Without Prejudice 29 Years After Arriving In The UK 2nd Time Let My Experiences Of Discrimination As A Mental Health And SEND Advocate Educate HMCTS, JCIO, IOPC, BSB, SRA, CCMCC They Will Be Found Out As Haters 7/6/2021

Trying to work things out

Mervelee Advocacy

Dealing with Death of Loved Ones.

Title: Journey to Freedom: Chronicles of a Woman Overcoming Obstacles of Life.


My First Book –

My first Book is dedicated to my granddaughter Adrina Legister as an inspiration to use Mervelee Myers Fight4justice campaign against discrimination as the focus to understanding her role in a society where one can get judged, labelled, stereotyped, and marginalised for who others perceive you to be and not who you are. Whether you are an only girl who because of no fault of your own is different from the norms of expectations, you must be prepared for taking a stance and be firm about the way you were raised not to accept giving up as an option. Adrina, is at the age seventeen years old, I was sixteen when I got pregnant and as well as dealing with “Childhood Traumas” from situations over which…

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