Choi Inclusion Teacher – Camden Council, OFSTED report BIB, Worry Form & IEP, Supervision).

16A. Page 6: Fact because although they might have the qualification, they do not have the knowledge and first hand experiences to promote and implement inclusive practices. However there are barriers, constraints and limitations imposed using the Hierarchical Structure (see Staff Meeting Minutes). I have to gain permission from Manager, Deputy, Room Leader and Duty Manager to use the knowledge and expertise I’d spent years studying to gain (OU Qualifications). Flavia imposed restrictions on the ways some children with SEND are to be treated which is failing to meet the diverse and complex needs of individual children, therefore not knowing BIB is discriminating against these children by association stated in the (Equality Act 2010) because they share ‘protected characteristic’ of disability.

17. Page 6: Agency staff like Ricki, Tolu and Shakia are highly qualified and have experiences of working with SEND children and children with diverse and complex needs. Although I enquired and found out Tolu and Shakia do not want permanent positions, I encourage LK to ask Ricki to apply as she would be an asset to LEYF. Rujina and I ask her to apply, instead when Ricki reported inappropriate practices she witnessed at BIB, LK ensured she did not come back to BIB. LK don’t know it but in the Equality Act this is discrimination by RACISM that is ‘a protected characteristic’ of victimisation because Ricki reported about a ‘protected act’.    

17A. Page 6: BIB team needs training in order that they can make reasonable adjustments in meeting the diverse and complex needs of children with SEND and other additional needs. Lack of knowledge means that without trainings they cannot implement and promote best inclusive practice (see CPPDP, correspondence re Sandie Choi, NHS trainings, Nursery World Show 2015).

Incident at Snack Time

 18. Page 6: Misconstrued and misinterpreted – Supervising children in the main open plan section of the building. Supporting child with Autism who was very distressed and I couldn’t see what was happening in the other parts of the building. Flavia gave strict instructions about the child so everyone ignored the child when he needed reassurance (see Concerns to Dilys). 

19. Page 7: Fact hence BS keeps saying she is SCARED of me without being able to give valid reasons. This was said at Rumi’s wedding to a mentor I’d met when I started studying at Lambeth Colleague to gain my first qualifications. This person was a former colleague of BIB. I realised Nichola was stereotyping me each time she went to Duty Managers’ Meeting and came back asking personal questions about my work and personal life. I tried my best to fit in attending Mewe’s leaving do and sharing photos via emails that were given to me (can be verified because I still have emails). I attended the BIB Christmas Party and had a good time with those who bothered to attend.

19A. Page 7: LK was so taken aback when I turned up at BIB Xmas Party, she took my photo and send it to me via email. She kept referring to her neighbour who is JAMAICAN, but I am not sure what that means? I was the only BIB staff to turn up at LEYF New Year Staff Party, and I am sure no one was able to tell I was having trouble at BIB once I am out of that environment that BIB created to stereotype me?

19B. Page 7: Jyoti was the one who started belittling, undermining and sawing I was LOUD, preventing me from doing my work and then the rest of BIB preschool joined in. Remember in Emergency Staff Meeting, one BIB staff said “I don’t care where you come from you are too LOUD and you not going to behave like that here”. That was when the ganging up started. I always thought I’d had a sense of humour to go with my personality (see LEYF letter re Contributions – CEO).  

20. Page 7: LK was very patronising when I done (Worry Form & IEP & ECAT) for key child for whom I have concerns. Although LK told me she had no trainings for her role as SENCO, she was very patronising saying “I have some bright clever people here, but I am doing corrections” after I’d done the Worry Form & IEP and gave to her! When it suits her that’s when LK said I work with LEYF for many years so can…? Yet when 2 nurseries visited LK undermined the BIB preschool room saying “only the Baby Room got Outstanding from OFSTED (see Staff Meeting Minutes) because of Carol”.

20A. Page 7: Parents complained at the last Parents/Staff Meeting I attended about their dissatisfactions with aspects of practice that they were not happy with.

20B. Page 7: Was asked to do groups, etc (see grouping list ideas) and LK said she’d type and implement. Then when LK wanted to lay blame she started acting unprofessionally towards me by disempowering me because she did not carry out her end of the targets she set.

21. Page 7-8: I will let the parents of present and past key children have their say about this: (Parent’s Letters – Ashmita, Elizabeth, Tayandre’). I have also being working in partnerships with a school after going to Community Playthings for training with LEYF – (see correspondences Community Playthings).  

22. Page 8: The Medical Referral to OH addressed this without a doubt now I hope and I can once more claim back my INTEGRITY that was being destroyed with my good name and character since I arrived at BIB. I shouldn’t have to suffer so much and have my Basic Human Rights taken away from me before anyone would spent a little time to give me a VOICE (notes re Jyoti & BS to LK, verbal communications to Hilda Miller & Dilys & emails & concerns to Dilys). The notes re Jyoti & BS were sent to Dilys at HR, but because LK had prejudiced CO about me I was left to face discrimination, harassment and victimised.  When the chef did not agree to BIB discrimination of me there was indirect discrimination when the Manager LK applies a neutral provision, criterion or practice which put both the chef Gloria and I at a disadvantage (Equality Act 2010) This indirect discrimination was on the grounds of RACE as we both face DISCIPLINARY resulting in Sanctions of FINAL WRITTEN WARNING. Therefore I faced further discrimination, harassment and victimisation and breached of my Basic Human Rights when my medical health and disability were affected, preventing me from carrying out normal day-to-day activities.

23. Page 8: Clarifications, I said I don’t wear a watch, so is not necessarily aware of how much time I spend. I go when I need to and is mindful of my duty of ensuring adult child/ratio re safeguarding. I only noticed reading the Investigation Report that BIB was timing my every move. Since BIB is the cause of Breaching my Basic Human Right and Equality Act 2010 they should be ashamed of discriminating, harassing and victimising me against a number of the Equality Act ‘protected characteristics’: Disability, Age, Race. When I used LEYF Confidentiality and Whistleblowing Policy & Procedures to Defend myself I faced further discrimination when I was bundled out of BIB and sent to HOC. Being sent to HOC made my Progressive Conditions and Hidden Disability even worse as I was out of my Comfort Zones where I was in Control of my Medical Health and Disability Conditions.

24. Page 8: I was always in control of my medical health and disability conditions working in partnerships with my GP and other NHS support network (see GP letter re: Stress, DESMOND). I only lost control and unable to carry out normal day-to-day activities since 05.01.2015.

25. Page 8: Addressed in Medical Referral OH. I should not have been put through the Stress of the DISCIPLINARY because I have been trying to get someone to listen to me from when Hilda Miller and then Dilys came to have Meetings with me. And even at the Disciplinary Hearing the Union Rep Darren Mahon asked for clarifications and brought up the matter of emails I’d sent to Dilys HR. The chair of the PANEL flippantly in what I consider to be “I don’t want to hear that manner, said I don’t know anything about the emails”. If only someone had spared the time to listen to my concerns I’d not have to lose all these months out of my life and having my Progressive Conditions and Hidden Disabilities exacerbated to the point where I will have to take time out to recover. I managed my health and disability conditions holistically and made lifestyle changes. Now I will have to start all over again and conquer ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, OCD, and PARANOIA & MISTRUST OF OTHERS.

26. Page 9: Yes but not only Snack time, the whole of Thursday leading up to the Complaints which launched the Investigation by Isabel Glen. Because BIB instructed by LK (see Memo to All Staff) made threats about DISCIPLINARY. Benedicte influenced LK because she took a dislike of me, saying she is not working with me because I came to BIB to promote and implement LEYF ways of working (see Louise Cooper, CEO letter 05.11.2014). During (Staff Meeting) that was directed at me, LK told me I should go. When I did not go voluntarily, BS went to Rumi’s wedding, came back and made allegations about things I did not say about LK & other LEYF former colleagues & CO staff. At the same time LK started instructing and inciting BIB & Nichola, Sadie, Lauren and Tesheba to make allegations about me, involving CO to get me SACKED, but despite everything they couldn’t find evidence that I breached my Contract. LK got rid of the chef via DISCIPLINARY because she was the only one who did not     agree with what BIB was doing to me. LK told someone she had to SACK me because BS had written her Resignation. In the end they came up with the Complaints that led to the DISCIPLINARY. At the same time plans were afoot to get rid of me saying I was incompetent to carry out my normal day-to-day activities (see Investigation Report). BIB were raising concerns about my health despite the information presented and concerns raised (see notes re Jyoti & BS, Supervison) about the effects of behaviours and conduct on my medical health conditions and disability.

Incident with changing a child

27. Page 9: Benedicte needs to stop and reflect on why she treats others the way she do, because I believe there are some underlying issues in her life she needs sorting out before it’s too late for her redemption? BS treats elders, colleagues and some of the children with utter contempt and I am not sure if she is even aware of her behaviour and conduct? I’d recommend that LEYF gives her the support she needs by offering trainings, hoping there are redeemable qualities in her. Because BS is only young and I do not wish for her to be left alone to cope with her deficits and limitations as I still believe there is good in every one of God’s children. It is common knowledge that BS bullied Flavia, Rumi and Remi and BS influences the Manager’s decisions. The manager have people pulling this way and that and I am still going to say as I said to my husband after the Banana Eating Incident, LK is still a “Good Person at Heart” even after what she put me through these past months.

I shy away from confrontations for personal reasons.

28. Page 9: When anyone has gone through certain experiences in their lives that is the only time they will know about the lives of others. When I was at LSN Judy Vaughn did not understand me, but because of my photographic memory of remember things, and I believe that is my Brain compensating because my deficits & limitations means at times I can’t write. JV was off because of allegations and I do not know the facts because of Confidentiality. But when there was an Investigation, I recalled some advice I’d given her about safeguarding matter when she was on Duty Manager. When she came back to work she burst into tears and is talking to me. As I reached out to her I recalled she told me not to invade her space so I withdrew. She told me to forget about that and I reassured her. When I went to LSN JV was with a Bloke, but I could see she was struggling, even to the point of self-harming but I didn’t know why. I went on holidays and came back to hear JV came out and is now a Lesbian, so I worked out JV was struggling with her sexuality at the time when I assumed she was self-harming. The only way I could reach out to JV that day was to share my Secret with her, I had a BISEXUAL brother. This had split my Family, but that didn’t stop me from supporting him and standing up to the Bullies beside him.  He went away to a more Tolerant Society USA, but when he got SICK, he came back to JA to live out his days, he knew he was DYING. My brother never had a chance once he was back in JA & he was bullied until he committed himself. He died in PRISON. I keep this private in respect of his children and grandchildren and I am only sharing this because I know I live in a tolerant society and people can talk openly about their sexuality, because I’ve listened to Gary Simpson. Therefore on top of my other experiences that is Public Knowledge, I’d never go out of my way to intentionally do anything to harm anyone and cause them to suffer.

