Without Prejudice Must Mervelee Myers Be Made A Criminal By Judiciary Of England Wales And Criminal Justice System To Cover Up Discrimination By LEYF 27/4?

The http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk is #Responsible for #Discrimination of Mervelee Myers in 28 years Good morning
My name is Mervelee Myers and I was given your email when I called explaining to the person about needing support to share my story.
Background to my story: I was introduced to the Daily Express when I meet my husband in 2001, and what is of importance is he is 98 years old. I was inspired to call after reading all the stories, but that of Ian Wright in particular. Because both my husband and I are Arsenal fans. I became an Arsenal fan because of Ian Wright and I named my first son Kevin after Kevin Keeghan the footballer and my youngest son was a FIFA Referee.
The reason am seeking help to share stories is am at a place in my life where am having suicidal thoughts because of the discrimination affecting me and my husband the past 7 years. I was once a Social Media influencer until I was targeted by Facebook on the 18/9/2015. I have lost access to my LinkedIn and Twitter account. At present am BLOCKED out by Facebook despite having 16 Pages 1 of which is my Fight4justice that I advertised until taking a Google-My-Business account.
My Facebook was once the Community Hub where I debated issues in my Country. One of which was the murder of my sister-in-law’s grandniece in January 2018 and got 3,706 views. By May the Prime Minister and TVJ done and if I had support from the time I did the “A Voice of a Child” research for the CEO in 2010, I could be a reporter instead of facing a Criminal Record at the hands of my former employers.
I contributed to the Mental Health CRUSADE with Ted Jeory when I had my own signing for the Daily. Am positive getting support to reshare that letter about sharing information about your Mental Health with employers would reflect on the Charter Of Rights 12 Codes. My stories are inclusive of meeting the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin at Housing For Women Annual AGM in March 2014 after returning from Jamaica, hearing mum’s story for the first time and saying my final goodbyes. Knowing the dementia that robbed me of her had returned her memory long enough for our final goodbyes, and I would not see her in the mortal flesh again. Parkinson’s disease robbed me of my father and that was how I developed Childhood Traumas helping my mother with the caring and responsibilities.
My stories are shared in cyberspace, but once again my Childhood Traumas was used against me after bereavement and losses. Am a prisoner of discrimination and developed an Eating Disorder. Instead of me caring for my husband, he is caring for me during those periods when DEPRESSION controls my life.
All am asking is support to share my story, like how others are given a voice. Am not expecting any financial gains excepting contributions to my Fight4justice campaign as I have not worked the past 5+ years. I was offered a job as SENCO for £46-55,000.00 and because of the past 7 years did not get the chance to gain my SEND Teacher qualification.
Am prepared to give the Daily Express Publication Rights to mine and my husband’s story with the condition that I retain Copyrights. Because I am all over the internet, but am not benefiting from my Intellectual Property or Image Rights.
Awaiting your response.
Mervelee Myers.

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