Without Prejudice HHJ Parfitt Is Responsible For Triggering PTSD At CLCC, Can Robert Buckland Ensure My Complaint To JCIO Be Address Am Waiting For Review BSB, MOPAC Will Be Used As CASED DISMISSED Verification Of Institutional Discrimination The Boys/Girls In Blue Hate Crimes 2/6

I have exhausted the ET/EAT and turned to the CCMCC after getting advice. Instead of getting the support needed am at the end of my tether where am sitting writing on my wedding anniversary to keep busy so I don’t end up becoming the statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment in HCT Group Impact Report 2016. I was advised to volunteer after I done the training when I wrote an Open Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron and put in touch with the Department for Education. I studied to gain LSA qualifications because I had the 2nd nervous breakdown after experiencing bereavement and losses. Because of the blacklisting and networking, I could not even get to do volunteering as part of the placement. When I was advised to do volunteering with HCT Group so I could train as a teacher I jumped at the opportunity and that was how my photo was opposite the statistic that was used to send Police to section me from a malicious report in 2017.

The person who groomed the young lady with whom I have the Engagement Agreement to find vulnerable Black people for him to scam is the person who I was introduced to by Ms Duncan whom I had an Engagement Agreement. She introduced me to her Barrister who prepared my EAT case. In the end I was advised by Barrister Sally Robertson who represented me at the EAT to report him to the Solicitors Regulation and Bar Standards Board. Nothing was done like all the other complaints to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Judicial Conduct Investigation Office. Now I am waiting on MOPAC to get back to me after I endured the Independent Office for Police Conduct acting unprofessionally about the roles, they played in coming to section me from Ms Duncan Malicious Report. (MM Updates: I have the MOPAC Review dated 26 May 2021).  Three (3) years later the Police returned to my home, assaulted me, arrested me unlawfully and take me from my home half naked.

I have since been charged with a criminal offence on the 15/11/2020 when I was not at the place in question, BIB. Despite telling the Police at the interview on 30/11/2020 they refused to change the date. I discussed this with the Solicitor, prior to my appearance at the Court. At the Croydon Magistrates Court, I asked permission of the judge to amend the date. The Solicitor who I spoken to before the Hearing assured me the date was amended, but this was not the case. The witness lied and have ulterior motives for this. Despite my unblemished record, I am now a convict with a DBS bar. I have not worked since I resigned and only managed to get volunteering at Pembroke House. COVID-19 caused my Mental & Physical Health to be impacted. I was hoping to get back out, but this DBS bar will affect me. Am more concerned because am carer for my 98-year-old husband and the implications with allegations.

I have endured 7 years of hell coming to where am having SUICIDAL thoughts. I developed an eating disorder and am worried the problems will be the death of my husband and myself. My DISCLOSURES in my FILE is used by my former employers to continue the DISCRIMINATION and am targeted by the Judiciary of England & Wales and Criminal Justice System on behalf of LEYF for challenging discrimination.

I am asking that I be given a VOICE under the Charter Of Rights to have my story told as the ET/EAT failed me. The BSB have reviews 2 years and CCMCC is allowing Barrister Samantha Jones to continue manipulating the SYSTEM. Judgment was passed in the claim against Barrister Ryan Clement, but the Court Enforcement failed to collect my money and expected me to pay to abort the claim. But the strangest thing is this Claim is sent with others to CLCC for Designated Civil District Judge to impose Restraint Order. HHJ Dight who I was told did not conduct the Claim on 2/9/2020, but HHJ Parfitt did. I was wondering if it had anything to do with the misconduct I discovered online.

I since put in a complaint against HHJ Parfitt, was given a caseworker 8/10/2020 and is still waiting to be contacted. At the same time after a James Jones targeted me on Facebook and my account was locked and I realised the game being played I did not allow FB to get the better of me. Because LinkedIn where I was an INFLUENCER stolen my account. Twitter suspended. After collected information about James Jones and decided not to let FB close my account that’s when I was contacted by HHJ Dight about ECRO.

I must thank the Judge who conducted the T/H on 20/5/2021 for giving me a voice. However, my argument remains that Barrister Samantha Jones is using her friends in High Places she bragged about to BSB to discriminate against. She is given preferential treatment. Winsome Duncan was the 1st case after she refused to go on Judge Rinder and I was advised to take her to CCMCC. Case reached T/M and struck out. This was to be the pattern with cases defended strike out. Where do I go from here, as my 98-year-old husband is suffering? He must be caring for most of the time because am DEPRESSED. My stories in cyberspace and they are taken away. Am in a video about COVID-19 jabs uptake and I cannot access it. I was promised the link, and no one is responding to my plea. My contributions online should be enough to clear my name, instead am becoming more a victim. Please help me and my husband. He deserves more than 7 years hell on our Anniversary. 

One thought on “Without Prejudice HHJ Parfitt Is Responsible For Triggering PTSD At CLCC, Can Robert Buckland Ensure My Complaint To JCIO Be Address Am Waiting For Review BSB, MOPAC Will Be Used As CASED DISMISSED Verification Of Institutional Discrimination The Boys/Girls In Blue Hate Crimes 2/6

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