29. Page 10: The PANEL did not know about any other information except the bits they’d taken from the Investigation to get me SACKED as can be seen from the DISCIPLINARY Outcome of Final Written Warning on my File for 12 Months. With my medical health conditions and disability, there was no way I could survive even a week of BIB.  Then to compound matters the Union advised me not to APPEAL. I had to take matters in my own hands that further exacerbated my Progressive Conditions & Hidden Disability.

30. Page 10: I think I managed Mama’s death like I coped with all the others of my loved ones who passed. More so now that I have come to terms with my own Mortality. Anyway my Mother is my Mother especially when I am an only GIRL who was not at home with MUM most of the times since I moved to the UK. Therefore I don’t think it bothered too much because BIB did not know my Mum like LSN did just hear me talking about her like I did all my Family. (Julie Weise card January 2014) JW left me a card because she was going to finish at LSN before I came back from JA when I went to my Son’s wedding. That’s the sort of professional relationship I had with JW and yet we know when to remove the professional barriers for personal touches.

31. Page 10: I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion. But when BS went back from Rumi’s wedding and reported I said nasty (see Investigation Report) things about former LEYF colleagues and CO staff she got it wrong and that’s why I am saying there is Language Barriers at BIB. I’d said things about former colleagues (see OFSTED Contact) but BS listened just long enough because she had her own agenda and axe to grind to get me SACKED so put her plans in place.

31A. Page 10: LK used those labels saying wherever LEYF have the “BAD APPLES” they bring Us to BIB.

31C. Page 10: The ball is in LEYF court to answer the questions, all I can say is I will be forever grateful to LEYF for giving me a job when no one else would and I was at Rock Bottom. This matter at BIB has dented my Confidence & Self-Esteem, but I am still a Resilient Person and Know I can rise to the Challenges to make a Recovery. It might not be as Speedy as when I was Younger, but I have the Incentives to do so and I MUST. I hope others will reflect on why they can’t be tolerant of others and make this world a better place. I am not looking for REVENGE, just CLOSURE and move on with the SANCTION that is causing my SICKNESS removed because I can’t function like this.

32. Page 11: Whoever wrote this Mervelee alleges she feels treated like a ‘Yard Girl”. Is definitely not a Jamaican nor knows anything about my Culture, Heritage, Roots or Patois. They’d know I’d not say Girl, but “GAL/GYAL”. To cut a long story short a “SLAVE”, and I won’t even bother go into that because I might end up having fi guh get DUTTY & I don’t want fi lose all what my Parents taught me about learn fi dance a yard before you go abroad. I know how to do both – Dance a Yard and Abroad. I know when to be a Yardie & when it’s time to take off the Yardie character and be a British. Another lesson in Jamaican Parlance I don’t wear the Yard clothes go to Church.

I was Brought up with Moral Principles of Wrong and Right!

I just need some time to get back to being myself without being judged and stereotyped! I have faced discrimination, harassment and victimisation which nearly pushed me over the edge and caused my “Hidden Disabilities” which are the underlying “Progressive Conditions” of my “Medical Health and Disability Conditions” to become exacerbated and worsen in 2004, 2008 and since 05.01.2015. On all the occasions I have been let down by a “System” that I Paid Money to, to Provide Support When I Needed it Most. But on the 3 Occasions and now more than the other 2 I can’t believe Lightening could Strike me again and again. Therefore I refuse from putting my TRUST in any System again to be Discriminated, Harassed and be Victimised. So yes I APPEALED despite the THREATS/WARNINGS cloaked as in my Best Interest and finally is being Listened to?

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open)



                                                                                                                                               London SE1 5PY

Bermondsey & Lansdowne

Medical Mission

At Decima Street & Artesian Health Centre

09th November 2017.

                                                                   To Whom It May Concern

Last week Friday, a week ago today, I got up and was unable to carry out normal day to day activities because my back conditions flared up again. I walked to the Artesian Health Centre in excruciating pain, using the aid of a stick. I asked to make an appointment, only to be told that the earliest one is the 29th November 2017. I asked what measures were in place to help me in my situation. And that’s when I was asked for my details for the Doctor to contact me. I asked them to take both my numbers, just in case. I must say that the GP did contact me and prescribe medication after a detailed consultation. My only concerns was the fact that she was not too versed with the locations of the Practices as she was about to send my prescription to Decima Street, but we got it sorted in the end.

I would like to suggest that in the future, depending on the nature and severity of the reasons for visiting the Surgery that there is a Review of this procedure. Because I was hardly mobile, in excruciating pain and having to go back home. I could have waited in the Surgery to have the telephone Consultations and the matter dealt with from thence. Instead, I had to struggle home and then struggle back to the surgery to collect the prescription.  

This morning I mistakenly got the dates mixed up as I thought I have two appointments, one for today and another for tomorrow. I arrived at the Surgery 9:10 am for what I though was a 9:15 appointment. Told the Receptionist, I have an appointment and she said its tomorrow. I said let me show you the text, and in the process of getting out my phone, said to myself, “I don’t want people to say…”? She did not wait for me to finish, she starts arguing. I said to her I am not talking to you, she said I said people. I said I don’t even know your name, I said “people in general”. I am guessing she might be thinking that because she is an official capacity and I am nothing she can talk to me as she pleases. So I argued my point, bringing her colleague into the conversation. Because the colleague, always acknowledges me before, when I visited, joking that my names is spelt Myers with an s and hers without. However the last two occasions, I noticed her watching me out of the corner of her eye. 

I told the Receptionist, how her unfair treatment was making me feel. Explaining about the malicious call out of the Police and Ambulance Services last week. The fact that I reported to the Police in the morning about the verbal threats, I was receiving from the Sunday morning. I was told this have nothing to do with them and if there was an emergency to call 999, I don’t understand what they consider an emergency. However the Police and Ambulance could turn up at my house later, after a malicious report from one of the persons involved in the verbal threats. The Malicious Caller’s concerns were based on a non-existent Facebook post about me feeling like I want to self-harm, I haven’t eaten in three days and I was feeling suicidal. There was no such post and if there was, I did not write it. My Medical Records can verify my arguments about my disabilities: mental and physical and the more progressive health conditions of aging. The early intervention strategies that I have always used to manage and control them.

Every time something like this happen it sets me back and I relapse to what happened from I get back from burying my MOTHER, transferred to a new work environment. I endured the period of discrimination which led to my entire life torn apart, and I am struggling to get back some normality to the life I once knew. Flashing before my eyes is the fact that I could have DIED, if I was not thinking quickly to show my Medical Reports. What could have happened if I was agitated on the day and did not corporate with them to resolve the matter? Even then they were insisting I go with them to the Hospital, leaving my vulnerable husband on his own.

The same Medical Reports that the Employment Tribunals Judges overlooked and said I do not have disabilities, one was used to do their assessment write up. Then the ET judges, affirm the discrimination posting the judgement online at https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016. I have had enough with putting up with crap from the establishment and the systems. However, I refuse to be a voiceless victim as everyone is telling me to become. Therefore I will make sure I continue to keep my Defensive Practice.

I have my disabilities from childhood, when my Father was struck down with Parkinson’s. I have lived a productive life until it was cruelly derailed with ulterior motives. The counsellor said whatever forms of therapy I used to help myself, to carry on. I discovered the reasons for the Passive Aggressive Behaviours of swearing (CUSS BAD WUDS), so I hardly do so anymore. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ‘Article 14 states it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds. If anyone had to live my life the way I have from the time my Father was struck down with Parkinson’s, they would have some insights into the challenges I have overcome to be where I am at in life now. But instead, I am having to justify myself to ignorant people who have no knowledge about why there is the Equality Act.

Thanks very much to the Doctor who responded to my call for reassurance and support of having someone listening to the way I was made to feel by some Jobsworth at the Artesian Health Centre this morning. My mistake was what it was, a genuine mistake. That’s why I don’t like to find myself in these sorts of situations, because I just can’t function. My actions are usually misconstrued, misinterpreted and I end up being judged and made to feel inferior.

I have been living like this all my life and more so since the death of my MOTHER. I would like for there to be more tolerance in this society that I am hoping to leave for my grandchildren. For my grandson not to be discriminated against because of his RED HAIR.

Thanks very much.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Early Years Practitioner, Former Basic School Teacher, EYFS Coordinator, SENCO, Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator, Volunteer, Carer, Advocate.  

Cultural abuse

Cultural abuse makes reference to the type of abuse that children may experience that is often justified or condoned based on traditional family practices or community expectations.

  • The practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), for example, is often cited as a religious requirement, however it is not stated in any spiritual text that it should be performed. What is known about the practice of FGM is that within the cultures where it is practiced girls are expected to have the procedure done in order to ensure that they marry later on in life without the stigma of impurity. It is said to enhance their desirability to the future would-be husband; hence the practice is a cultural tradition.
  • Another example of cultural abuse may be the view that a girl child within a Caribbean family should start cooking and cleaning for all the family at a very young age (often nine or ten years old) on a regular basis, as a means to teach her how to provide and care for her future family later on in life. If such practices prevent the girl from focussing on education, enjoying play and socialising this could amount to abuse based on cultural practices.
  • Some issues are linked to both faith and culture and are abusive in their manifestation. An example of this is the practice of not educating girls due to the religious belief that they are inferior to boys. This might be how the family roles have been adhered to through generations, so even if a family is no longer overtly religious they may still uphold traditions based on ancient spiritual teachings or


 Faith abuse

  • Faith based abuse refers to the abuse of children by those who have power due to their faith or religious affiliation and who utilise this power to have a negative influence on either the child directly or in order to impact on the child via parents/ community. The abuse that children may experience at the hands of rogue or manipulative faith leaders/guiders and others within the setting may involve sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect. The abuse may take place within a religious setting or other venue where the faith leader/guider is able to continue within their role as a faith leader/ guider.
  • Parents and carers of children may be influenced by faith leaders to take abusive action towards their children in order to cleanse their spirit of a bad habit or correct negative behaviour.
  • Children may be neglected within faith settings due to lack of understanding in terms of the child’s specific needs. For example the faith setting may not appreciate that the child could find loud and animated praying quite scary, as their parents may seem to be in a vulnerable place during this process which could leave children feeling insecure.
  • Other settings may not have a specific meeting space for children and they may be exposed to information and actions by adults which they are too immature to process or understand, i.e. ‘the church members going into spirit and falling on the floor or speaking in tongues’.
  • Neglect can also be experienced in these settings due to very long services and or faith gatherings at hours when children require sleep. Parents and carers may also abuse children due to misguided beliefs about what their faith or religion demands of them in relation to a child’s behaviour, ability or attitude towards the child.
  • Some children may be required to fast beyond a capacity which is healthy for them. Others may be forced to attend a faith gathering when they are at an age where they can decide that they no longer wish to follow this belief or take part in the faith practices.
  • Faith based child abuse linked to a belief in spirit possession or children branded as witches refers to the abuse of children and young people who are believed to be taken over by an evil spirit or who have become possessed by an evil spirit. When children are deemed to be evil by the faith group and or the parent/carer, this can place the child in grave danger if those in the community firmly believe that children can be possessed. The number of children deemed to be spirit possessed is still quite small in comparison to the number of children abused in other ways. The consequences of such an accusation is often life threatening and exposes the child to extreme physical, emotional and sexual abuse and ultimate neglect. The type of abuse the child may experience can be very disturbing such as having pepper rubbed into orifices of the body and given non-edible things to eat, or otherwise starved, hence it is crucial that action is taken to protect children as soon as possible.
  • Child abuse within religious and spiritual settings is as a direct result of the exploitation of power by adults and or older young people within those settings.

