Without Prejudice Charter Of Rights Makes Robert Buckland Responsible For No Actions After Mrs Gloria Cameron MBE CASE DISMISSED Proof HMCTS, Police Are Institutionally Racist 2/6/2021 MOPAC Is Tool Of Hate Crimes

Mervelee Myers Assault 1 December 2020

Mervelee Myers Assault by Metropolitan Police Report 1 December 2020                                                                                                           

Complaint Metropolitan Police

Walworth Police Station

Custody Record No. 01MS -5510 – 20 Arrest Summons No. 20/01MS/01/5510N

Station Walworth Police Station

Surname: MYERS

Forenames: Mervelee

Address:  16 Alma Grove, Bermondsey, London, SE1 5PY

Officer In Case

Surname: SWEENEY     Rank: PC      No. P255654

Station: AS – Central South Command Unit

Alleged Offence(s) Criminal damage to property valued under £5000

Custody Officer

Surname: AZU    Rank PS   No. P209177

Time: 21:42         Date: 20/11/2020

Matters Leading up to Police Visit to my Home

Sunday at 17.44 there was a call 020-8780-4180 from a female sounding voice who asked if this is Mervelee. The gist of the conversation was I was to attend Walworth Police Station for an interview on 1 December 2020 at 10.00 AM about Criminal activities. I told the person I have an appointment for my Flu Jab so I would prefer to have an alternative date. I also said I prefer not to attend at Walworth Police Station and would be grateful to be interviewed at home or another convenient location. The person shouted if you do not come for the interview you will be arrested because you are a CRIMINAL and hung up. I set about recording videos as this is my Defensive Practice for the past 6 years. I contacted my family abroad and stepson in the UK to let them know what happened.

Monday, I called the number 020-8780-4180 on my House phone and recorded on my mobile. There was no response, so I said as per usual this was LEYF winding me up as they have been doing since I got back from burying my mother and started a campaign of discrimination. And denying me my entitlement under the Equality Act 2010.

At about minutes after 2:00 I heard my buzzer, am sat near the window, looked outside, and see the Police van parked up out there. I went put my front door on the latch and opened the communal door. I came back and sat continuing my work at the computer. I heard one of the Officers asking where is the door? I invited them in and she mentioned it is a funny sort of door. I was not expecting them, 3 Officers, a male and 2 females came in and I thought they came to interview me as I had asked. The female Officer said I was going to be taken to Walworth Road and I should get dressed and pack a bag. I responded I was told to be there on 1/12/2020 for an interview. I need to phone someone to let them know the latest development. She said I am not allowed to use my phone or any electronics I must put my phone away. I did and got up saying I need to go talk to my husband in the kitchen. That is when the 3 Officers assaulted me and handcuffed me and taken me through the door to the van. I was only dressed in my top and shorts. I had taken off my jeans because my husband needs the heating so at times, I take off some layers to balance and meet both our needs. This is not the first time the POLICE were invited to enter my home and treated me like a CRIMINAL. 

The Handcuffs

I was bundled into the back of the van and the male Officer was sat observing me, told him the handcuffs were hurting my hands. At the Station, the van was parked, and I was sat in the back and by this time I started shivering causing the handcuffs to become more painful. I called the attention of the male Officer and told him I was shivering and the last time I had to call out the Ambulance on 3/9/2020. Because I was unable to stop the shakes. I explained about my disabilities and that I have Parkinson’s disease in my DNA, but not a Medical Diagnosis. Without Prejudice he began to treat me the same way HHJ Parfitt did on 2/9/2020 at Central London County Court and that triggered my traumas. I began to swear which bring lots of Officers standing behind the van. The Officer offered to loosen the handcuff and asked me to turn around. The next thing he asked me to bend over. I would not have minded if it were the Officers who accompanied from home were there. But there were a few gathered, and I was wearing nothing more than a short. In the end he said he was unable to unlock the handcuff. I had the handcuff on, until I was stood before Sargant Patel and he commented about the bruises on my hands.

