Without Prejudice DBS, Police, HMCTS, IOPC, CCMCC, BSB, SRA, CLCC, Will Be Challenge With The Charter Of Rights 12 Codes By Robert Buckland As He Knows About HHJ Dight Misconduct 11/5

Am going to send you to https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site and hopefully

WE can work as WESTMORLITES & JAMAICANS to bring #clarity for the sake of #future generations We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on https://www.facebook.com, from the most recent to those long ago.
ON THIS DAY 2 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
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Let me #share horoscope from the Daily www.express.co.uk Express to emphasise a few points with regards to this email from The Guardian.
Russell Grant Taurus: Someone close isn’t being helpful or cooperative. With your strong #intuition, it won’t take you long to sense there mood. This will be all that’s necessary to ensure you act in a way that will help you avoid contact with this difficult person.
Evaluation: Make of this what you wish. Just to reiterate that I have established my footprints in cyberspace and beyond. Therefore I am not #scared of any subtle threats from any #individuals, the #establishments, #systems and #authority anywhere in the world https://www.gov.uk.
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Let me give you an insight into why I am making this #public. My life was turned upside down for the second time after the death of my mother by www.leyf.org.uk Day Nursery Leyf Day Nursery #LEYF. Despite my The www.open.ac.uk University Open University qualifications, I have not worked since resigning with the second #nervous breakdown in a toxic work environment. The first was at King’s College Hospital King’s College Hospital https://careers.kch.nhs.uk when some of those involved in the direct and indirect discrimination were from the hierarchy of the Local Educational Authority https://www.jobs.nhs.uk.
Let me start with UNISON http://unison.org.uk that have since overturned the UK https://petition.parliament.uk/help#standards  Government Law for employees to be charged fee to take employers to the https://www.gov.ukemployment-tribunal-decesions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016. There was London Borough of Southwark London Borough of Southwark SEND Section and Ofsted involvement.
To cut a long story short, I was looking for opportunities to get involved and signed up as well as attended a Guardian Event. It was titled “Is Modern Slavery #thriving in the UK. I spoke to the #reporter after and submitted my evidence. However, they can find no use for my story. Let me make it clear that ‘without prejudice’ I think this is barefaced daylight #robbery and hardly any different from the scammers sending me emails. And also the cold callers setting direct line to my home telephone.
Am I to understand that only #celebrities will be given a voice to tell their stories? Whilst people like me are expected to prop up others as have happened from 2004 in the UK. When I have to take my story to the South London Press to get my www.moneyclaim.gov.uk back from the #Financial Institutions? I am back with the Financial Ombudsman Service Ombudsman Service. I am fed up with the #terrorist #cells operating in the UK.
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ON THIS DAY 3 years ago
Deevan Paul Nembhard is with Mervelee Ratty Nembhard.
Meet up one of my cousin today for the first time
ON THIS DAY 4 years ago
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling loved in London, United Kingdom.
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Daily Express Russell Grant Taurus: Working behind the scenes is fulfilling. It’s good to escape the attentions of an annoying boss. You can make great progress when you’re not interrupted all the time. When you finish work early, you should turn your attention to this labour of love.
Don’t want to read too much in this Horoscope, but since I don’t have a #Boss, I will turn my attention to this #LabourofLove. I am a realist at heart.
My destiny is in the stars, so I will patiently wait on GOOD/ALLAH to decide?

ON THIS DAY 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
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Was scrolling thru my phone & saw my Friend’s #, so text to say hi. Wow he has been calling & got me! So MOM-in-Law been asking about me. Mindful of what my Mama used to say about me “Love Tun Trash”? I could do worse than end up in the Long Arms of the JA Law! I am going to give Ms Euela a call one of these days for remembering me.
Now I need to know if Mr KR has mellowed & change from a Commitment Freak, it was always my Bad Luck to get involved with them? From my 1st Love to the Opportunistic Revengeful 1 with the Obligation to the Church Sister with Face to Save in the Community.
Maybe I need to find a Job quick to keep me occupied?
5 years ago
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

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