Child B who has SEND: Autism

Nurturing: The plant that was brought from home and the age of my eldest grandchild. It has since died.

Sadie from Nicola’s team


Transporting & Enveloping

Tayandre’ engages in Shemas

Block Play: Morning Session

Block Play: Afternoon Session

Outdoor Play Promoting Inclusion Tayandre’ Football  

Climbing Apparatus & Slide

  Contract Job Title: Early Years Practitioner. Job Description: EYFS Coordinator, SENCO, Multigenerational Working Practice Coordinator.    

Meal Times: Supporting children with SEND & Diverse and Complex Needs:

This child never joined in at meal times before, I was told when I joined BIB. However because of my Qualifications, trainings and experiences, I was able to provide the early intervention strategies to promote inclusive practices to get him to be included when I joined BIB. 

The Role & Responsibilities of the SENCO: There were many children at BIB who were not given access to a balanced EYFS curriculum, because the SENCO who Hilda Miller appointed was not trained and had no knowledge about the roles and responsibilities of the SENCO. The manager Lynne Kelly was the SENCO.

BIB where Discrimination was sanction by June O’Sullivan

           Human Resources     
Use of Social Networking Sites Policy
AuthorNeil KingVersion Number1.1
DepartmentHuman ResourcesCirculation and storage InstructionsChildren’s Services   Nursery Operations 2015/HR File
Policy ReviewerHuman ResourcesApproval LevelCEO/HR Director
Date of ApprovalSeptember 2010Review DateUnder Review Jan 2015


This policy on social networking websites is in addition to London Early Years Foundations (LEYF) existing policy on e-mail and internet use.

As employees are aware, the internet is provided for business use. LEYF recognises that many employees use the internet for personal purposes and that many employees participate in social networking on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo and Friendster.

The purpose of this policy is to outline the responsibilities of employees using the internet to access social networking websites.

LEYF permits employees to access social networking websites on the internet for personal use during certain times (provided that they are not undertaking overtime). These times are:

  • before and after work hours; and
  • during the break at lunch.

The Company reserves the right to restrict access to these websites.

Personal conduct

LEYF respects an employee’s right to a private life. However, we must also ensure that confidentiality and our reputation are protected. It therefore requires employees using social networking websites to:

  • refrain from identifying themselves as working for LEYF;
  • ensure that they do not conduct themselves in a way that is detrimental to the LEYF; and
  • take care not to allow their interaction on these websites to damage working relationships between members of staff and customers of the LEYF.

Monitoring of internet access at work

LEYF reserves the right to monitor employees’ internet usage, but will endeavour to inform any employee when this is to happen and the reasons for it. LEYF considers that valid reasons for checking an employee’s internet usage include suspicions that the employee has:

  • been spending an excessive amount of time viewing websites that are not work-related; or
  • acting in a way that damages the reputation of LEYF and/or breaches commercial confidentiality.

LEYF reserves the right to retain information gathered on employees’ use of the internet for a period of [one year].

Disciplinary action

If LEYF discovers from its monitoring that employees have employees have breeched the policy then access to the web may be withdrawn in any case of misuse of this facility.

If appropriate, disciplinary action may also be taken in line with the LEYF’s disciplinary policy.

Security and identity theft

Employees should be aware that social networking websites are a public forum, particularly if the employee is part of a “network”. Employees should not assume that their entries on any website will remain private. Employees should never send abusive or defamatory messages.

Employees must also be security conscious and should take steps to protect themselves from identity theft, for example by restricting the amount of personal information that they give out. Social networking websites allow people to post detailed personal information such as date of birth, place of birth and favourite football team, which can form the basis of security questions and passwords. In addition, employees should:

  • ensure that no information is made available that could provide a person with unauthorised access to the LEYF and/or any confidential information; and
  • refrain from recording any confidential information regarding LEYF on any social networking website.


At no stage during the recruitment process will HR and line managers conduct searches on prospective employees on social networking websites. This is in line with the LEYF equal opportunity policy.

Strictly private and confidential Mervelee MyersDirect Dial:  020 7551 7737 Email:  m.bunch@bwbllp.com Your ref:      Our ref:          MCB/DAG/203781/0018 24 September 2015

By email: rattynem@btinternet.com

Dear Madam

London Early Years Foundation (“LEYF”)

We act for LEYF and have been instructed following the disclosure of a number of defamatory posts that you have made on your Facebook and LinkedIn and social media accounts.

We understand that following an internal meeting yesterday you were suspended from your employment pending a disciplinary investigation into alleged gross misconduct.  As part of that suspension you were told that you should not communicate with any third party about the investigation or the allegations against you.  You were specifically warned not to publicise these allegations or any comments about the organisation on social media.

At the meeting you were given a further copy of the organisation’s Social Media Policy.

It has now been brought to the attention of the organisation that you have posted at least 15 posts which contain reference to LEYF and your teammates.  You have changed the name LEYF to LEAF and you refer to all of your teammates by their initials, but it is apparent that you are referring to your employer and your work-mates.  Your LinkedIn account also confirms that you are an employee of LEYF.

Your posts are defamatory, are likely to bring the reputation of the organisation into disrepute and are in breach of the organisation’s Social Media Policy.  These actions are also a breach of the organisation’s disciplinary policy.

Accordingly, our client requires that you immediately desist from making any further posts which identify or may identify LEYF or any of their employees.

Our client also requires that you remove any previous posts from Facebook and LinkedIn which refer to the current investigation, your employer (referred to in your posts as LEAF) and any references to your co-workers and team members.

Our client takes such breaches of its Social Media Policy extremely seriously and therefore requires your written undertaking that you will not continue to post defamatory comments or any information about the Company during this investigation.  If this written undertaking is not received by close of business on 29 September 2015 and all of the previous posts have not been removed by this date, our client will have to consider taking formal legal action to ensure that they are removed and to prevent you from further making such defamatory posts.

The Company also reserve its rights to bring further internal proceedings in respect of your conduct to date in any event.

Our client trusts that you will abide by their internal policies and will not now do anything further to make the current situation any worse.

We await hearing from you further.

Yours faithfully

Bates Wells Braithwaite


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EAT Form 1

Notice of Appeal from Decision of Employment Tribunal

Mervelee Myers, 16 Alma Grove, Bermondsey, London SE1 5PY

Mervelee Myers 16 Alma Grove Bermondsey London SE1 5PY   

Reasons:                                                                                                                           2. The Respondent resists the claims. I submitted written Statements throughout the Employment Tribunals to the Respondent Solicitor Mr John Fenton in which I copied the Employment Tribunals about the discrepancies throughout.                                                                                                          

Solicitors Bates Wells Brathwaite: I was first contacted by LEYF Solicitors on the 24th September 2015 about the matter. I subsequently sent the Solicitors one of four Open Letters I had written with attachments. I later sent more correspondences and I did not hear from BWB Solicitors after that.                            

Mr John Fenton: I was contacted by Mr Fenton via email prior to the Preliminary Hearing of the 15th March 2016. Judge Baron sent back the RACISM Discrimination Claim for review and it was strike out again by Judge Martin. After the Hearing Mr Fenton said he wanted to speak to me and Mr Chester Pinder who accompanied me to the Preliminary Hearing. I asked Mr Fenton about BWB Solicitors and if he is representing them, as well as if he had received my correspondences. He brushed this aside, but offered me a Commercial Settlement of £1,000.00. I offered to go through with mediation on several occasions because I could not cope with the STRESS of a Tribunal, but the Respondent did not want to know. I had been through one before. See Dr Maria Hudson 2012 – Refer: 01/12 -Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for Acas: www.acas.org/researchpapers.  It was evident from the way Mr Fenton dealt with the Paperwork that he is just another Lay Person like myself about Employment Tribunals Law. Each time he made the mistakes I responded and copied in the Employment Tribunals. However as it later turned out and with the Judgement, I doubt the ET take any note of any of the concerns I raised. This is the attitude I have been getting from former employers why I have to go to the ET to get justice, but which I never seem to get. The Unions I pay money to, to advise and support me usually end up selling me out and breaching the terms of the contract I have signed with them like the Respondent done to me. Because they know they can get away with hiding behind the power of their authority and the ET will be biased in their favours.

Acting Unprofessionally: Mr Fenton continued acting unprofessionally and without prejudice I later prove this is because he has no Legal Training about Employment Laws and the Respondent was not operating as a Legal Entity. But Mr Fenton LIED in court on the 8th June 2016 in the presence of the Judge and Winnifred Jacques who accompanied me to the Hearing and the ET. I copied the Employment Tribunals in to the correspondences as this is part of my Defensive Practice.  I would therefore like the Appeal to take all my correspondences to the Respondent and copied to the Tribunal into considerations.                                                                                                          

Case Adjourned: On the 20th December 2016, Barrister Samantha Jones approached me, introduced herself, give me documents and told me the offer was still on the table, but she was there to get the case thrown out. She informed me that she was there to represent me as well and asked if there was anything I wanted to tell her. I told her my Stepson Trevor Tomlinson was with me so I’d let him talk to her. Later my stepson told me that Barrister Jones asks if he have Legal Training. I only realised the reason for this later, without prejudice I am of the opinion that Barrister Jones is a Trainee from the way she conducted herself in court.