Updates: I was explaining to the Officers about the handcuff saga on my way back from Brixton Police Station and she was trying to bring in training into it. I counteracted her argument when she claimed that being on the same level was why I was asked to bend over. I told her I was stood in the van. If this was the case the Officer should have used his discretion and ask me to step down from the van and bend over away from the crowd that gathered to preserve my dignity. Instead I was being treated like a caged animal, who one of the Officers gathered say he could not hear. I am of the assumption asking me to bend over is a form of ridicule. There is a SONG that can take on derogatory connotes and discriminatory at the same time. I am feeling vulnerable and the least thing can trigger my traumas. Getting trolled on Social Media and Facebook about my brother who DIED in PRISONER can affect me.    


PC Sweeney was the one who decided to refuse me from using my phone and 3 of them wrestled and inflicted the bruises and handcuffed me. She was abusive calling me a CRIMINAL. Whilst she was stood outside the van watching she keep making faces at me. I know she was trying to smile, but this was rather unnerving, and I felt I was being ridiculed. By this time, I was shivering, my body shaking and the handcuffs banging, causing frictions on my hands. She did not notice any of this and later as an afterthought she asked if I have any COVID-19 systems. I asked her if she had only just considered and if she asked me about any disabilities I have.

At one stage I ask PC Sweeney if she do not mind, how old she was. She said 24 and I told her I could be her grandmother.

Later on PC Sweeney was trying to be nice to me, but the harm she done cannot be rectified.

Requesting the Toilet

I am diabetic and stressful situations can trigger my PTSD and I get stress incontinence. I asked for the loo and was becoming anxious after PC Sweeney came back with the answer. I was becoming concerned that I would leak on myself as this happened to me before.

Inside the Station

When I was eventually led inside, I am in handcuff yet PC Sweeney have to hold unto me and I was become concerned she did not accuse me of any attempts on her person because of my ANXIETY and SHAKES. As we were approaching the male PC who upset me and caused me to swear come back to provoke me asking if I had “Calmed Down”. So, I swear again and this time I included the other 2 Female PC who began treating me like a CRIMINAL again. Saying they trying to help me. Their tokenism just brings back 6 years of injustice and why I am in this situation. I told them blatantly I would PISS where I was if I could not hold it.

The other female Officer was calling me her PRISONER to someone over the phone as if I were not present. They only started treating me with some amount of respect and stop ridiculing me when I voiced that I know my RIGHTS as a person with DISABILITIES under the PROTECTED CHARACTERISTICS of the Equality Act 2010.

Sargant Patel

He noticed the bruises on my arms when the handcuffs were removed. I do not understand why he asked if I have a BRITISH PASSPORT. Because I have been threatened with Criminal Record and labelled to trigger my PTSD after the death my mother. Made a victim in https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016. Then the EAT claim I made up disabilities to my complaint to http://judicialconduct.gov.uk I do not know how I am surviving the past 6 years.

Whilst I was standing waiting and asked by PC Sweeney how am feeling, I told her I feel like punching her, but I do not get physical. Instead I blog and will let the Officers who came to my house and treat me like a criminal star in their own show.  

The Appropriate Person

She was incredibly supportive throughout and waited late until I got a lift to come take me  home.

The Solicitor

He was told by the POLICE I was offered to come in for interview and refused. He obviously believed them and what can I do? Despite having my records out in PUBLIC, I am once again not CREDIBLE WITNESS. However, I am thankful for his support.

The Second Arrest

The 2 Female Officers started out acting heavy handed until I let them know I am aware of my rights. I told them that their colleagues who visited my home yesterday was in breach because I was asked to attend the interview on the 1/12/2020 at 10:00 AM. How come they turned up on the 30/11/2020?

If they had acted professionally, they could have completed the investigation. Instead of putting me through the traumas.

My Concerns

I am in my own home and cannot use the toilet without the Officer, keeping the door open with her boots. In case she does not know some people cannot use the toilet in the presence of others. I suffer stress incontinence, and this do not help. Even my husband was questioning her actions. I left my husband with tears in his eyes. But at least the Officers behaviours were acceptable, compared to how I was treated by the others. This is the yardstick I want anyone to use when judging how I could be treated like this after my contributions of 28 years in the UK.

Brixton Police Station

All I can say is look at the way I was treated at Brixton and the 2 Officers who dealt with the case and that at Walworth Road and you know why BAME People are crying DISCRIMINATION by the POLICE.


It seems I am expected to be the STATISTCS about BLACK People on the basis of www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers “The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds”. 

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