Without Prejudice Looking For Publishers, For Books, Available For Interviews, Proceeds To My Nephew Jevon Nembhard SEND Foundation Raise Awareness Of PTSD Prevent Me Reach Potential

Refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g as Daily Express The Charter of Rights come into play

The letter above will form the background for my first book for a variety of reasons based on my Childhood Traumas and my experiences of being targeted by the Metropolitan Police Service on behalf of scammers and abuse rings. I proclaim myself as an Expert Authority on Subjects from Cradle to Grave and can write a BOOK covering any of my Primary Objectives relating to my personal challenges and experiences.

P.O. Primary Objective
In line with Charter Of Rights my aim is to share my stories to help others who have been enslaved by the practices of Modern Slavery.

CHARTER OF RIGHTS Your Overarching Code For Justice – Copy from Daily Express

1. To be understood

2. To have the details of a crime recorded without unjustified delay.

3. To be provided with information when reporting a crime.

4. To be referred to victim support services, including independent advisers, to provide emotional and practical help regardless of whether a crime is reported to the police.

5. To be provided with information about the investigation and prosecution including the right to be informed as to the reasons why a suspect will not be prosecuted.

6. To make a victim’s personal statement, which tells the court how the crime has affected the individual.

7. To be given information about the trial, trial processes and the role if the witness.

8. To be given information about the outcome of the case and any appeals.

9. To be given information about the offender following conviction – including when they are due to be released and the terms of release.

10. To make a complaint about rights not being met.

11. To be paid expenses and have property returned.

12. To be provided with information about compensation. 2

Robert Buckland Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor
Becoming a victim of crime is a traumatic experience. Through no fault of your own you are thrown into the daunting and sometimes bewildering world of the Criminal Justice System, often while still coming to terms with your ordeal. For many this can be too much to bear, as I have sadly seen many times during 25 years as a Criminal Barrister and now as Lord Chancellor. But it is vitally important for our society that victims stick with the process so that criminals are taken off our streets, the public protected and justice is served. That is why this government is determined to do everything it can to build back confidence in the system. Our new Victim’s Code, coming into force today (Thursday April 1, 2021) is a crucial part of those efforts. It sets out exactly what support victims should receive from crime to the courtroom, whether from the police, Crown Prosecution Service, courts or any other agency. This includes, for the first time, an automatic right to be told when the perpetrator is due to leave prison or when a foreign national offender is being deported. They will also be able to have a greater say over licence conditions when they’re released. These include…

How I Started Writing as Therapy
I know I developed Childhood Traumas from my Father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease. I was taught to develop resilience by my Primary School Teacher Ms Una Perry. I have no idea how old I was when I started writing, but my sister-in-law said I was always reading and writing.

My Passions Created Legacies and Laid Foundations
Nelson Mandela: The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others – Joining Facebook in the Summer of 2009 gave me the platform to turn My Passions into Visions of Realities which my brother inspired.

How Much Have My Passions Cost Me?
I was advised at Lambeth College to use my Assignments for my first BOOK. You will have to contribute to helping me share my stories by subscribing to my YouTube and writing a Review on my Websites to get me the recognition needed as a Credible Witness.

1. I sent my report “Is Modern Slavery Thriving In The UK” to The Guardian Newspaper 2018. Amelia Gentlemen disappearance from office. They are trumpeting about Blacking Lives Matter. But only give voice to selected few.

2. I contributed to the Daily Express Mental Health Crusade “The Stigma of Mental Health”. My stories are in the Public Domain. LinkedIn refuse me access to my account after I was endorsed by Professors Chris Pascal & Tony Bertram.

3. I begged the South London to publish my story 2004. My Intellectual Property & Image Rights are on the Internet.

4. Suffered abnormal Pap Smear 2004 Kings College Hospital.

5. Allegations used to trigger PTSD Kings College Hospital.

6. Experienced Nervous Breakdown.

7. Challenge Discrimination by the Employment Tribunal Systems

8. Blacklisting & Networking – Have to start from the bottom

9. Graduated from OU.

10. Started Fundraising – Race4Life – Cancer research

11. Started work at WCS now LEYF – Joined Facebook.

12. Participant in Research – Employment & Mental Health & Diabetes.

13. Project for June O’Sullivan Research Voice of a Child.

14. In Nursery World Magazine

15. Sky News.

16. Community Playthings

17. Represent LEYF Mark Allen Group.

18. Community Secretary.

19. Michael Gove at LEYF A/C.

20. Only LEYF Staff shortlisted

21. Diagnosed Borderline Diabetes.

22. Diagnosed Mum’s Dementia

23. Karen Walker & Women in Leadership Resigned from LEYF – Refer to Reviews

24. Home for Son’s wedding – The impact of facing up to Mum’s dementia

25. Heard Mum’s Story.

26. Said my Final Goodbyes.

27. Wrote Mum’s Eulogy/Remembrance.

28. Attended my Grandson’s graduation.

29. Faced Ofsted at Luton Street – Refer to Reviews online.

30. Leaving Luton Street -Graduation.

31. Transfer to BIB – Introduction.

32. Used as Reasonable Adjustment – Promoting Inclusive Practice – Ofsted.

33. Discrimination Sanctioned before I left Luton Street – Allegations 2

34. History Repeats itself – Sent on Medical Suspension in breach of Contract I signed. After raising concerns about my Mental Health. I Self-referred at KINGS in 2008 after the death of my brother and the allegations triggered PTSD.

35. Volunteering Resources for Autism – Websites used my Publications.

36. LinkedIn Influencer – Liz Roberts email re Nursery World FORUM.

37. Facebook Influencer – Targeted by FB on 18/9/2015 to date.

38. Websites – 2012.

39. YouTube – 2012.

40. Meeting Professors Chris Pascal & Tony Bertram at LEYF Big Childcare Conversation on 19/9/2015 – Endorsed on LinkedIn

41. HCT Group Impact Report 2016

42. Parkinson’s UK Brochure – Case Study – Publications about my Experiences

43. Macmillan Advertisement

44. Windrush 70 – Meeting Mr Walters in Brixton4

5. Volunteering -Walworth Living Room46. Cardboard Citizens – Member

47. Join Choirs – Perform at Globe Theatre 48. Southwark Council Ambassador – COVID-19 Video

49. Southwark Life.

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