Case Not Prepared: Ms Jones told the Tribunals she did not prepare a case and was insistent on the case been thrown out. She made discriminatory remarks about me, but I am guessing this is part of her Job Description to discriminate, unlike me who is penalised for been me. And not PRESTIGIOUS enough to be treated fairly in line with the Equality Act 2010, but used and abused and abandoned at the whims and fancy of the Respondent and the 7 Witnesses, none of whom look like me (refer to Witness statements, Investigation Reports, Disciplinary Hearing Outcome and the Employment Tribunal Judgement) biased in favour of the Respondent from pages 1 – 21.  She wanted the Judge to consider the Respondent’s Bundle and disregard mine, and it seems as that is exactly what happened. The reasons been that relevant documents were left out of the Claimant Bundle that Mr Fenton prepared. I copied in the Tribunals about the omissions, but they don’t seem to do anything.

Acting Unprofessionally: When the Judges made the decisions to go ahead with the case. Barrister Jones said she was not feeling well and started putting on an act to prove her point. The Judge told her “You have done well so far so we will continue for another 15-20 minutes”. This is the Barrister who kept ridiculing me about my disabilities and my need to use the toilet because I have STRESS Incontinences, both ways at times when I am under pressure, so have to be careful I don’t lose my dignity. She pulled a SICKIE when she realised the case was going ahead. This was a premeditated act by the Barrister to pervert the course of justice and the ET colluded with her to get away with. Without prejudice, that’s why they have come to the Unanimous decision, because they could not rule against one in their Legal Fraternity being shown up by a Lay Person like Mervelee Myers who represented myself at the ET.  

21st December 2016: I arrived at court and was informed by one of the Clerks that the case would be adjourned because Barrister Jones informed the court her GP quarantine her not to leave her home for 48 hours. Because she have Contagious Disease. Considering I have disabilities, what was the nature of that Contagious Disease? Ms Jones did not show any signs and symptoms of not been unwell until the Judge decided the case was going ahead. Therefore I would like an investigation into how the judges made their decisions about my DISABILITIES and the impacts on me being able to carry out normal day to day activities. Please refer to the Equality Act 2010 about what is classed as DISABILITY.

Made to Feel Inferior: The ET disregarded all the Medical Reports, my BUNDLE, my presence in court needing to use the loo and this was no act like Ms Jones started putting on once she realised the case was going ahead and she did not prepare a case. But I was ridicule, labelling me Uncooperative, Unprofessional, Rude, Intimidating, Confrontational, Aggressive and Lacking Empathy from the time I returned from Jamaica after yet another bereavement that could have triggered the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Prestigious: Yet the CEO can write in her (refer to BLOG – June 2012) about labels that are hard to peel off. However I was the one who used my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP) from the time I was employed to help build the Respondent brand into a Worldwide Beacon. (Refer to TV & Print Media & Social Media – Google, CEO Long Service Awards)  After using and abusing me she turned around and snob me in the PRESTIGIOUS New Cross Nursery on the 7.8.2015 (refer to letter 26th May 2015). She done it again at CO on a few occasions, but it was “more than enough” at Middlesex University on the 19th September 2015, 3 days before I was forced to resign after I was called to CO and Mr NEIL KING tried BLACKMAIL me with a Facebook printout to write a Resignation.

When I challenged her by greeting her, she told me she did not recognise me. I guess she thought I was going to act unprofessional like her, but I am not like that, I was brought up to respect those who are my elders and those in authority. Hilda Miller told me after I had written letters of concerns to Lynne Kelly re the DISCRIMINATION by BIB staff, that I should not say I work with LEYF and should remove all links from Social Media. Yet I am the one who was proactive in using Social Media to promote LEYF. But Ms Miller clearly thinks I was not PRESTIGIOUS enough to equate myself with the CEO by sharing my CPPDP (refer to Article LEYF on My Doorstep). The ET therefore need to take an unbiased approach about Social Media and why I have to use it to act out my Passive Aggression, instead of committing CRIMINAL acts as the Respondent intended from 23rd July 2014 with their subtle conscious and unconscious DISCRIMINATION.

So yes I agree that People discriminate not Legal Entity, but the CEO sanction the DISCRIMINATION and I only realised on the 28th January 2015 when she LIED to me and tried to set me up to breach the Social Media Policy and Procedures (refer to letter re Article about Cassava – 28.1.2015). However I am not considered Prestigious enough for LEYF and those they choose to put in authority, but I am the one who trained some of their Leaders and Management team. I done the CEO when those who were allocated turned it over to me (refer to Luton Street 2010 – 22.7.2014). I am consider myself a Social Butterfly who is professional to engage, socialise and interact with anyone regardless of their status (refer to LinkedIn Professors Chris Pascal & Tony Bertram 22.9.2015). That was until the CEO sanction staff to trigger the PTSD after I got back from burying my MOTHER. My life is an Open Book and the ET erred when they subconsciously discriminate against me by judging a book by its cover by only taking sides with the Respondent.       

Issues of Facebook: Mr Fenton who directed the proceedings on behalf of Ms Jones put in a plea about Facebook. I agreed to this, if it was to start at the specific time in the Court Room. I admitted to the Judge there were information in Cyberspace over which I have no control. Furthermore I informed the Respondent about my Fight4justice campaign in correspondences in advance. When I was called to CO on the 22nd September 2015, Mr Neil King printed out copies from my Facebook. He tried to blackmail me with it, and Solicitors BWB issued me with a letter. I addressed the matter in the Open Letter to them, which I asked Mr Fenton if he had a copy. LEYF later get Facebook to block me on the 28th of November 2016. I challenged Facebook about their Policy & Procedures and the block was lifted. I would like the fact taken into consideration that it was the CEO June O’Sullivan who started her BLOG and sent around memo for staff to contribute. I joined and send requests to others to join and consider myself an influencer working with the Respondent (refer to CEO letters 2010 – 2015). I also want the Appeal to take into consideration my Postings on Facebook before the ILLTREATMENT started at BIB, HOC and New Cross.

Mr Fenton’s Revelations: After the adjournment Mr Fenton came to say the Respondent would like to talk to me and make an offer. He first disclose that he is not a Solicitor and he’d never told anyone that. But yet Mr Fenton had never said otherwise during exchange of documents or when we meet at the Preliminary Hearings. I did not realise the implications for this disclosure until later. Mr Fenton said he had to give me £3,000.00 of the offer of £4,000.00 made by Acas as the Respondent’s cost was increasing with the adjournment. But how was I responsible for that? When I asked Mr Fenton about the £58,000.00 offered at the Telephone Mediation he said he did not know anything about that. Another LIE.

I refused to accept the £58,000.00 because of the clause and I know there are things in Cyberspace that the Respondent might have already collected to use against me. Without Prejudice that’s why they were so willing to gag me. The Conciliator/Mediator was not very helpful either and was biased on the side of the Respondent claiming they have to protect the Organisation, but who was protecting me? I have Physical and Mental Health Conditions and Disabilities, one of which is a Protected Characteristic, so therefore I am VULBERABLE. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibilities according to the Early Years Foundation Stage and Disability Discrimination Act. I was the EYFS Coordinator and SENCO until I transferred to BIB and I was once more demoted, not PRESTIGIOUS enough by Hilda Miller standards.

Mr Fenton continued acting unprofessionally through lack of knowledge about the Employment Laws, that’s why HR Dilys Epton did not know that sending me on Medical Suspension and for a Medical involve Employment Legislation. I received a letter from Mr Fenton stating that he would be out of the UK and all correspondences to be directed to Ms Dilys Epton. Considering the enormity of the case and me copying in the Tribunals about how the events were playing out, I applied to submit additional documents about matters that would have been relevant to the outcome, but this was not accepted.

Breaches: Yet the Respondent was favoured when the Barrister called in SICK because she was bidding her time to prepare the case she hadn’t done when she came to the court. She spent a long time just berating me about the contents of my BUNDLE and the Witness Statement which she claim were packed with lies. It was obvious later that she was not even aware of the contents of my Bundle and the Witness Statement. She came to court expecting to get the case thrown out on the advice of the Respondent with the stereotypical Disciplinary Hearing Outcome. So who was wasting the Tribunals time?

The Witnesses: Except for Lynne Kelly none of the witnesses were directly involved with me except for when Dilys Epton wa trying to trick me to do the Medical Forms over the telephone, despite me been available and on Medical Suspensions. When they (7 Witnesses) tried provoking me to act unprofessionally so they can dismiss me re the Disciplinary. When I was not POSH enough for Gill Springer at the Training at CO, so she skipped me over stating she will ask the person beside me who is “SMILING with her”, so yes LABELS stick and the ET only continue the miscarriages of justice with their biased Judgement. I still can’t see myself as that person they make me out to be from I left Luton Street, after coming back from burying my MOTHER. To get me to write a Resignation – Neil King despite knowing I am unable to function and carry out normal day to day activities under pressure like at CO on the 22nd September 2015. Why were no records kept or given to me re any of the meetings from January 2015 to the 22nd September 2015? Why did they asks me to bring in my DBS from another Organisation when they know this not allowed? If I had brought the DBS, would they have allowed me to carry out duties? Why was Supply Staff left to supervise me when this is against LEYF Safeguarding Policy & Procedures?

Medical Professionals: I would like Medical Professionals who specialised in the 3 Disabilities: Chronic Anxiety, Diabetes and Arthritis to give independent testimonies after examination of my documents.

Resignations: Neil King, Marion Breslin, Deputy Louise, Rashid Iqbal, Hilda Miller. Why?

Penalised: I noticed that others at the Tribunals were given the outcome same day. But it took 5 months less 2 days for me to get mine. When I phoned up to enquire, I was told about lack of resources, etc. But now I have to come to the conclusion that once again I am being treated unfairly based on my VULBERABILITY (refer to my FILE) that the Respond refuse me access before I left Luton Street. This contains Confidential Data about my life that would have an impact on the Judgement. Therefore I would like it released to the court please.

Union: I have a union that is still collecting dues and did not support me. At first I was given a Union Rep Darren Mahon, who disappeared out of the blue after accompanying me to the Disciplinary Hearing and raised questions about discrepancies. Then the Employment Solicitor advised me not to Appeal. When I asked for the instructions to be put in writing she changed her tune.   

London Early Years Foundation, Dilys Epton, 121 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4LX. 

FAO: Mr John Fenton, The Personnel Consultancy Limited, 23 Downs Road, Epson, Surrey KT18 5JF.

are attached to this Notice. If any of these documents exist but cannot be included, then a written explanation must be given.

EAT Form 1 continued

The Issues:

6. I would like the Respondent to produce my FILE to the court to ascertain its contents. I have a diagnosis of Chronic Anxiety from 18th July 2006. When I attended the interview in May 2009, I accepted the job on conditions I did not work with under 2’s. Refer to Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper 2012

Brief Statement of Relevant Law

13. In the case of Malik -v- The Bank of Credit and Commerce International SA [1997] “The employer shall not without reasonable and proper cause conduct itself in a manner calculated [or] likely to destroy or seriously damage the relationship of confidence and trust between employer and employee (see also Omilaju -v- Waltham Forest London Borough Council [2005] ICR 481, CA)

15. With regard to a ‘final straw’ constructive dismissal, the Court of Appeal in Omilaju held: Suppose that the employee does not resign his employment. Instead, he soldiers on and affirms the contract. He cannot subsequently rely on these acts to justify a constructive dismissal unless he can point to a later act which enables him to do so. The Respondent know as stated by Barrister Jones in court over and over, that because of the blacklisting and networking from my earlier case, refer to Dr Maria Hudson 2012 www.acas.org/researchpapers, if I resign I would not be able to find employment. I was passed fit to go back to work after the Medical – Dr Crawford, but I had to resign to save mine and my husband’s life (See Resignation).

16. Vairea –v- Reed Business Information Limited UKEAT/0177/15

17. Disability is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. Section 6. Let the Respondent produce my FILE please to find out what information is logged about my Disabilities.

18. “Impairment” – Back Problems, Arthritis, Sciatica. “Long Term Effects” – Childhood Trauma, Chronic Anxiety. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Passive Aggression, Depression. “Substantial Adverse Effects” – unable to carry out normal day to day activities under pressures – suffers from shakes and tremors of hands/body, Works better in the background away from pressures. “The Effects of Medical Treatment” – I was prescribed Valium from early 20’s, after studies in 2006 when I was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety, I weaned myself off Prescribed Medications. I identify the long term effects of prescribed medications. Prescribed Medications did not work for my Father and because of PTSD, I developed dad’s symptoms of Parkinson’s so this is psychological. That’s why Professionals in the Fields of the 3 Disabilities must sit on the Appeal Hearing.

20. I presented the Medical Reports: Psychological – Maudsley Hospital. Physical NHS Professionals – GP. NHS Professional – Dentist. LEYF Medical Report – Dr Crawford. None of which the Court seem to have considered. Without Prejudice I am of the opinion the Judges are biased in favour of the Respondent. I was passed fit to go back to work. I was tricked to go for Medical Suspension for the Respondent to dismiss me about concerns re my Mental Health (Refer to Isabella Glen Investigations

24. Reasons I have been asking for transfer to work closer home. (See correspondences).

25. Refer to Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper. Throughout the events from October 2014 to the date, I was signed off SICK on a number of occasions. These were due to the DISABILITIES (Refer to Lynne Kelly letter November 2014 threatening Disciplinary). I was off SICK when those incidents occurred. Marion Breslin did not allow me to call my Husband when I have to leave him before he came out of a HYPO so I was not late for work. I am my Husband’s Carer. I have Contingency Plan in place when I worked at Luton Street for flexible working hours. Lynne Kelly was offered counselling for things that were allegedly said at Rumi’s wedding that I didn’t know about. And the Respondent did not operate BIB at the time. Yet I did not get the support I asked for (Refer to letter/email to Dilys Epton 14.3.2014).

29. The evidence is contained in Lynne Kelly statements from the 23rd July 2014, Letter threats of Disciplinary November 2014, Meeting with Deputy Nicola October 2014, Staff Meeting Minutes December 2015. All other meetings minutes were not recorded and given to me. I was the Long Time staff implementing LEYF DNA (Ref to Play House Staff – Sally Note & Supervision Reports)

34 – 35. Without Prejudice, I think the Tribunal should give me the benefit of the doubt as I am a Lay Person and I copied in that the Respondent’s Solicitor Mr John Fenton keep confusing me (ET3, correspondences). This later turned out it was because Mr Fenton have no knowledge about Employment Laws and did not do any research like I done to represent myself.

36. The Contract was not updated and reviewed re changes in the Rules of Law the Equality Act 2010.

Facts and associated conclusions

37-40. why won’t the Respondent produce my FILE?

41. The information is in my FILE. Without Prejudice the Respondent is aware that I am unable to function and carry out normal day to day activities and used my vulnerability against me from the time I transferred to BIB, HOC and New Cross (refer to letters to: Investigation Report, Dilys Epton, Grievances, New Cross. Medical Diagnosis are prior to my transfer to BIB. Trainee Deputy Nicola O’Halloran was given the job to collect information about me to build a case to dismiss me. Each time she went to Deputy Training, she comes back asking me Personal and Intimate questions about my life even before I started working with the Respondent. That’s why Barrister Jones keep drumming it in my head that if I was dismissed I COULD NOT GET ANOTHER JOB, the plot was to dismiss me from before I leave Luton Street, I later found out. The Judge ask me to get Medical Report from October 2014 to September 2015. Without Prejudice the Respondent is using my Vulnerability against me (See FILE) and the ET choose to be biased because I am not POSH enough.

42 – 45. Please produce my FILE. The Tribunal should not have relied on Dr Crawford Medical Report to come to a decision about my disabilities. This was a brief assessment with me sitting on a chair. At the Interview in 2009, I informed the Respondent about my disability – Back Problem. I developed other Disabilities later and have Contingency Plans at Luton Street, which were not implemented at BIB, HOC and New Cross, because my FILE went missing (refer to Marion Breslin Supervision 28.8.2015).

46. Why did I have to go to Luton Street to collect my FILE in August 2014? Did I not produce the NHS Letters for Annual Diabetic NHS Health Checks? – (Refer to non-access of FILE). Did the court check my Dentist Report and notice I had an extraction in November 2014. I was off SICK before that in October and again when the Manager sent me home from work. All due to my Disabilities.

47. I would like Professionals in the fields of my disabilities to testify. Without prejudice I feel I am been PENALISED for managing and controlling my DISABILITIES so I could have a good quality of life and work instead of relying on BENEFITS. I have to keep asking for breaks to go use the toilet throughout the Court Hearing. Is the Judge saying I was faking this like Barrister Jones did?

48. Refer to the 37 page Grievance & Grievance of Reasonable Adjustment that I was asked to make concise to 1 page each

49. Anyone who have any disabilities or medical conditions know what the effects are if they do not manage any of the Health Conditions. Diabetes: Refer to the Diabetes 15 Health Care Essentials www.diabetes.org.uk/membership, www.diabetes.org.uk/get-involved. I have been CARER for my HUSBAND who have disabilities including diabetes before I was diagnosed. (Refer to NHS GP Medical Report) I want experts in their fields.

50. Am I been penalised for managing and controlling my disabilities? I know the triggers for my Medical Conditions and Disabilities. (Refer to FILE)

51-52. Dr Crawford: re Stress Incontinence – Diabetes & Chronic Anxiety. NHS GP: Physical. Psychological: Depression, Anxiety, Passive Aggression, and PTSD.   

53. Medical Conditions and Disabilities are not just assigned to any particular impairments but interlinked like the Early Years Foundation Stage. I am an expert authority on subjects from the cradle to the grave (refer to CEO letters about my contributions & Long Service Awards, Social Media, Fight4justice, www.MerveleeConsultancy.uk). I am trying to get back into employment.

54. Refer to the Psychological Medical Report & my FILE

55-56. it’s obvious that the Judges are Lay Persons about Medical Conditions and Disabilities like I and the Respondent are about Employment Laws. That’s why they cannot understand about how the 3 Disabilities are connected. (Refer to: Chronic Anxiety – Disease or Medical Conditions – Mental Health: Types of Mental Illness – Web MD www.webmd.com/mental-health/mental-health-types-illness.  Mental Health & Mental Illness – MQ: Transforming[MM1]  Mental Health www.mqmentalhealth.org.Mental-Health/Mental-Illness. There are lots of People with Mental Health Walking around. When I… https://plus.google.com/100939131463790195264/posts/7RvPjYropAy 3 April 2015. Mervelee Tomlinson/Pulse… https://www’linkedin.com Double Standards – Social Commentary.

57 – 58. I have to ask permission to go to the loo and the Judge adjourn when I asked. I have witnesses to that. What about the Medical Report. Did the court expect me to lose my dignity as happened at New Cross to prove to them?

59 – 60. The Judges made their judgements based on their Laymen understanding of diabetes. As a Lay Person without the additional support I should have gotten from the Union, without prejudice, I believe the Judges are biased in favour of the Respondent.

61 – 66. The Judge have treated the case as if I take Ms Kelly to the Tribunal instead of the Respondent. I signed a Contract with Westminster Children Society later changed to LEYF in 2009. There are Policies and Procedures stating the responsibilities of LEYF towards employees. It’s is LEYF negligence and breach of Contract that Ms Kelly was not informed about my Contract and the Data contained in my FILE. My FILE should have been passed to BIB on my transfer.

67. Read Lynne Kelly Statements from July 2014 to see how the Tribunal did not take my arguments into account as Ms Kelly have this in black and white.

68. Refer to Equality Act 2010. The Contract was not updated. I know the triggers for my disabilities. Would the Respondent have preferred me to go into a HYPO that could result in the children been TRAUMATISED. It’s obvious that the Judges and the Respondent are not aware of the impacts of having a HYPO. (Refer to Lynne Kelly statement about me mentioning my Husband HYPO).

69 – 70. Ms O’Halloran did not see me eating the banana, she was in another room. I called her attention to help me get the children food. I was on my own with the children, this to try and find evidence to dismiss me from my job (refer to the Investigation Reports of Isabella Glen). My version of events is the correct one. Because Ms O’Halloran left me again on my own to go report to Lynne Kelly. There was no falling out in front of the children. Ms O’Halloran held on to my hand, spoke to me and I apologised. At this time I was becoming concerned about Ms O’Halloran behaviour towards me each time she went to Deputy Training Meetings and returned.

71- 78. Refer to Lynne Kelly statements from the time I started on the 23rd July 2014, in fact it was when I made the initial visit before the transfer. The statements clearly state Lynne Kelly and BIB staff team response to my transfer from day one. Now why didn’t the Judge see this or they do not consider me POSH enough (Refer to Louise Cooper Report re Transition).

79. Yes it could because I had returned from SICK Leave, extracted a tooth, making me unable to eat/chew properly. It must be taken into considerations that as a result I was unable to manage and control my disabilities like I am used to doing. I was experiencing loss/bereavement after visiting Jamaica 2 time in 2014.

80. That’s a LIE, because I informed Ms O’Halloran about my disabilities after returning from Sick Leave and extraction of the tooth, because I was unable to eat properly. Is the Tribunal telling me I should have waited to go into a HYPO, drop DEAD, allowing the children to be traumatised by any of the mentioned above happening to prove a point about having HYPO? There was no serious incident in the workplace, this is a total fabricated lie on the part of Ms O’Halloran and Ms Kelly.

81 – 82. The Respondent withheld evidence the same way they have refused me access to my FILE. That’s the reasons I told Dilys Epton I could not take out a Grievance because everything was in my head. I know they could use me taking out a Grievance to discriminate against me (refer to Dilys Epton statement). Everything was been done to trap me (refer to Open Letter to BWB Solicitors)

83 – 84. The day in question, I was on my lunch break when Ms June O’Sullivan arrived unannounced with a new Trustee. I offered to cover because of the usual staff shortages (refer to Contract Sections). No I was sent on lunch break when it’s not my time nor to fit in with my shift. Considering my disabilities, I should have had breaks that help me manage and control my health conditions. I started losing control from I was sent on Sick Leave and later extracted a tooth. (See Contract where it states that you don’t have get a lunch break and if you don’t you can’t leave early). I have Contingency Plans in Luton Street and they are in the Bundle – See Grievance Reasonable Adjustments). I don’t know why the ET choose not to read the documents in my BUNDLE considering how I tried to comply with the Judges Orders, unlike the Respondent that did not, coming to court without preparing the case and then Ms Jones pulling a SICKIE in front of the Judges at that.

85. I think the Tribunal has set out to confuse me and are themselves confused about this. I am of the impression that they think I have taken Lynne Kelly to the Tribunal and not LEYF. On the 8th June 2016 the Judge advise me to get a Medical Report from October 2014 to September 2015. Therefore the Tribunal is biased in only taking Dr Crawford Medical Report and no other. I was sent on a Medical Suspension on the 27th March 2015. Dr Crawford pass me fit to return to work. The ill treatments continued at New Cross even though I put in a Grievance of Reasonable Adjustment. Dr Crawford made recommendations for Reasonable Adjustments about Staff Training in the Report. There is mention that I was calm until I started talking about my colleagues at BIB. Result of PTSD. I know my triggers for my disabilities – (refer to FILE that is withheld)

86 – 87. Why did the Judges not see this in the Return to Work after the meeting with Hilda Miller and Dilys Epton on the 26th May 2015? Clear case of bias that my documents were not taken into consideration. Reasons why I want Professionals in their fields present at the Appeal. The Judges know about Employment Laws/Legislations but not about any other Rules of Laws to do with Disabilities and Medical Health Conditions.

88. Appears to have been implemented is not the same as implemented. No it was not implemented hence my reasons for carrying in spare clothes when I was left on my own despite the Letter of the 26th May 2015. I leaked on myself (refer to notes and email correspondences with Neil Best). 

89. The Tribunal did not take into considerations the pressures I was put under by Hilda Miller to act unprofessionally by provocations. By this time I became paranoid that I would be provoked into committing Criminal Act like my Bisexual Brother who DIED in PRISON. I would like the Tribunal to show me how to condense a 37 page document into one page please.

90. Please go back to my Statements to see that I thought the discrimination started with the banana eating incident. But I only realise it started when Witness Statements and Bundles were exchanged. However there was a complaint in August when Hilda Miller called me to a Meeting with Lynne Kelly. I later told Lynne Kelly at the Induction about my experiences and why I did not work in South London since 2009 – not POSH enough. She reassured me I was safe (refer to Investigation Report and www.ofsted.gov.uk/parents.)

91- 93. This is the norms in the Early Years Sector and written in the Contract. Did the Judge expect me to keep the clothes for the Tribunal as is the same in RAPE Cases or lose my dignity in front of them to prove my case?

94 – 95. Am I to take it that the Tribunal is treating this case as if I had taken Lynne Kelly to the ET and not LEYF? The Judge ordered a Medical Report from October 2014 to September 2015. Why is the judgement made about BIB manager Lynne Kelly and not at HOC and New Cross (refer to Marion Breslin Supervision Report 28th August 2015)?

96. There is a Return to Work Letter after my Meeting with Dily Epton and Hilda Miller on the 26th May 2015, stating I should not be left on my own and I should not be working with younger children (refer to email to Neil Best re complaints Baby Room). Why did the Judge expect to see that in Dr Crawford Medical Report? I was sent on Medical Suspension on the 27th March 2015 after Hilda Miller tricked me to go to the PRESTIGIOUS HOC. But apparently I was not POSH enough and that’s why I was escorted out with the Security looking on in wonderment. I went back however to thank the Security for their help when I was struggling with the Buggies. I am that kind of PROFESSIONAL who was brought up with OLD FASHIONED VALUES, contrary to what the Respondent and the ET Judges are saying in their Judgement.

97-98. whose responsibility is it to ensure the smooth running of LEYF? Why was Ms Kelly not informed about me and why did I not get access to the Data to help with my Reasonable Adjustment Contingency Plan in place at Luton Street? (See Bundles, Contract). The Tribunal is confusing the issues because it is stated that I told Ms Kelly about my disabilities and Contract on the initial visit to BIB (refer to Ms Kelly Statements).

99 – 100. I have always stated I have Parkinson’s because of my PTSD and 2 members of my Family dying with the Disease. However there is some misguided notions that one has to have a diagnosis as stated by Hilda Miller before one can get treatment. I managed my disabilities and medical conditions holistically and only take prescription drugs when absolutely necessary. Ms Miller claims her Father have the conditions, but the first time I know of that is at Court. (Please put my FILE for the court to see). However Ms Miller did not show during her Cross Examination that she have any knowledge about her Father’s Condition. Or maybe she don’t have a good relationship with her Father, the same way she didn’t treat me with any respect throughout the time I work with her – maybe not POSH enough. Is that why she resigned after 2 staff decided to give her a beating in 2 different locations?

100. There was no time frame of 3 days for me to move to Preschool, this is a lie. I was back and forth in the Baby Room from I started in July at BIB. BIB was closed for 2 weeks in August and I covered at Noah’s Ark. I officially started in Preschool in September 2014, however was given the younger children. And I still have to cover in the Baby Room. Because of my Qualifications and Experiences, I was the one dealing with the more challenging children. Most times I was left on my own, this exacerbated my disabilities. I only ever get support from Supply Staff (refer to Tolu Investigation Report).

101- 105. I would like to have Experts present to report on these. Because it is evident that neither the Tribunal nor the Respondent are verse about the Disability Acts, Special Educational Needs & Disability Act, SEND Code of Practice and Conducts (refer to Medical Referral Form filled in by Dilys Epton).

106 – 107. The Tribunal show bias towards the Respondent because I copied them in to the correspondences with Mr Fenton. Ms Jones wanted to only use the Respondent Bundle because they knew that they omitted relevant documents from my BUNDLE. I did not consult my GP about my arthritis conditions from October 2014 to September 2015 because I was managing and controlling my 3 disabilities. It is a fact that the DISCRIMINATION is written in the contract. The union Solicitor told me that there was nothing I could do as it is written in the Contract. She advised me not to Appeal (See Solicitors Cain & Cochran)

108-109. The Discrimination endured to New Cross (see correspondences with Neil Best from June 2015, letters to New Cross 8th & 10th September 2015.

110 – 116. I failed to see how these points were addressed without bias. None of the information are factual. I live 20-30 minutes away from BIB, walking depending on the pace. Therefore how could it take me 30-35 minutes to get from Bermondsey to HOC? There is only Number 1 Bus plying the route on one side. I have to walk out to Old Kent Road about 10-15 minutes to get the Bus that goes to HOC. So please let me know how the journey take 30-35 minutes. I am used to walking up to an hour+ at a time. I control my disabilities with diet and exercise (refer to GP Medical Report). Again the Tribunal is bias in the Respondent’s favour. Dr Maria Hudson Research Report for www.acas.org/researchpapers state that stigma is attached to Mental Health and Afro Caribbean Women are label as AGGRESSIVE. She made recommendations and I am wondering if the ET is aware of this research?

112. The fact that Ms Miller sent me to HOC to take the pressure isn’t evidence that there was not a plot to dismiss me? Concerns were raised and there was an Investigation. I should not have been sent to HOC, but Medical Suspension based on the concerns and the resulting Disciplinary.

113. This is obviously a figment of the imagination. I was asked to transfer to HOC after I came back from Jamaica in 2014. I declined because I covered there and I know I would not be able to carry out normal day to day activities in that PRESTIGIOUS environment because of my DISABILITIES as I covered there (refer to Reference)

114. Please go back and read Ms Epton statements. Also Ms Epton is not known for her Record Keeping (Judge’s Cross Examination of Ms Epton at Court when all her responses are “I DON’T REMEMBER”. Ms Epton tried tricking me to take out a Grievance knowing on the 30th January 2015, I have no concrete evidence (refer to statement). Tried tricking me to fill in Medical over the telephone on the 27th March 2015 when she visited HOC to send me on Medical Suspension from the PRESTIGIOUS HOC. Maybe that’s why Ms Miller sent me there in the first place to prove I was not good enough for the PRESTIGIOUS HOC. HR DE did not make any note of the meeting on the 22nd September 2015, but sent me a LinkedIn request on that day. Ms Epton is not a credible witness and she faced AGE Discrimination from Hilda Miller and Neil King, so she wanted me maybe to talk to, because of both of us facing DISCRIMINATION. Ms Epton did not act on her promise to send me information to get counselling when I asked on the 30th January 2015. Ms Epton did not respond to my Letter/email of the 14th March 204. Too busy trying escaping from the Discrimination at LEYF.

115. I would like all my documents to be taken into consideration for the Appeal, because somehow, I know some have been overlooked. I raised some concerns verbally in meetings where no notes were taken and I was promised I would be given them. I got fed up of asking as this was taken as me saying I know it all. Ms Miller actually keep visiting only to have meetings to provoke me to act unprofessionally.

116. The Contract was never updated and reviewed. I was afforded flexible hours and Reasonable Adjustments Contingency Plan at Luton Street. This changed once I transferred to BIB, HOC and New Cross (refer to Julie Weise Supervision in Bundle). Why did it take so long to get the transfer to allow me flexible time as part of my Care Duties? They wanted me to go to HOC to fill a gap because of my Qualifications and Experiences. Yet when I applied when it opened I was not allowed to not PRESTIGIOUS enough I suppose.  I am responsible along with employees who were forced to resign for building LEYF Beacon Status Brand across the world.

117- 118. Even if I fly, I could not get to HOC in 30-35 minutes.

118. HOC is not conducive to my disabilities. Also I have to take children out in buggies, sometime 2 to a buggy, 2 times per day. Whilst out, there were no toilet facilities and I was always afraid to lose my dignity because of the STRESS INCONTINENCES (I keep asking in court to be allowed to use the toilet). If this was such a PRESTIGIOUS place, why was I escorted out by the manager saying there was “High Security Alert and I did not have a PASS” on the 27th March 2015. With the new Rules of Laws re Security & Terrorism Act, British Values and Modern SLAVERY Act 2015, is the Tribunal now saying that the HOC Security were not doing their job and allowed me in HOC without Security Clearance from 17th – 27th March 2015? What with the concerns that led to the Disciplinary I could easily have gone to commit Terrorist Acts at HOC, is it? The Respondent’s therefore breached the Contract by having concerns about my Mental Health and sending me to HOC. Everyone is responsible for SAFEGUARDING.

So please stop talking about PRESTIGIOUS, the toilet facilities were on the outside and I could easily have lost my dignity out in the corridors amongst DIGNITARIES. I have to spend my lunch break out in the public space as well and with my Chronic Anxiety and the paranoia I had started experiencing this was even harder for me (refer to letter to DE 14.3.2015 re DEPRESSION)

119. Once again no due processes are followed, because there is no Mr Benedicte Siewe. The same thing happened when Barrister Jones refer to Dr Crawford as He. Evidence that she did not prepare a CASE nor familiarise herself with any of the documents. She came to Court to LIE, ACT UNPROFESSIONAL and get the Case thrown out as she told me. Why would I speak in any derogatory manner about Ms Kelly and CO staff at that time? We had just had a successful Christmas Celebrations in BIB and went out for a Staff Christmas Party. But I would like the court to take into consideration who were present at the Staff Party. (Refer to my Long Service Awards about my contributions to LEFY, all the other accolades from Colleagues and Parents.) However later on I did speak derogatory about all who DISCRIMINATE against me in my Fight4justice and quest to get closures for the 2 miscarriages of justice at the Employment Tribunals. The fact of the matter is I WRITE and I do the Research to back up my work as a Social Commentator (refer to LinkedIn Publications and www.mqmentalhealth.org/mental-health-Health/Mental-Illness.   

120. Ms Kelly account of the event is a total LIE (refer to Mewe Mechese email). The Respondent: Hilda Miller & Lynne Kelly ask the chef to LIE about the events? When she didn’t lie, Lynne Kelly and Caroline Quirke set her up that she stole food. She was suspended and disciplined. This is how the Respondent treat employees who have given their services. As for me who won’t be able to get another job, will not move up the career ladder, I just reconcile myself to giving of my best and saving up for my retirement PENSION (refer to LEYF Job Application response 2012). 

121. That’s another LIE (refer to Ms Kelly’s statements). Why did the Tribunal not take them into consideration to see from when the discrimination was started by Ms Kelly? Ms Kelly’s statements were made up to suit the occasions, but even an idiot like I consider most of the Respondents team and in particularly the 7 Witnesses to be could have done a better job.

122 – 123. It is a known fact that the Respondent’s BIB staff did not keep records and refused to adhere to LEYF DNA, claiming they are not LEYF, but BIB (refer to Louise Cooper article, OFSTED Report September 2014, Playhouse staff – Sally McNicholas, BIB Parents Letters)

123. Refer to Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper 2012. Everything that was happening to me was in my head as the Respondent refused me my FILE and I was not given minutes from meetings (refer to Letters/emails to Dilys Epton 14th March 2015 to, & DE Statement)

124. Refer to my Qualifications & Experiences (Luton Street Supervision, CEO Contribution Letters, Long Service Awards, and Louise Cooper). I was implementing and promoting the EYFS & LEYF Ethos, Core Values and DNA to BIB. Ms Kelly told me she had no trainings and experiences to carry out her Job Description as a SENCO. Another POSH title that was taken off me, given to Ms Kelly, but I have to do the work. I was sent to the PRESTIGIOUS HOC to get my fall from grace, to be sent home on Medical Suspension re concerns about my Mental Health and escorted out by the manager. Was that to further make me a scapegoat and a victim believing I was MAD? I done work for the CEO right down to the students on Placement from I joined. I done a 2 Year Old Project for Hilda Miller, but yet she told me I know nothing.

125. Could the Tribunal refer to Ms Kelly statements from my initial visit to BIB please? Ms Kelly threatened me during the Appraisal even though she said CO advised her not to discuss events from the wedding. She was only to do the Supervision, no one adhere to the Contract Confidentiality Policy & Procedures and even when Supply Staff Whistleblow about inappropriate practices LEYF cover up like they are doing and pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes including the Tribunal. The allegations were planned by Benedicte Siewe to get me dismissed. She took a dislike to me from I started at BIB for the reasons I am yet to find out (refer to Investigation Reports). Ms Kelly had to go to CO to get counselling because they talked about African Margaret who abused 3 children. Is Ms Kelly therefore comparing me to AFRICAN MARGARET WHO ABUSED 3 CHILDREN and did the ET not seen those statements?

126. From the 5th January until I was shipped out to HOC, Ms Kelly treated me unfairly (refer to statements).

UNISON’s Tribunal Fee Verdict is a Victory for Everyone in Work 26th July 2017. UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said: “The government is not above the law. But when ministers introduced fees they were disregarding laws many centuries old, and showing little concern for employees seeking justice following illegal treatment at work”.

I will have to now say the Employment Tribunal has acted unlawfully, and I will prove them wrong with the support of Legal Professionals. Not just on simple economics, but on constitutional law and basic fairness too. Refer to Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper 2012 and I will provide the evidence how UNISON acted unlawfully during the time I was a member when I was working for another employer – 2003 – 2008.

Now the same thing is happening again, but this time I have not resigned my membership from www.voicetheunion.org.uk. The Employment Tribunals in allowing the miscarriages of justice by 2 employers against a Lay Person, Mervelee Myers is letting law-breaking employers off the hook from I took the first employers to the ET in 2009 – 2010. The ET has robbed me of my basic human rights under the Articles of the United Convention on the Rights of the Child. On both occasions I was gagged and have no choice but to put up or shut up.

With the first case I was offered £4,000.00 in a letter to reach me on the night before the case. I didn’t have time to open the letter until I was in court the next day. I would have accepted the amount to avoid going to the ET. In the end the offer of £250.00 was made and I have to keep chasing the organisation before I was paid.

With LEYF case I was offered £1 – 2,000.00 Commercial Settlement and this went up to £4,000.00 by Acas mediation. Then it went up to £58,000.00 with the Telephone Mediation. However I am of the opinion the Judge doing the Telephone Mediation was biased in the Respondent’s favour. I would like the ET to clarify the law and gives certainty to Union Members in our everyday lives.

127. Why is it down to the Claimant to go around and tell each colleague about my Health Conditions and Disabilities? What about the Confidentiality Policy & Procedures, the Data Protection Act, etc. more importantly why has the Respondent refused from giving me access to my FILE?

128 129. I informed Ms Kelly why I did not work in South London from 2009. Ms Kelly is aware of my Disabilities and Medical Conditions, hence the reason she put the computer in the Staff Room for me (refer to OFSTED report 2014). I was advised by Hilda Miller to tell the OFSTED inspector about the Reasonable Adjustments made for me at BIB (refer to BUNDLE, OFSTED Report, Ms Kelly statements). Ms Kelly keeps threatening me from even before I realised there was a plot to dismiss me (refer to Letter re Disciplinary, Staff Meeting Minutes – CEO, Rashid Iqbal and Hilda Miller copied in, Investigations Reports)

129. Once more there is discrepancies in this. Is the Court saying this is justified?

130 – 131. Discrepancies in this as well. The Tribunal is wrong to conclude on the Investigation Reports because they are LIES. Made up one day, and Investigation done the next. Despite concerns about my Mental Health, I was sent to PRESTIGIOUS HOC to be treated like a CRIMINAL by the Manager and Deputy, sanctioned by Hilda Miller. If I was behaving as alleged in the Investigation Reports, I could have put the Respondent into Disrepute making them losing their licence to operate at HOC and ending up in the news. But I choose to share my experiences on Social Media as LEYF discriminated against me keeping me at the bottom of the career ladder (refer Ms Jones Outburst in Court). Staff have to be Security Cleared to work at HOC.

132. Everyone at BIB should have had to attend a Disciplinary based on the way I was ILLTREATED from I transferred there in July 2014. I will keep sharing my stories and my experiences with my WRITING. Why have the staff involved Resigned? The Panel did not know on what grounds the Disciplinary was held (refer to Disciplinary & Appeal Hearing Outcomes).

133. Why did Mr Rashid Iqbal resigned? What was my relationship to Joelle Lax of the Panel?

134. As usual the Respondent doctored their documents when they are bothered to prepare them. (Refer to the concerns raised by VOICE union Rep Darren Mahon in the Hearing Outcome).

135. The Tribunal in making this decision contributed to the miscarriage of justice as set out in the UNISON’s Tribunal Fee Verdict is a Victory for Everyone in Work “The Employment Tribunal has been acting unlawfully, both times Mervelee Myers represented herself in court. I will get Legal support to prove the ET wrong – not just on simple economics, but on constitutional law and basic fairness too. Without Prejudice I am of the opinion that the ET is biased because Mervelee Myers as a Lay Person showed that the Respondent that act as if they are above the law, have been proven to be operating illegally not as a Legal Entity and breaching the Modern SLAVERY Act 2015, with the CEO/MBE Ms June O’Sullivan sanctioning the discrimination of employees she consider threats to her position.

136 – 137. I would like to have Expert Professionals involved in the Appeal. It’s obvious that the ET is not aware of relevant Disabilities Legislations.

137. Like the Disciplinary Hearing the Appeal was a forgone conclusions. Everyone who faced a Disciplinary at LEYF is given the same outcome. The Outcome was changed to 6 Months breaching the Contract. I am expected to get Counselling to correct the PTSD that I controlled and managed from Puberty until there was a campaign to use my VULNERABILITY against me to dismiss me. Barrister Jones keep referring to the fact that if I was dismissed, I could not get another job. I still have not find a job because of the Reference flagging SAFEGUARDING. It’s against the law to issue such a Reference.

138. The Panel LIED, they did not get the Medical Report from Dr Crawford and adjourn the Hearing to read mine. That’s how the Respondent act from I transferred to BIB, HOC and New Cross (refer to Open Letter to BWB Solicitors)

139. The Tribunal obviously did not read any of the documents in my Bundle (refer to BIB Parents Letters, Playhouse staff, CEO letters re BIB November 2014 to January 2015)

140. Get Expert Professionals and the release of my FILE to the courts.

141. The Respondent CEO sanction the discrimination. I was the only one from BIB at the New Year Staff Party when she received her MBE on the 23rd January 2015. She came to BIB on the 28th January 2015 with a new Trustee and tried getting me to breach the Social Media Policy & Procedures (refer to Article re Cassava).

On the 7th August 2015 she came to the BBQ at New Cross and snob me. This is the CEO I always done work for (refer to Contributions, etc).

On the 19th September 2015 at Middlesex University, she came to the group I was with, turned her back to me. I waited until she finished and greeted her, she claim she did not recognise me (refer to Professors Tony Bertram & Chris Pascal, Open Letter to BWB Solicitors). None of the 7 Witnesses except Lynne Kelly was directly involved in the case. Why won’t the Respondent release my FILE? I am challenging this decision. Why the Unannounced Visits by the CEO, and Mary Wynne-Finch? Why was the Chef stitched up and given a Disciplinary? Why the Resignations? Hilda Miller never spoke to me unless to get me to do her work or to come for meetings to belittle and undermine me. So is that why I was sent to the PRESTIGIOUS HOC to ensure I was Posh enough and not MAD before I was sent on Medical Suspension. Stigma is attached to Mental Health Conditions and in agreeing with Ms Miller’s arguments about why she sent me to HOC, I am of the Opinion that the ET have corroborated the Disciplinary Outcome to be the true reflections of who I am, and I aim to prove them wrong if they are not prepared to withdraw this statement.      

142. It is a known fact that the DBS followed certain procedures. I informed the Respondent about it on my return to work from Medical Suspension. Yet the Respondent wanted me to take another Organisation DBS in. If this was the procedures, I could have used the Respondent’s. My email was used fraudulently by the Respondent. The Respondent started changing my Confidentiality Data to put their plan to dismiss me in place.

143. I did not make the application, because I was not sent the link despite several verbal communication, who did? (Refer to letters to New Cross 6th & 8th September 2015).

144. I was not sent any hyperlink. No the Tribunal is wrong to come to this decision and is no doubt due to bias in favour of the Respondent. Why did I have a DBS for Resources for Autism and not for the Respondent?

145. This is another misrepresentation of the truth. DBS are usually renewed before they are run out of date. The Respondent deliberately let my DBS run out to use as evidence to dismiss me from my job. I have Supply Staff supervising me and this is against Policy & Procedures re SAFEGUARDING. I was taken off care duty but have to cover for LEYF breach of Contract doing the duty to cover up the negligence due to Staff Shortages.

146. Contract Sections, fraudulent use of my email.

147. Since the ET is not clear what disability, how did they come to the decision? The ET need to stop segmenting the 3 disabilities as they have similar signs and symptoms. Reasons I want Expert Specialists in their fields to be called to the Appeal.

148. Ms Miller discriminated against me each time she was called to a meeting. The only time Ms Miller speak to me was when she wanted me to do her 2 Year Old Project and to call me to meetings where she made fun and ridicule me about my disabilities. So is that why she sent me to the PRESTIGIOUS HOC for the Respondent to send me on Medical Suspension later? I have annual NHS Health Checks, and I always bring the appointment letter in advance. I did not have to attend work after the eye test, but do so because I know about Staff Shortages (refer to Diabetic Eye Test information)

149. Well the ET is prejudice against me and biased towards the Respondent in accepting Ms Miller version of events. Ms Miller later asked that I be moved from her Area as she was not prepared to work with me, because I stood up to her bullying not POSH enough I suppose? Why has Ms Miller resigned?

150. Ms Miller have a history of discriminating against staff from she joined LEYF. She was transferred from South London because a staff threatened to beat her up. The same happened at Barking & Dagenham and now she resigned so as not to get the sack. There was a celebration when she and Rashid Iqbal resigned.

Who is the Tribunal going to believe now? I want a thorough investigation of the Respondent’s in line with The Modern SLAVERY Act 2015 and all other Rules of Law. Because the ET decided to allow them to get away with the discrimination saying it is written in the Contract. The CONtract that was not updated and reviewed from I signed it in 2009. The Equality Act 2010 and even 2015 was law and the ET allowed them to get away with treating me unfairly, expecting me to DIE on the job instead of resigning to save my life.

151. I was provoked to act unprofessionally by Ms Miller, but other staff were put up to do the same (refer to Marion Breslin Statement)

152. The Tribunal refuse to take my PTSD form Puberty into consideration (refer to the Psychological Medical Report). I want Expert Professionals.

153. Why did Mr Neil King resign?

154. I was called to CO by Mr King to have a chat. There was no suspension letter, it came later via email and by post. They were trying to use underhand tactics to get me to act unprofessionally to dismiss me before the sanction ends on the 8th October 2015. I would like the ET to take into consideration all my Social Media Postings before I was discriminated against at BIB, HOC and New Cross (refer to CEO Blog 2012). I used Social Media to build the Respondent’s brand (refer to CEO letter re Multigenerational Working and Theresa Salmon Consent Form).  

155. The Tribunal need to go back to pre-BIB, HOC and New Cross until after the Disciplinary. I put in writing that I would use my Fight4justice to defend myself. BWB Solicitors accepted my arguments and did not continue representing the Respondent. Instead they got Mr Fenton who was/is an imposter. He only came clean after the Case was adjourned.

156. I don’t understand how the Tribunal could come to the conclusion that I was reticent to accept that the Facebook posts were hurtful. I believe they were expecting me to admit they did not exist, but I did not give them the pleasure of getting one over on me. That’s why when Mr Fenton brought up the matter on the 21st December 2016 in the absence of Barrister Jones I agreed not to do any more posting at the precise time it was mentioned in court.

The Judge agreed with me when I admitted there were posts in Cyberspace that I have no control over. That’s why I did not accept the terms and conditions when I was offered £58,000.00 in the Telephone Mediation. I think Ms Jones seem to get some perverse pleasures reading through my posts. She didn’t seem to have much else prepared so use my post to buy time. Any Reasonable Professional would have been able to understand my Facebook Post, in my FILE, I stated I speak and write ENGLISH and Patois (Patwah).

I came to the UK to understand FUCKING is used as part of the English Language in many contexts. Maybe Barrister Jones need to understand how the Real People live. Not all of us are privileged to have PRESTIGIOUS workplaces and homes and whatever else Hilda Miller consider PRESTIGIOUS. That’s why the Respondent sanction the staff at BIB, HOC and New Cross to ill-treat me, they think I am not PRESTIGIOUS enough (refer to Investigation Reports).

What does the ET say about the way the Respondent sanction BIB, HOC and New Cross to treat me less favourably than an animal? If I was an animal the RSPCA would have rescued me (refer to Dilys Epton statements, email to Dilys Epton 14.3.2015 re DEPRESSION, my Bundle). Some of these are already out in Cyberspace. 

157. What about the years of promoting LEYF? LEYF is responsible for triggering the PTSD which led to my Facebook postings. For me this was Therapy so I don’t commit CRIMINAL acts as I was provoked to do (refer to Psychological Medical Report, Fight4justice). Those who discriminate are the first to feel offended. That’s why Benedicte Siewe and the BIB team were OFFENDED when I advise them to do the research about Multigenerational Working Approaches.

By losing sight of the bigger picture in their quest to become the biggest in the Early Years Sector, LEYF missed out on an opportunity to pioneer the Business Model of integrating the Young and Elderly sharing Environmental spaces. When I see how this is showing in the media I can only wonder at the missed opportunities. I had actually carried out the research when I worked at Luton Street and this was part of the EYFS curriculum.

158. What about the Employers causing the PTSD that I managed to control to live a reasonably healthy lifestyle until my transfer from Luton Street (refer to colleagues, parents, testimonials, Social Media).

159. The Tribunal is in error, because when LEYF get Facebook to BLOCK me I challenged their Policy & Policies. I was not choosing to hide any of my Postings, they were Public, but the Respondent wanted me to deny their existence. There is no Privacy on Social Media, that’s the mistake some of us make. The Respondent has always been tracking my Social Media, Lynne Kelly get Flavia to break into my LinkedIn. My email was used fraudulently. Insulting terms are down to interpretations. What about the Disciplinary Outcome after loss/bereavement? The ET judgement just serve to reinforce the stereotyping and labelling that the Respondent stick on me from I got back from burying my MOTHER. Now the ET have made it even harder for me to peel them off (refer to CEO Blog).

160. I can’t recall saying that, but did the Respondent not sending me to HOC whilst having concerns about my Mental Health giving me ample opportunities to bring the Respondent into disrepute? Since I have enough sense despite the MADNESS not to commit Criminal Acts, I use PASSIVE AGGRESSION instead. I was escorted out claiming I did not have a PASS and Security on High Alert?

161. Why did the Respondent not have any problems with my Social Media when I was promoting their brand?

162. Why did Mr KING resign?

163. That’s another misconstrued statement by the ET. I was called for a chat.

164. Why has he resigned and is the ET continuing to label me like in the Disciplinary Outcome that triggered the PTSD?

165. The ET has totally misrepresented the evidence by Ms Epton. She did not prepare any minutes from the meeting. She couldn’t recall anything that happened on the day except leaving the room and the pen on the desk. The ET is biased and Ms Epton is not a credible witness. She was discriminated against by Ms Miller & Mr King whenever I was in their presence.

Maybe that’s why she sent me LinkedIn request on the 22nd September 2015.

166. Another blatant lie on the part of the Employment Tribunal. I was not speaking in my Mother Tongue of Patois (Patwah), but the Queen’s English. Maybe they needed interpreters as I told Isabella Glen (Investigation Reports) that I think there was Language Barrier between me and the staff at BIB who complained about me.  

167. I would like to have independent Professional Experts

168. The Medical Reports

169. Miscarriage of justice.

170. This is a miscarriage of justice

171. Miscarriage of justice.  

 Signed:   …………………………………………………….    Date:   ………………………………….

Once you have submitted an appeal you will be asked to pay a fee or you can apply for a fee remission. If you fail to do so on or before the date such fee is due, your appeal will be struck out.

NB.  The details entered on your Notice of Appeal must be legible and suitable for photocopying or electronic scanning. The use of black ink or typescript is recommended.



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